The Meanings of Amethyst — Crystal of the Spirit

If I were to choose only one crystal to bring with me on a deserted island, it would be Amethyst. This crystal is by far on the top of my list of metaphysical crystal.

Amethyst is a stone of the spirit. In general, the beautiful purple color of this crystal is the color of the spirit and spirituality. Amethyst is also a crystal of protection, selflessness, nobleness, spiritual consciousness, meditativeness, balance and inner peace. One very important feature of Amethyst is to serve as a stone of transfiguration and transformation, bringing harmony and peace wherever needed.

The Physical Origins of Amethyst ’s Color

loose amethyst stone

The color of Amethyst can range from deep purple to lavender.

Notable occurrences are in the USA, Brazil, Mexico, Zambia, Bolivia, Sri Lanka, Russia and India.

Amethyst represents the most popular variation of naturally colored quartz. Owing to its magical purple color, it was highly esteemed in the past. The physical origin of its color, however, is not completely explained up to date. Today, it is generally accepted that Amethyst ’s purple color is a results of the presence of iron ions within the quartz crystal lattice. These iron ions constitute the so-called "color centers", responsible for the change of color from white to the various shades of purple.

In fact, Amethyst can be synthesized in laboratory by adding iron atoms during the growth of quartz, followed by subsequent gamma or X-ray irradiation. Natural quartz contains certain amount of iron, but the mere presence of iron is not enough. It is necessary to have a source of high energy radiation capable of releasing one electron from the iron ion and thereby creating the color center which will be responsible for the characteristic purple Amethyst color. The released electrons from these color centers are trapped inside the crystal as a whole and in normal circumstance they do not play an important role. However, if there were enough energy at their disposal, these electrons would be able to go back to their original position, changing the purple color of Amethyst to some other shade.

This excess of energy could be provided, for example, by heating Amethyst at temperatures above 570 degrees Fahrenheit (300 degrees Celsius). In this process, Amethyst starts to loose its characteristic color, taking on the yellowish color of citrine, or in some cases, on the green color of green amethyst - prasiolite. This sort of "bleaching" of Amethyst could in principle happen also in cases of extensive light exposure, although Amethyst is relatively stable against light of moderate intensity.

Legend and Lore of Amethyst


According to a Roman legend, Bacchus, the Roman God of wine, decided to throw the first person that crossed his path to the tigers from his suite. That unfortunate individual was the maiden Amethyst, who was headed to the temple service devoted to the Moon Goddess, Diana. When the tigers jumped at the poor girl, she uttered the name of the Goddess, and was instantly transformed into a white stone. This miracle brightened the mood of Bacchus, who, as a sign of his repentance, poured some wine over the stone, changing the color of the stone to a beautiful purple shade.

The above story illustrates the basis of the belief that Amethyst prevents drunkenness. It is believed that, if one drinks from a cup made out of Amethyst, or if one places a small piece of amethyst on the navel, the body would be protected from intoxication.

faceted amethyst earring

Metaphysical Meanings of Amethyst

Amethyst is above all a crystal of the spirit. It is one of the most useful crystals for meditation, mostly because of its remarkable quality to relax the mind and to detach it from the everyday world of worries and troubles. Amethyst will help us get to a much more comprehensive reality. In meditation, it offers the highest degree of peace, warmth and harmony. The Violet Ray is the ray of Archangel Zadkiel. Archangel Zadkiel is an Angel of forgiveness, grace, tolerance, and transformation of negative into positive energies.

Amethyst facilitates the transition between life and death. It helps in all things spiritual, mystical and psychic. Traditionally, it is a stone of Aquarius. Indeed, Amethyst shares with this sign the ability to work on the humanitarian plan and to induce progressive ideas. However, the spiritual interpretation of birthstones associates Amethyst with Pisces. This beautiful crystal is here to teach us that all we know is just a drop in the sea of knowledge. This knowledge is here for us and awaits us once we have learned how to get rid of our prejudices and limitations.

One of the most useful function of Amethyst is in the conscious invocation of higher spiritual energies and entities. It will enhance our intuition, and bring peace and clarity. It helps in cases of obsessive compulsive behavior. Spiritually developed individuals can use Amethyst to provoke visions and revelations. Amethyst ring worn on the right hand is also a symbol of the Bishops ’ more advanced spirituality.

Some people have developed the habit of sleeping with Amethyst crystals under the pillow. This way, they are able to achieve out of body experiences and lucid dreams more easily. Amethyst should be combined with Rose Quartz. It is an excellent combination because Amethyst calms the mind, whereas Rose Quartz soothes the heart and cures emotional wounds. Rock crystal, if added to Amethyst and Rose quartz, can enhance the effectiveness of both crystals. The three of them together successfully balance the mind, heart and soul.

Crystal Healing (Physical, Emotional and Mental) With Amethyst

amethyst chevron loose stone

Amethyst improves concentration, memory and other mental abilities. Acting as a means against depression, it helps cure headache and reduce fears. The light of Amethyst calms and relaxes, enabling the person who wears it to clarify the thoughts and achieve inner harmony. Besides the abilities to awaken clairvoyance, it protects against witchcraft and evil forces.

