Labradorite is a mystical stone protector. It takes on the characteristic energies of both the Sun and the Moon. It helps assure success and brings changes in the quality of life. This stone helps develop novel ideas and promotes innovations. Labradorite facilitates the communication between the subconscious and conscious mind, thereby awaking intuition and knowledge about the past and future lives. This stone prevents the unnecessary loss of energy at the level of the etheric body.

On top of the beautiful gray to gray-black background, Labradorite sparkles with many iridescent colors, displaying blue, golden, yellow, green, red, or purple shades when seen from different angles. There are usually one, two, or three dominant colors, contributing to the blue, green or golden overall gleam of Labradorite.

Sizable deposits of Labradorite are found in the USA, Madagascar, Finland, Russia, Canada, Greenland, and Scandinavia.

Labradorite is a silicate mineral with similar structure to Sunstone. They both belong to the Feldspar class, which is a separate group of silicate minerals.

Formula: NaCa(AlSi3O8)

Hardness: 6–6.5


Labradorite displays an optical phenomenon called labradorescence. Labradorescence is characterized by an unusually attractive play of colors and flashes that depend on the angle of light refraction. A similar effect of strong prismatic flickering can be seen if snow crystals are observed in clear daylight. The labradorescence occurs because of light interference over the fine lamellar structure of Labradorite, but also, in part, it can be attributed to magnetite and iron oxide impurities in this stone. The basic color of Labradorite is gray, but, as already mentioned, as a result of the labradorescence, it is transformed into blue, green, or, more rarely, red, golden, or purple. Sometimes, the color flashes of this stone can be compared to the colors of the wings of the most attractive tropical butterflies.

Stare at the stone for five minutes without moving. Next, close your eyes and position yourself comfortably. Imagine the Labradorite’s perfect, infinite crystal shape and visualize it on your mental screen. Hold this picture in your mind while remaining in deep contemplation for several minutes.

If you do this right, you will start to feel your inner self being gradually overflowed with Labradorite’s energy of peace, purity, and order. This energy will meet your inner crystal form. If you manage to stay open during this meditation, you may become aware of what it is that the Divine design has prepared for you, what kind of Divine ideas you need to implement in your life.

Next, pick up one single event or one fundamental character trait of your nature that you are unable to shed light on entirely. Hold on to that for a couple of minutes and let the energy of Labradorite work through you. You will start to feel how the illusion gradually begins to break down and new ideas and insight illuminate your mind, bringing peace and tranquility.

Labradorite is capable of bringing the truth to the surface. It can expand your understanding of the nature of things and events. This stone is also very calming and inspiring for the psyche. It calms the hyperactive mind, helps in astral projection and regression, and eliminates harmful elementals.

Labradorite can influence all seven chakras — it also awakens the lesser chakras located in the palms of the hands when held for at least 10 minutes a day. You will know that these chakras are awakened by the generated heat.

You can use Labradorite to prepare the chakras in the palms for channeling of healing energy to the diseased areas of the body, supplying the diseased organs with some much needed energy.

Labradorite is a great stone for aligning the spinal discs. It helps with bone problems, gout, and rheumatism. Labradorite regulates the hormones, activates the thymus gland, strengthens the immune system, and stimulates self-healing in the very early stages of the disease. It is also a stone that promotes total relaxation of the body from stress. Labradorite may bring insights into the root causes of, and the cures for, some of the diseases.

tumbled labradorite

Labradorite can be a life-changing stone. It brings business success, transformation, and change for the better. Its energies promote security and encourage thoroughness in all aspects of the work performed.

Labradorite spheres are ideal for cleansing the negative energy in your living space, in various rooms and common areas.

If used for self-healing, Labradorite should be rinsed under running water for 3–5 minutes immediately after the session. If the surface of Labradorite assumes cloudy appearance, this may be an indication that the stone’s vibrational patters have been disrupted and that it needs recharging.

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Philomena says:

I recently bought a Blue Tigers Eye
Which looks exactly like Labrodorite. I am confused now pls help

sunny says:

Hard to tell anything without seeing them. Maybe they look similar to each other, at least due to their similar interplay with light, but they are indeed two different types of stones.

Maya says:

Hi :)
a got a Labradorite (spectrolite) hand stone a year ago as a present from my sister. The stone is 8x5 cm. I usually keep it in my pocket all the i have kind of a strong connection with it

But a week ago the stone fell out of my pocket and a piece of app. 1cm chipped off of its im wondering if my labradorite lost its power because of that or not? Thank you very much for your answer.

sunny says:

I wouldn't worry about that. Just continue to use it as always.

