Usually when somebody mentions the word promise ring people have different associations. The most common thing associated with this phrase is when a person promises to marry somebody, but is not ready to get engaged just yet. A promise ring can also mean a number of different things, for example, you can use it to promise yourself abstaining from some potential harmful behavior or addiction. You can use it to promise something significant to a good friend, like for example "eternal friendship". In either case you would need a suitable symbol in a form of delicate ring, and in the following we will review a very beautiful green amethyst promise ring.

The setting of this beautifully designed ring is 10 carat white gold. This checkerboard-cut prasiolite stone (2.25 carats), is nicely complemented by diamonds of up to 0.10 carats of total weight.

Usually people are looking to buy emerald cut diamond rings, but there is a slight problem with that. Unless the diamond is close to perfect when it comes to clarity (meaning at least VSI or IF grade), you will not be fully satisfied with the purchase because the emerald cut will expose the internal imperfections and flaws of the less perfect diamonds. And this translates into the amount of money you would have to pay for a more perfect diamond.

In case of green amethyst this is usually the case. The clarity of green amethyst can be very close to perfect (as it is in this case) and the cut of the green amethyst usually looks almost perfect.

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The amethyst that comes with this ring is clear and beautiful. The green color is apparent under closer examination; however, it may appear that the stone is almost transparent from a greater distance.

The clarity of the green amethyst is maximal. The stone itself is natural, albeit heat treated. But, then, almost all green amethysts used in jewelry today are heat treated in some way.

The diamonds are natural, untreated round brilliant stones of J-K color and SI-I clarity.

If you have someone you care about and want to show your love and appreciation or if you want to make somebody a promise, this green amethyst ring can be a perfect gift.

Or if you want to make one small step forward before engagement, promising the person you love that when you are ready for something more in the near future (like propose or get married) this promise ring can be the right choice for you.


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