Amethyst will help you whenever you find yourself overwhelmed with negative energies, such as rage, hatred and guilt, or if you want to reduce sorrow and pain. It helps in cases of grief, and encourages acceptance of loss. On the other hand, it provides insight into the powers of Divine love, encourages selflessness and spiritual wisdom, and stimulates the third eye.

On the physical level, Amethyst regulates the secretion of hormones, cleanses the blood, regulates the blood pressure, calms the nerves, protects the heart, soothes bruising and swellings, and helps in cases of hearing disorders. It is beneficial for the digestive system; it relaxes and enables easier falling asleep. It facilitates hair growth, and cleanses the skin and pores.

Amethyst should be discharged under the flow of luke-warm running water. It should be charged next to a bunch of rock crystals. Excessive exposure to sunlight is not recommended.

From the book "The Magical World of Crystals" by Olga Rezo. Click Here to subscribe to our mailing list.


Lori says:

Thank you for this information. I ventured into a crystal store with the intention of bringing home a clear crystal quartz only to be drawn to an amethyst pendant. After reading what you wrote, I understand why. I need everything that the amethyst can bring into my life. Thank you so much!

sunnyray says:

Thanks to you Lori for sharing with us your experience with this wondrous crystal.

Mel says:

I have just bought an amethyst bracelet and a tigers eye bracelet. Can I wear them together on the same wrist? I also have a clear quartz pendant that I'm wearing and a rose quartz pendant that I want to wear but confused as to when to wear them, wear them separately? Or together ? Can you advise me please?

sunnyray says:

Hi Mel
My personal choice would be wearing an amethyst bracelet on the left wrist alongside green calcite, green rock crystal or jade. I would wear tigers eye on the right wrist together with red jasper or sunstone. As for the second question, the answer would be Yes. You can combine rose quartz with clear quartz very well.

abz says:

Great information! I have recently bought an amethyst pendant and it has really calmed me n feel so light out of depression. I also got onyx bracelet as a gift but confused on which hand should i wear it on. Also got rings of opal and lapis lazuli. I'm a libra. Currently using amethyst pendant (a must). Can i wear onyx bracelet with it? N on which hand? And would lapis lazuli ring n opal ring go along amethyst and onyx. Please tell me which gems rings or bracelet to continue n which one i should avoid. Thank you.

abz says:

Hi Abz
There is really no strict rules when it comes to matching various stones. It is all very individual. Try to experiment a little bit and monitor your reactions.

Teena says:

Hi, Can any body Please tell me on which arm should I wear amethyst bracelet? Right or left? On left arm I wear watch so, can I wear bracelet & watch together? Thanks for help.

sunnyray says:

In principle, you can use both arms. The difference, if you like, is in accentuating your feminine or masculine side (artistic or rational, right or left brain hemisphere). Your left arm is related to the right brain hemisphere.

Valster2003 says:

What does it mean when my amethyst bracelet which is purple fades out to being white or smokey white when worn?

sunnyray says:

Amethyst fades if exposed to strong light or intense heat, but genuine natural Amethyst should do that very gradually. It is known that there are Amethyst crystals with artificially enhanced color that fade more rapidly. I can't say for sure, but that could be the case with your bracelet.

Kila says:

I have been wearing a pair of amethyst earrings for the past couple of days and have been feeling a little light headed. it's this normal? should I take them off?

Kila says:

Dear Kila,
You may want to take them off, just to make sure the symptoms you are seeing are indeed due to your Amethyst earrings. Amethyst is known to be one of the most powerful and beneficial stones related to the mind and spirit. I have never had any negative experiences with it. However, we are all individual beings with individual energies - it is always possible to react differently to certain stones, and our preference may change in time. So, just take them off and try them again after some time.

jackie says:

Is it possible for me to wear rose quartz, amethyst, and Alexandrite on a ring? Or should I wear them separately? Do the stones have the same power if I wear it in a ring as if I wear it on a bracelet? Thank you for your help.

sunnyray says:

Dear jackie,
Yes, you can wear them all on a single ring. You can try and experiment with different setups if you like and try to find out which one is the best for you personally, but in the end I don't think that the metaphysical action would be too much different.

Nanu says:

Hi Sunny, I love your website. Can you please write articles on emerald and turquoise too? I'm really drawn to those stones in addition to amethyst. Thanks!

sunnyray says:

Dear Nanu
You can find more info about Emerald on this link. As for Tirquoise, please stay tuned. We should have a post about it pretty soon.

Diora says:

Thank you so much for your articles. Please write about black onyx, aventurine, smoky quartz and lapis lazuli as they caught my interest. In addition to these, I have rose quartz, amethyst, citrine and fluorite, I was just wondering if any of these are okay being worn together or should otherwise not be combined together in one hand. I understand citrine and amethyst shouldnt be worn on the same hand as black onyx and smoky quartz? Please advise. Also, please advise on which hand to wear what please, thank you!

sunnyray says:

Dear Diora,
I think we will have some articles that go in that direction pretty soon. Stay tuned.

