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Solar Plexus Chakra - Positive and Negative Aspects

When addressing the seven main subtle energy centers of our body - the so called 7 chakras - we should not avoid dealing with the Solar Plexus area where the Third Energy Center, Manipura, is located. Manipura chakra is a term from the ancient Sanskrit language meaning jewel-city, while the more popular term in the new age community is Solar Plexus Chakra.

If we want to understand the meaning of this center, we should consider its position with respect to the other bodily energy vortexes first. Situated between the second Spleen Chakra and the fourth Heart Chakra, the Solar Plexus is a center of friendship and personal power. The second energy center is related to the subject of sexuality, it is the place where we are made what we are, male or female. On the other hand, it should come as no surprise that the fourth center is a place where our Higher Self resides - a focal and controlling point related to all things connected with love and higher emotions. Therefore, the Solar Plexus center can be understood as representing a link between the two. The color of this chakra is yellow with clear symbolic meaning of intellectual understanding and reasoning. It relates to the element of fire, clearly indicating its Solar nature. It has 10 petals (see the photo) which open toward the frontal part of our body. In its positive influences, this center provides inner fire, solace and ease from many self imposed troubles, but be sure to realise that on the negative side, fire means anger and rage.

solar plexus, manipura wheel Bestowing a sort of awareness of our higher identity, the solar plexus is the place where our own personal force and strength dwells. If we think about strength, intuitive analysis, self-respect, and lofty emotions, we are close to what this center means in its positive aspects. If we want to improve our ability to make new and maintain old friends we should open the Solar Plexus. Then, we will be able to make new friends gracefully and effortlessly. If it is blocked, we will start to feel isolated and lonely, incapable of moving forward, stacked in our empty shell of despair and depression.

If this center is blocked for a longer period of time, we will start lacking self esteem and natural self love. We will not be able to properly focus our efforts in business and personal matters, we will find ourselves incapable of fulfilling our duties, not able to make the right choices and take proper actions.

If this seat is awakened, we can become truly conscious of our life and spiritual nature. In the practice of awakening the Kundalini Yoga Chakras, when the ability is reached to rise the Kundalini energy to the third chakra, a power of looking into the higher planes of existence emerges. Not only that -- the awakened third chakra center provides wisdom to understand the entire bodily system, to create defensive mechanisms against external influences if needed, and to gain freedom from all sort of diseases.

On the physical level, the solar plexus center influences, according to its position, the intestines, spline, liver and pancreas. Usually, our persistent emotional and mental blockages descend to the subtle etheric body and start to affect the physical plane after a period of time. Hence, this process brings diseases and disruptions in the material body. We can deal with our problems at the level of the solar plexus chakra, by accommodating friendship, and willingness to receive new ideas from the others, in contrast to arousing fear, rage, and other unpleasant emotions. Once our Solar Plexus Chakra is opened and healthy, there will hardly ever appear any gloomy feeling in our lives.


Lyz says:

Thank you... This information was very helpful... Moments ago I felt my solar plexus pop as I was texting a new friend... I have so wanted to open to this energy and had no idea where or what it was that I was opening to. In short, you helped bring clarity to something that feels important to me.

sunnyray says:

Thanks Lyz. Indeed our navel chakra is what can help us all be better connected to each other. With love and light, sunny!

nicol says:

Thanks for this text. Sometimes I feel anxiety and pressure in my 3rd chakra. How can I deal with that?

sunnyray says:

Anxiety is something that arises from issues that cannot be rationally decided. The solar plexus area is related to all aspects of the personality, and anxiety belongs there. For example, if you have to choose between two seemingly equal options, you might have a problem that potentionally has no rational resolution. However, you can use your intuition and other more spiritual means of decision making to solve your problem. When seen in the light of the soul, there is no more uncertainty, anxiety, fear or confussion.

aray says:

What are the foods that are beneficial for this chakra?

sunnyray says:

As the name solar suggests, fruits and yellow-colored foods (lemon, banana, corn), integral grains and legumes should be most beneficial for balancing and proper functioning of the solar plexus chakra.

Anna says:

What are the positive thought forms, patterns and behaviors that are associated with a balanced solar plexis?

sunnyray says:

Balanced solar plexus brings well-being, stability, clarity, wisdom, and self-confidence. We feel happiness, friendship, and love. Here, our passions are being transformed into selfless love and understanding, and this love is further expanded in the heart center. If the solar plexus is balanced, we are well balanced too, and we have great personal strength and self-awareness.

Ingrid says:

Thank you, I have only been using the Solar Plexus Chakra for about a week and I can feel the positive effects already. I feel so good, Thank you once again.


sunnyray says:

Many thanks to you Ingrid. Your feedback means a lot to us. Keep up the good metaphysical work with your chakras. With love and light,

josephsunny says:

Meditation time am getting yellow light in my thrideye .what is that yellow light.

sunnyray says:

It could be the Yellow Light of the Second Light Ray.

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