Amanda says:

Hi just recently I went on a ghost tour and we were in a room and the guide was telling stories of a ghost and an entity that resides in the the building, I was wearing a ring with a labdraborite in it and felt a little nervous so I was putting a white light around myself to stay calm and I kept holding my hands together and as I looked at my hands I seen my stone glow/flash for a split second the room was dark and no light was coming from the small window I thought it might be from static but it was cold in the room and I tried to rub it to make it happen again but nothing just curious as to anyone else experiencing the same thing

sunny says:

Hi Amanda, Thanks for the comment. I wouldn't make too much fuss out of it. Just cleanse your stone to be sure it is free of any negative energy.

Hestia says:

Hi. I bought a labradorite crystal yesterday. And it has been changing colours very frequently. When I initially bought it, it was light gray and translucent. But within 24 hours, it turned dark grey. And within the last few minutes, it has been changing colours, switching between cloudy gray and dark gray. Could someone please explain this phenomenon? Been searching for an answer for quite some time.

sunny says:

It's the inherent quality of labradorite to change color. It has to do with ist Labradorescence - unusually attractive play of colors.

Sara says:

i am trying to resolve many negativities in my life. it has been a horrible few years. i want a labradorite for it's properties and for my spine, freeing myself. but i feel i need an onyx before this - lots of grief. is it ok to get at the same time or should one come before the other?

sunny says:

Yes, it's OK. You can get them at the same time. Appreciate the comment. Many crystal blessings!

Leanne says:

How do I use Labradorite for self healing..
Thank you

rita says:

what healing properties will a lepidolite and a garnet together bring, i just got a necklace gifted will it work also how do i charge it so i can wear it often. thanks

sunny says:

@Leanne: I would make sure the stone is properly cleansed and charged. Next, I would program the stone with my intention of healing. Then, I would either use it in crystal therapy session, for example, as a part of a crystal layout, or wear it close to the affected organ.
@rita: Please check here for charging, and here for the properties of garnet. Then use them having their specific energies in mind.

arshak says:

My labradorite is broken. Does it work?

sunny says:

Yes it will, but you should probably replace it first chance you've got.

Roza Buzkova says:

My labradorite pendant chipped for no obvious reason at all. I wear it on me all the time. I wonder if I caused this in some way. I've had it for a week and me and the labradorite we are still adjusting energies

sunnyray says:

Hi Roza and thanks for the comment. It's hard to tell. There are different causes, from obvious reasons (something that happened without you being aware) to metaphysical ones. For example, one popular explanation is that your labradorite has taken a hit (for example, absorbed some negative energy someone sent your way) instead of you. Hence the damage. Either replace it or if you don't mind the look, continue wearing it.

Daiana says:

Hello there, i just purchased a labradorite and i am wondering whats the best way to cleanse it?

sunnyray says:

Please check this post for more info on cleansing stones.

Rae says:

Hi, I've been collecting stones for yrs and about 6mnths ago started selling stones full time, so I am very familiar with stones and how they can change colors etc. But I recently got a piece of labradorite (one of my personal favourites) that instantly grabbed me, such string energy it made my finger tips tingle when I touched it, so of course that piece I kept instead of selling as originally planned, and I carry it all the time unless it's being cleansed or charged (I usually keep my favourite stones in my bra lol) but something has caused all the color to drain out of one side of it, it's now very light grey almost white on that side and has totally lost its beautiful shine where its losing it's color. I have never seen this happen to any if my labradorite before, can u help me understand why and will it get it's color and shine back on that side?

sunnyray says:

Hi Rae. Sorry to hear about that happening to your favorite stone. But, what you describe is not uncommon. A lot of people report change of color upon wearing their favorite stones. Some even claim a change of shape, generation of cracks, formation of inclusions, etc. There are always two types of explanations: physical and metaphysical. The first one includes various influences, like body heat, or externals source of heat, light, moisture, etc. The second explanation is related to the interaction of your auric or energy field with that of the crystal. I wouldn't exclude either. In similar cases, some people even maintain that their stones have taken a sort of energy blow instead of their owner, which then manifests physically in some way. As to how to restore the original shine, that's a difficult question to answer.

Vanessa says:

Hi Sunny, I recently purchased a pretty heavy labradorite from a crystal shop I work at and many people told me before that from the looks of it, it already absorbed a lot of negative energy because one whole corner of it is a matted texture and is very black. The first day I took the stone home and slept with it underneath my pillow it felt very strong to the point where I felt nauseous. I can already see its affects in my life for the positive but I'm just curious about the darkness this stone acquired. Will this effect me and my living space as I work with this stone? I also feel extremely connected and attached to this stone I currently have in my possession.

Thank you for your help.

sunnyray says:

Hi Vanessa and thanks for the comment. You should do everything you can to cleanse the energies absorbed in the stone before using it. Check the corresponding section of this site for ideas how to purify the stone, and apply several methods. Hopefully you will get a much more positive feedback from it after cleansing.

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