Tamrah Troy says:

I found an amethyst with rose quartz. ...what will this stone accomplish?

liz says:

I was wondering what it means when an amethyst fades. As well as what would be a good combination with an amethyst?

sunnyray says:

Thanks for the comment bu I haven't really had the chance to work with such a stone.

It is a normal process. In any case you should try to protect your amethyst against it.

seema says:


Can I wear amethyst and emerald together? Amethyst on the left ring finger and emerald on right little finger?

I have not been advised to wear or not wear these gems, I have just have a strong desire/attraction to them.

Thank you

sunnyray says:

Dear seema
Yes you can. Your attraction toward this particular combination of stones is a good indicator that you should go for it.

Leah says:

Is there another good way to charge an amethyst if I don't have any other crystals/stones to charge it?

sunnyray says:

Dear Leah
Using the early morning sun is an excellent way of charging Amethysts. You can also use your own energy for that purpose while holding the crystal in your hands.

Madi says:

I wear a 6 sided amethyst crystal necklace all the time. Sometimes when I touch it, it will be super warm, what does that mean?

sunnyray says:

Dear Madi,
It could mean some kind of heat exchange with your body. Does it have direct skin contact?

charged says:

Hey there! Recently bought amethyst, bloodstone and green aventurine tumblestones at a local store. The bloodstone and aventurine don't have this effect, but whenever I hold the amethyst, within a few seconds it becomes incredibly warm - especially at the very center. What does this mean?

Linda says:

I'm wearing an amethyst ring and were it comes into contact with my skin it is glowing light green. Does that mean anything.

Linda says:

Should I cleanse the amethyst ring I'm wearing? Because it was last worn by my daughter. What is the best way to cleanse crystals?

Raunak says:

Hi Sunny,
Greetings!! Long time since I last contacted you for enlightenment on Gems and its time again that I wish to get your advice on the topic.

Reading your recommendations for amethyst, planning to try it out. What's the best Form a gem may be used for its metaphysical properties — would a single Big rock be more potent/pure or collection of small beads woven into necklace - due to higher volume?

Thanks in Advance,

Rush says:

Hey I bought this green amethyst pendant 1 month ago and have been wearing it as a necklace since then .. now I feel that the stone is looking a little muddy or foggy .. is it because the stone is not of good quality of is it because the stone absorbing something from my body ? Like negative energy or illness or something ?

Please do let me know I am really confused

sunnyray says:

People often report that their stones or crystals all of a sudden start to feel cloudy or foggy, regardless of their actual gemstone quality. In such a case, what's recommended is to cleanse and recharge them. You can find detailed instructions on how to do that, here, on this website. Thanks for the comment.

ce says:

Hi! Can I wear citrine and amethyst bracelet together? Thank you!

sunnyray says:

Hi there! Yes you can mix both of them as you find appropriate. Thanks for the comment.

anonymous says:

Thank you for a full explanation.

Judy says:

I wear 7 small precious stone of which 1 is the Amethyst. On cleansing them last night I saw that half of the Amethyst has gone black and looks beautiful. Why would it change colour like that. I wear it in a silk bag next to my body. Thanks.

sunnyray says:

Hi Judy,
What are the stones that are next to your Amethyst?

kashif aftab says:

I am kashif aftab tunio from khairpur mirs. I want to ask you for amethyst stone powers. Would you kindly tell me about which diseases it cures in our body.

Pay says:

Hey! Your article was absolutely fantastic. Whenever I get a slight head ache I always take an amethyst crystal and put it to my head. In a few minutes it always becomes much better. As of the moment I am wearing an amethyst pendant around my neck. Could you tell me what general effect it would have? Thanks a bunch !

sunnyray says:

Thanks for your input, Pay. I always expect to have very positive experiences with Amethyst. It is such a wonderful stone. However, our interaction with different crystals and stones can be very personal. The best advice I can give you is to monitor your state and if you fell like getting overwhelmed, give it a rest for a couple of hours.

Ying says:

Amazing! Very helpful, you have really cleared all my doubts. I once went with some friends to a gem stone shop, incidentally, the owner's ex-manager(expired) used to be good friend with my in laws, he showed us some beautiful purple Amethyst and strongly advised me to take one. Till date it is still lying in my closet but now after reading your articles and advices, I am now decided to make a ring and wear it as I am also a Pisces. Would it be fine to wear in gold.

sunnyray says:

Thanks for the comment Ying. And yes, gold is the perfect choice for Amethyst. God bless!

InkedVixen says:

Hiya. I am wondering if anyone could help me. I have an amethyst crystal which is kept in a box next to my bed. My children play with it all the time (pirates treasure) I found it in my daughters room the other day and I noticed it had gone a bright baby blue.

