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5 Foods That Will Keep You From Overeating

By Dannybud

I have to admit, one of my favorites things to do is to watch TV and pig out on a bag of chips.  I’ve got a pretty big appetite and my stomach has no problem with chowing down on some chips only an hour after I’ve eaten a meal.  But now that I’m reaching my late twenties, I’ve noticed that my eating habits have started to catch up with me.  I’ve learned that one of the main reasons I overeat is because my meals aren’t all that nutritious to begin with.  So I decided to bare down and go see a dietician for a better meal plan and I’ve learned some pretty amazing tips. I’ve discovered which foods fill you up for longer and which ones can help to slim down your waistline.  So here are some of my picks for great foods that’ll keep you from reaching for that bag of chips.

Salad greens

green salad

This might not sound as appealing as French fries and gravy but something really crazy happens when you start eating salad regularly.  When I first started, I found it pretty unsatisfying and the taste wasn’t something I thought I’d ever get used to.  But as I continued to eat salad daily, the flavors of the vegetables became richer and fuller and I started to appreciate the subtle sweetness in lettuce and the delicious crunch with carrots.  After a while, I began to actually crave salad and I was turned off by oily foods like fries and burgers.  I was also fuller for a lot longer because the fiber in salad greens actually curbed my appetite and made digestion a lot easier.

Low-fat meat

chicken white meat

If you combine a protein-rich diet with a regular exercise plan you’ll soon find that you start losing weight and you stop overeating.  Protein can actually keep you feeling fuller for longer, especially compared to carbohydrates and fat.  For example, a baked chicken breast is going to keep you full for much longer compared to a chocolate chip muffin.  But it’s also really important to choose your proteins wisely.  If you eat large amounts of red meat on a daily basis you’ll feel full but you’ll still be consuming a lot of fat.  Make sure that the protein count on your plate is high but not the fat content.

Nuts and Seeds

various nuts and seeds

If you’re looking for a great snack to replace chips and crackers, you should actually consider nuts and roasted seeds.  When I would eat chips, I often found that the thing I craved the most was the crunchiness and the salty flavor.  It wasn’t necessarily the oiliness and the high fat content that was sparking my cravings.  Things like peanuts, cashews, pistacios, walnuts, and sunflower seeds have the same crunchy texture as chips and most of them are naturally salty.  They’re also a great source of fiber which helps to curb your appetite.  Another additional benefit that comes with nuts is the fact that they help to lower your cholesterol as well.

Whole grains

a field planted with wheat

It’s pretty important to eat whole grains on a regular basis because they keep your body regulated and they help to flush out all of the toxins in your system.  The fact that they prevent overeating is just another happy advantage that comes with them.  When I first thought about whole grains, I didn’t exactly have the best image in mind.  I kept thinking about super dry brown bread and weird seed-looking grains.  But then I started to eat things like quinoa, brown rice, and couscous and I actually enjoyed what they tasted like.  There’s a lot of variety in the whole grain food category and this prevents your food options from becoming boring.  It’s also amazing how full you can feel from something as simple as a bowl of quinoa.

A small amount of junk food

french fries - junk food?

Eating a few sweets once in a while is maybe the best thing you can do to prevent overeating.  I’ve found that there’s nothing that makes bad food quite as tempting as deprivation.  When you avoid certain foods entirely, you give them power and they start to overtake your thoughts.  You think to yourself, “Man, I would kill to have a bag of chips” and you don’t stop thinking about them.  I say that when you crave something, you should give into it because it’s your body’s way of telling you what it needs.  Eating junk food is okay as long as you do it in a mindful and intelligent way.  This will satisfy your craving and prevent you from overeating in the future.

About the Author

Overcoming overeating is really all about knowing how your body works and being mindful of what it needs.  The more you give it nutritionally, the less it will crave junk food and other things that are bad for it.  I am one of the worst offenders when it comes to overeating and if I can overcome this, I know you can too.  If you’re going to start with a better diet, check out sites like for healthy recipes that’ll keep you full and keep away the bloat.


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