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5 Celebrity Jewellery Trends That We love For SS '12

By Zoe

They live their lives in the limelight and every move they make, as well as every outfit they wear, is scrutinised with a magnifying glass. Celebrities have to acclimatise themselves to living in glasshouses and have to shoulder the responsibility of often setting the trends in fashion and jewellery.

Copying the Stars

A certain look spied on the red carpet will hit the high streets to be emulated by one and all. Looking to the stars is one way to predict the latest trends, so to gauge what is going to be popular this year in the jewellery world, it is worth studying the diamond encrusted and silver jewellery dripping A-listers. For those of us with not as much cash to splash, we can look to costume silver jewellery for a wide range of designs at a fraction of the price.

necklaces and silver jewelry

So, what are the celebrities wearing right now? At the recent Golden Globes, the designs were out in force to wow the crowds. Long, dangling earrings were common and the style ranged from bold colours and strong shapes to silver and diamond, dazzling drops.

  Dropped earrings, in their many guises, are likely to be a common trend in the coming year, if celebrity fashion is followed. Stunning and eye-catching necklaces sporting semi-precious stones offset by diamonds are likely to be copied across the high street. This type of necklace dresses the neck and chest and complements a simple or classic outfit. Team the colour of the stones with your eyes for extra effect or go for your birthstone. The bib necklace made an appearance at the Golden Globes, looking stunning on the neck of Frieda Pinto. High street designers will fall over themselves to recreate this trend, as the intricate design sets off the neck and chest, whilst offering options for different jewels and colours. Emulating lace, it cannot help but make its wearer feel feminine and romantic.

What's New With Rings?

cocktail ring

With many celebrities, such as Britney Spears, getting engaged, her special ring has been highlighted heavily in the media. Although not many people can afford a ring of 90 diamonds cut to shimmer and sparkle, imitations are already available in cubic zirconia that look almost as good as the real thing! Large centre stones seem set to be seen on many a finger this year. The cocktail ring, as sported by Halle Berry, will also be big, with a bold, coloured precious or semi-precious stone set at an angle on a plain gold band and held in place with diamonds or cubic zirconia.

Bring Out the Bracelets

All good celebrities love a bracelet and the rest of humanity has jumped on their bandwagon to dangle a bangle or two. Celebrities are clinking chunky cuff bracelets, encrusted, of course, in diamonds but inspiring the cubic zirconia encrusted cuff. Flower designs and vintage glamour are key trends to keep an eye out for, as are the silver feature bracelet, with snake or handcuff detail. Of course, the celebs wine and dine in diamonds and precious stones, but the ideas are easily captured in a less expensive jewel. Anyone these days can look like the celebrities but at a fraction of the cost. So, if it is good enough for them, it is certainly good enough for us!

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