When I went to place it back in my room, as soon as I crossed the doorway it changed back to purple. It only changed to baby blue in my daughters room (we tried different times of day and even at night so lightning etc can't be a factor)

When I showed my friend last night it bows turns baby blue in my son's room as well. My daughter is only 5 and my son 2. Can anyone explain how this is possible or even almaybe a reason for this? I would be very grateful because I don't know much about crystals and was wondering if I should keep it locked in a drawer away from my kids.

sunnyray says:

Hi InkedVixen

Thanks for sharing your very interesting experiences about Amethyst. I really wouldn't know what to say, except that it is not something I would expect from a stone like Amethyst. Maybe someone else will be able to share with you some concrete ideas or insight. The effect could always be of metaphysical origin, but you should first rule out the other possible physical reasons. Does the color change when your kids are not in their room as well?

Cathy says:

I had gone to a museum and in the gifts shop was a mining box. And it had all types of gems and it has little bags and big bags. Then I bought a little bag and then I started mining and I found something. It was a nice purple chevron gem and I had no idea what it was. Then I decided to describe it on the web. I found this website and I now know its and amethyst !

sunnyray says:

That's great Cathy. Thanks for sharing.

Mable says:


it is ok to wear the violet earring during sleeping time? (24/7)

sunnyray says:

Hi Mable,

It is perfectly OK. Amethyst is such a great stone that it should be beside you all the time. With love and light, sunnyray.

Jennifer says:

Hi, What do you think about using a tesla purple plate for charging or cleansing crystals?

sunnyray says:

Please take a look at our forum.

Anna says:

I got an amethyst necklace for my birthday and I wear 2 other necklaces one is a diamond cross and the other is an open heart angel with diamonds. Can I wear the amethyst with the 2 of them?

sunnyray says:

Sure you can, Anna. Amethyst and diamonds complement each other quite fine.

neonrainz says:

Ok so I have a 1 inch 6 sided amethyst crystal on a black string cord around my right wrist.....And I have a habit of sucking on it when I'm nervous or bored... But the thing is it's not a normal color. It's pure purple at the tip but it has smoke black grey veins going through it and when it's turned it has a rainbow shimer... Could u plz tell me ur thoughts on it and also if it's ok that I do such with it?

sunnyray says:

Hi neonrainz
Thanks for the comment. I've seen a lot of Amethyst specimens similar to yours. It is quite OK if the stone has different nuances. Probably the bottom part is closer to smoky quartz than it is to amethyst, but that's nothing to worry about. As for your habit, my suggestion would be to try to get rid of the nervousness in a more natural way. One of the best ways I can think of is meditation. Many blessings.

mithiji says:

Do you know which stone is good for fertility. I'm currently wearing rose quartz and amethyst bracelets together on my left hand. Is that ok? Should I add or do anything else? I'm born on 25th of February and lost my last pregnancy at 5 months 25 may 2014 .. I have polocystic ovarian syndrome too.

sunnyray says:

Hi mithiji

Sorry to hear about your problems. Amethyst and Rose quartz are considered beneficial stones, but I would also add Moonstone to that combination. I hope you will be able to overcome the problems and accomplish your dreams. God bless.

jet balagtas says:

Hi !
I've just purchased a green aventurine and black tourmaline bracelet.
I'm confused as how to wear them. Do I wear them on the same arm? Left or right or wear them separately?
I'm planning to buy a citrine too. How do I wear it?

jet balagtas

sunnyray says:

Hi jet balagtas. Those are subtle differences. I would suggest to wear them the way that is most suitable to you, personally. If you feel good with them while wearing them, they will also be more efficient.

neonrainz says:

Hey! Thx for answering my question. I've now gone deeper into wicca and stones/herbs and such....but I need to know if Taaffeite and black opal can be worn together with my amethyst? Thx for all your help!

sunnyray says:

Hi neonrainz. Thanks for the question. However, I have never worked with Taaffeite, so I couldn't say.

rick says:

I have a fifty pound stone from Greed colorado. what is the best way to clean it?

sunnyray says:

What kind of stone are we talking about?

ronny petrus says:

I have an amethyst stone and I recently bought one from a guy selling them, but it is now black. Is it still an amethyst stone?

sunnyray says:

Hi ronny
There are numerous Quartz based crystals, and we distinguish them mainly by their color. One of the main requirements for Amethyst is to be purple. Sometimes, it can lose its color, and in such a case I would suggest replacing your amethyst stone. Luckily, they are relatively inexpensive. Thanks for the comment!

sophie says:

I would like to offer a stone according to a personality and I don't know which one to choose. He's a Libra. He's lost all connection with love and doesn't believe in it anymore and needs to succeed in whatever he does for example work, future, family. He lost nearly lost hope in everything.

