Note: Crystals cannot be an alternative for medical attention nor can they be a substitute.

Rose quartz is a variety of translucent quartz of pink color. While practically all the specimens of rock crystal of this variety possess a very characteristic and gentle rose color, we have seen many different stones in terms of their visual aspects. Therefore, it is very important to have some guidelines when it comes to buying rose quartz gemstones, and even more so when we talk about rose quartz beads. Before going into more details about the properties of this wondrous stone, here is one of the best possible purchases we found on Amazon's website:

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rose quartz healing beads

It was quite amazing how cheaply we were able to obtain these beautiful smooth rose beads. 6 mm in diameter, they were temporarily strung on a cord approximately 15 inches long. What we love about them is their uniform size, color and shape. You should pay closer attention to these three aspects when purchasing quality beads. They are not transparent, but don't expect from rose quartz to be crystal clear. At best you will be able to see translucent rose quartz, and these beads are not quite opaque too.

What one can see from time to time in this variety of jewelry stones is that they have sort of pearl like appearance, which leaves a really nice impression. Furthermore, these rose quartz beads can be combined with pearls, creating an extraordinarily nice piece of necklace, bracelet, or earrings. It's up to your imagination how you actually use them. Of course, one can use them as they are - they are natural and elegant by themselves. You can read more reviews about this product here .

If you already have some experience in dealing with metaphysical stones, you should know that rose quartz is a stone of great soothing qualities, capable of bringing love into one's heart. This is exactly why it has been used in some Feng Shui arrangements alongside with citrine. When placed on strategic places throughout your home, it will produce an atmosphere of love, tolerance and harmony, synchronizing the subtle energy fields of people who live there.

We wouldn't go too much into the versatile healing properties of this stone. We will just say that most of its healing abilities are related to the emotional body, whether to ease heartache, discharge suppressed emotional wounds, or to promote forgiveness. For more information on this, you can see here .

Beads, as well as tumbled rose quartz stones are the most frequent forms of this crystal. Beads are most suitable for personal use, since they can be embedded in jewelry and carried along all the time. Tumbled stones, it is fair to say, are slightly more powerful, since they have retained their compact shape and have not been perforated.

Despite the progress of science and development of gemological methods of investigation, it is still somewhat a mystery as to what the origin of the rose quartz color is. Regardless of its origin though, the color of this stone is certainly its most prominent characteristic. It is an expression of the qualities of love it can convey and/or help you extend. So, there are no other stones or crystals we can recommend more for this purpose than these elegant rose quartz beads . They can certainly find a prominent place amongst your own personal stones.


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