For me, I'm a Sagittarius. I received an orange stone I think it's a moonstone. I was wondering if there can be another one. I wore the necklace a few months and took it off because I was scared of it. I'm normally a calm person, keeping everything that annoys me for myself without saying it. It helped me to do that. I finally accepted the fact that it could help me with my everyday life, then put it back on. Now feeling a bit better.

sunnyray says:

Hi sophie
There are really many different birthstone interpretation. We follow the spiritual interpretation, as explained in book "Mystical birthstones". In this scheme, the best crystal for Libra is Tourmaline, whereas the best crystal for Sagittarius is Chalcedony. Please note that crystals and stones are only auxiliary tools, and that they work better if purposefully programmed.

Kikka says:

Hi. Thanks for this site! I have amethyst, rose quartz, citrine and blue sapphire bracelets. I've been wearing amethyst with rose quartz in left wrist and citrine with blue sapphire sometimes. Is that the correct way to wear? I mean which arm should I wear? Can I wear it all together at the same time? Many thanks in advance!

Jonas says:

I just bought a tumbled amethyst and I've been noticing some VERY powerful.. Things... From this crystal. First off, when I hold it in my hand, I feel this unexplainable force that surrounded my hand (feels like "pressure" against my palm. Almost like what it feels when you shake someone's hand.) Second, when I think about the amethyst when holding it, I get a feeling that there is some kind of fluid washing me as in a shower. While I get the feeling, I get random thoughts at times and feel like something is "opening" (I'm guessing it has something to do with my third eye opening or such a thing.) I also seem to get answers in the form of a thought in my mind when "asking" the amethyst something. (Thinking the question "Why do I feel this way?" resulted in me getting thoughts of the crystal moving around in my hand.) To top my experiences off, I feel like my dreams have been more "lucid" to me, but not completely. (I could take a nap thinking about something, and I would dream it for the first and second few moments of the dream, in which I could not do before.) these experiences are really neat to me and I wanted to share them because this all happened within 24 hours, but I also had one simple question... Are all of these common with the amethyst? Is there a reason why this crystal feels strong metaphysically?


sunnyray says:

Thanks for sharing Jonas. We really appreciate it. The reason why Amethyst is so strong metaphysically is simple. Amethyst is the channel for the Seventh, Violet Ray of Spiritual light from amongst the mineral world. And you seem to be open enough and susceptible for its metaphysical energy, which is really great. Thanks again, and God bless.

Kushal says:

I'm an aquarian. I have two gemstones, amethyst and natural emerald. My query is can i wear both at the same time all the time? Or should i wear them only on specific days. Like should emerald be worn only on Wednesdays after sunrise or amethyst only on Saturdays after sunset. And why please.

sunnyray says:

Hi Kushal
I don't think you should separate the time of your wearing of amethyst and emerald. You can wear them both at the same time, all the time. I would also like to hear the rationale behind wearing emerald on Wednesday after sunrise or amethyst after sunset. Thanks, and God bless.

Monie1981 says:

Hi I recently bought a amethyst bracelet I'm just wondering do I need to cleanse or charge it before wearing it

sunnyray says:

Hi Monie
That's what I always do when I buy new crystals or jewelry, and that's what I recommend doing to everyone. Thanks for the comment and have a nice day.

Victoria says:


I was recently told that wearing amethyst jewelry set in gold would bring me good luck. I have been wearing my amethyst pendant for 4 days now and it is making me feel so down and depressed. In an hours time after removing it, I feel much lighter. I am a Taurus and have not read anything about Amethyst crystals not being compatible for Taurus...I just read that it is a great crystal for everyone. I made sure to cleanse it properly and charge it before wearing it. I could really use some good luck in my life right now...any thoughts as to why this is happening and/or what crystal I should be wearing. Thank you for your insights!!

sunnyray says:

Hi Victoria
Yes, Amethyst is a universal stone, virtually compatible with every horoscope sign. That being said, we are all individual beings, with individual energy fields. Our energy fields also change in time. It may happen that, presently, your energy is not compatible with Amethyst's energy. No big deal ... leave your Amethyst for some future use. Select different stones, preferably the ones you are personally drawn to. Thanks for the comment, and God bless.

Victoria says:

Good Morning Sunnyray,

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my question. I really appreciate it and the wonderful insights you continually provide. Blessing to you. Victoria

cecy says:

hey i just got a amethyst stone big but its not cut into braclets or noting just a stones it has helped me calm down but i want to know what can i do with it if i cant wear it? any advice?

charlott paramore says:

My amethyst changed shapes into hart shaped why?

Yuyu says:

Hello Sunny,

I have a necklace with a pendant consisting of two amethyst stones. I always wear it when I sleep. However, 3 days ago when I woke up my amethyst necklace fell down. My necklace has unhooked itself , although I check that the hook is perfectly fine. Since I do not lose my amethyst necklace, should I keep wearing it or should I not? Thank you

sunnyray says:

Hi Yuyu

That's really up to you to decide. You have to use your intuition to sense whether that was merely a chance or a message from your subconscious (or superconscious) mind. Have faith in yourself.

Anna says:

Hi, I wonder if jade and amethyst is a good combination. Because I want to combine both of them together due to amethyst is my birthstone and jade is the one I wore since when I was a child. I wonder if that is a good idea or does it give out negative energy when both is combined? Thanks

sunnyray says:

Hi Anna. As far as we can tell, it is a good combination.

Stone09 says:

Hi Sunny,

I have problems sleeping, likely due to work stress. Do you have any recommendations on what stones I can use and if this should be worn or placed close to me during bedtime? Thanks.

sunnyray says:

Hi Stone09

Amethyst, for example, could help. You can test it out for yourself. Put it under the pillow overnight and see if there's any change. Thanks for reading!

Smilez says:


I recently acquired one amethyst cave crystal, however the previous owner decided to give it away as they went through divorce. Would it be ok for me to take over the crystal?

sunnyray says:

Yes, if you can find a way to thoroughly cleanse the Amethyst geode. What's the size of the cave?

Diane Ten says:

I buy crystals based on my needs. But can I combine onyx and Amethyst together, I mean can I wear both of those pendants to mix?

Jen says:

I am a lucid dreamer and I remember all of my dreams. I wear the amethyst to protect me when I sleep and last night I woke up with it making my wrist feel weird. I realized it was protecting me from a bad dream because I was actually dreaming about something bad about to happen. I love my amethyst thank you<3 I buy crystals based on my needs. But can I combine onyx and Amethyst together, I mean can I wear both of those pendants to mix?

Caroline says:

I was thinking of having a bracelet made with Amethyst, obsidian, labradorite, lapis, garnet, smokey quartz, sunstone, hematite, black onyx, rose quartz, tiger eyes and moonstone. Can these 12 be paired with each other? If not, which should go with which and what hand? Thank you so much.

Rick says:

I have a tanzanite ring and an amethyst ring can I wear them together one on the left and one on the right hand and what hand is better for the amethyst???

Mitch says:

Hi, i just bought an amethyst pendant. I have read that you need to bless it from time to time? Do i need to clean it or dishcarge or recharge? What's the frequency for all that? I have never taken it off since i got it so im wearing it for a week now straight and now i feel sick in the stomach so i took it off and just wanna check if it's because of wearing this straight or if should have done something to take care of it. Thanks a lot i would greatly appreciate your help.

sunnyray says:

Hi Mitch
If your Amethyst stone does any heavy duty work, like healing, it should be charged/discharged regularly, for example after every session. If not, 2 times a month would be a good measure. That is provided that you haven't programmed it. Programmed crystals should be cleansed or discharged only after the realization of the programmed goals.

Jyoti bhagat says:

Hi sunny; i m wearing purple amethyst bracelet in left hand for concentration and grasping increase study ability. So i need to have wear another any crystal pls help me. I want to increase my financial status.

sunnyray says:

For finances, try citrine or tiger's eye.

John says:

I didn't understand how to charge the amethyst crystal. it says put on a bunch of rock crystals ??? which type of rock crystals ?? for how long should it be left charging ??? during day night??? does it need the moon light ??? Please help me because I really need to know ASAP !!!

sunnyray says:

John, you can get a free chapter from Olga's book "The Magical World of Crystals" here. There you will find somewhat more on crystal cleansing. Some of the charging methods are similar to those of cleansing. You can check this post for more on charging crystals.

Charolate says:

I have a three stone amethyst ring in a gold setting. I have been wearing it for three weeks. And for the past three weeks all I do is sleep and am very sick. The doctors can not find out what's wrong with me but the symptoms they can see. Any advice on why this may be happening. Does one any anything to do with the other? I am really sensitive to energy also.

sunnyray says:

I find it hard to believe that Amethyst would have such an effect on you, but anything is possible when it comes to energy compatibility. However, you can easily test this, just don't wear your ring for some time. Thanks for sharing, and let us know what the result are if you decide to test the metaphysical action of your amethyst ring!

Aj says:

I have super bad insomnia & anxiety. What stones should I wear or place in my apartment to help with that? I'm tired of Xanax, seriously.

sunnyray says:

Amethyst can help. But it won't be of lasting help without a fundamental lifestyle change, including, for example, meditation, diet, or other means of improving your life.

Charlie says:

Hey so lately I have been feeling a bit angry and upset at the world when I went to a fair the other week I picked out an amethyst a tigers eye and a tree agate I was told by the lady selling these that all of them were used for grounding however I have no idea where to even start with crystals can you help me understand how to use my new stones also is rose quarts acceptable to wear on the same necklace as an amethyst? Because it feels like that are getting pretty warm on my chest and I can't figure out if it's a good or bad feeling :/

sunnyray says:

That's a great choice of stones. As for getting started with crystals there are several great books, including this, this, or, of course, this.

kaydence says:

thanks for helping others but this was not much help to my project.

anon says:

Amethyst included yellow color so that .What that called please ?answer me thank you

sunnyray says:

Hard to tell without a picture. For example, It could be Ametrine.

devi says:

Which finger can I use my amethyst ring 4gud luck ta.

sunnyray says:

Check this post.

Rinakhan says:

Hi. There. I recently bought an amethyst and moonstone ring . Can I wear both together. What are the benefits. Will they clash with each other benefits

sunnyray says:

As far as I can say, they work great together.

Mary says:

Hi. I just wanna ask what crystal is best for my kids. I have a 5,3 and 1yr old. Im planning to make it a pendant. Im thinking to put amethyst, rose quartz and rock crystal in 1 pendant. Is that ok for my kids to wear it everyday? And. If not which is the best one, amethyst or rose quartz?

sunnyray says:

I would let them choose which ones they like the most. Children, in general and unlike most of the adults, are still connected with their intuition and feel what's good for them in terms of subtle energy flow.

Naved says:

I am already wearing zircon and Pearl on middle and little finger of right hand. But I made amethyst ring already, where can I wear it now.

sunnyray says:

Middle finger is the right position, but it's not written in stone. Maybe you can wear two rings at the same time. Check out this post for more info.

Carol says:

Hi I just bought a Om spiritual bracelet with tiger eyes is it safe to were I was drawn to it as I love tiger eys.

sunnyray says:

The safest stones, crystals, and jewelry items are those we are drawn to. Have a lot of fun wearing it!

Yasmin says:

Hello, I brought my a chakra set, which I've used for awhile, I'm currently under a lot of stress so I thought I would give my stones/crystal a good clean, while I was holding my amethyst in my dominant hand it became heavy almost like it was pushing my hand down, I've never experienced this before please can you help.

sunnyray says:

No need to worry about it. While working with stones you are supposed to experience such phenomena and they are perfectly safe. The crystals are here to help us explore our own energy body, and when working with energies, sensations like the one you describe are not uncommon. Hope this helps. Crystal blessings!

Justin says:

Hello SunnyRay, I have a question I'm a little uneasy about. I have been wearing an Amethyst pointed crystal as a necklace right over my heart chakra 24/7 fora while now, it always brings me a sense of calm and a feeling of protection. Yesterday while I was out and about I felt a very very strong negative presence, like something not good was watching me. Then I "felt" a punch in my chest right where the crystal was over my heart chakra, although nothing physically touched me, I FELT it. This morning I was outside and noticed that my crystal was cracked and where it was cracked it was brown inside, the rest of the crystal is still it's vibrant seemingly alive and vibrant purple. I am still new to this whole new world around me and am a little freaked out about what caused it. I feel like the crystal protected me from whatever it was, and I feel even closer to it now, but I don't know if I should do something, nor do I know what that was. Please help, thus whole ordeal was unsettling to say the least.

sunnyray says:

I think what you feel happened is pretty much correct. Some would say that your Amethyst crystal took a punch instead of you. It certainly looks like it, but only you can tell for sure. It doesn't necessarily mean you were in any kind of physical danger, it could be a harmful mental influence of some kind. We are all constantly surrounded by all kinds of energies, good or bad. I wouldn't freak out, I would just make sure that the crystal is thoroughly cleansed. Thanks for the comment and many blessings.

Ankit says:

My friend is using a used amethyst which was gifted to her on her birthday by his best friend but there is a sudden change in her behavior and a lot of negativity is being faced by her,she is facing tough time in her love life and her mental peace is also not there and she is also suffering from various joint pain.pls help me

sunnyray says:

Sorry to hear about the troubles of your friend. Of course, one cannot blame it all on a stone. Most likely the Amethyst is not related to those problems, but just to be sure, cleanse it thoroughly by using some of the methods described here.


Hi ((: so recently me and my boyfriend have been going through complications. He has past happenings that caused him to be adhd, and he constantly over thinks and worries over our relationship, and general stressful mishappeninga. he's extremely spiritual, so I've decided to make an amethyst pendant necklace and I'm going to give it to him, hoping to ease his mind and soul while we are apart. Not just for our relationship but for his relationship with the universe. Was going to pair it with the rose crystal to mend his heart and broken past/emotions but decided against. Can you help me word my statement to him as I give him this pendant? How exactly should I word the healings and benefits of the crystal in a short summary? Thank you.


Then, it would be from me, not from you. It should be your own words, no matter how it might look to you.


Can one wear Opal with amethyst and Turquoise?


My take on that question is - you can wear whatever you feel like it. The ultimate judge is how you feel while wearing your combination, are you energized and empowered or not.


My ex gave it to our daughter and she got really sick right after wearing it. There was some kind of magic done on me while I was pregnant with her (my ex's friends told me he did magic on me). I don't know if any of this is related. I took it off her, she had stomach-flue like symptoms. She seems to be more peaceful and go to bed on time


Think once again about the intention of the friend of your husband. Why he told you what he told you? As for the Amethyst, if you suspect it doesn't bring good to your child, keep it a secret. You have to cleanse it. Put it under running water for 30 minutes, and then keep it under incense smoke combined with positive visualization and love in your heart and desire for this stone to bring you love, spiritual peace, and happiness to your daughter. Then give it to her again.


I have a heart shaped cut necklace passed down to me from my boyfriends mother who has passed.. I've never cleansed it yet. I'm just wondering how do you cleanse it while it is in fold? And also what is the meaning of Amethyst cut into a heart shape, please do let me know I am very intrigued to know why it is heart shaped. Thank you so much!




I bought some crystals online and the store gave me as a gift a tiny angel shaped Amythest. I've cleansed it with palo santo few times already, but every time I put it under my pillow I had nightmares. I had to take it out of my bedroom and I put it next two of my other stones with strong energy to guard it. What should I do?


If it affects you in such a way, forget about it. Amethyst should do just the opposite from what you describe. It obviously needs some deeper level cleansing.


1. I m wearing amethyst ring left middle finger is it correct?
2. Can i wear emerald in right little finger with amethyst in left?


1. Yes. Check out this post for more detail.
2. Yes, again check out the above post.


thank you
i have recently been visualising ruby red, rose quartz and amethyst
i trust that the vibrations of all of the above can remain with earths loving plane
yours krystal light


Nice combination of colors and crystals. Indeed, their vibrations together with our positive intentions will help our planet become a star of love and freedom once again.


I got this amethyst cluster u could say, its a piece of a geode XD.

And i dont really know what to do with it I discovered the Crystal Movement through Spirit Science Central (great youtube channel).

Whenever i look at my amethyst i frown idk whai, maybe its me.

i have no idea how to cleanse it :I (its my first crystal btw xD)

maybe its angry at me idk



You should definitely cleanse it. Check this post for some ideas.


Hi, Sunny! Would it be okay to wear my bracelets on the same arm? And which arm if ever? Onyx, rose quartz, howlite,citrine and amethyst. Or should i not wear them together? Thank you!


Yes it would. Check this post for more information on the differences between left and right hand.


Hi, I am interested in rose quartz, amethyst, citrine, and black obsidian. How would you recommend balancing these crystals? Should I separate them for office and home?


Not a bad idea. I personally would choose citrine and black obsidian for office, and the other two for home. It doesn't mean you should do the same, though. Test them and see how it works.


Hi ...

I have a emerald bead necklace and a amethyst bead necklace along with a hematite bracelet and a yellow jade/citrine bracelet and even a rose quartz stone ... My crown and heart and root chakra are blocked so can u please tell me what all should I wear and In which left/ right hand ... also plz tell me for how long should I wear these crystals ... Can u also tell how to cleanse and charge the crystals ...


I dreamed last night that a place came out in my upper left arm, similar to a mole. It began to grow & turned a shimmering emerald color, finally opening up to reveal a square amethyst which I plucked out. I then realized my small amethyst had somehow gotten inside me & grown larger & come to the surface. I was amazed & thrilled. Thoughts on this?


It's a great empowering dream. Usually when something beautiful grows in our dreams is a great sign. Thanks for sharing.



I have an amethyst gem. Normally it is a light purple. I've had this stone for many years now & in different places/lighting, but something weird happened recently. I placed it in the center of my home on a counter and it was brilliant purple for most of the day, but then I had some visitors over and after they left I noticed my stone turned cloudy and nearly dark blue. I rinsed it in running water and the cloudiness seemed to diminish however it's still more blue than purple now. I will set it out to recharge with moon. Hopefully it helps. But, would you happen to know what that dramatic color change may mean?


Hi Dennixo, and thanks for sharing. As to what caused the change of color, your guess is as good as ours. Crystals are great at picking up energies from their environment, so it may have to do with your visitors, but it doesn't necessarily means they are to blame.

Empath G

I gave my ex sociopath/narcissist girlfriend amethyst/clear quartz bracelet. First night she wore the bracelet heat on the arm woke her up. After few days bracelet metal part just broke off. After it was fixed few days after it again broke on different place. So if the person has blocked higher chakras amethyst just runs away from that person?


Hi and thanks for the comment. Your guess is as good as mine, but such things are not that uncommon. The reason is often individual, no one rule fits all explanations.


can u pls help me know how amethyst is made


Hi liana and thanks for the question. I don't think we know for sure how amethyst has been made in Nature. Today, scientists can make it in laboratory, usually in hydrotermal processes, for example, by irradiation or by adding some trivalent iron to pure bulk silica (quartz) crystals.


Hi, Lately I've developed an aversion to amethyst. I've worn and used it as needed throughout the years. Suddenly, I can't get near it or wear it at all. It's been going on for several months. No other stone reactivity that I've noticed. I'm wondering what to make of it and how to reintroduce amethyst back into my life- it was always useful to me. Thanks!!


I Jennifer. I would suggest not to force anything. If it feels like that, don't wear it for some time. Use other crystals you feel attracted to. And then after that time, see if the things have changed with respect to amethyst. Take care!


I just received my amethyst cluster necklace like a week ago and I've had it on me for a week after cleansing in brown rice. Even though I did feel some energy coming from it after it was cleansed I don't feel anything from it anymore and it's not like it isn't working I mean I do feel subtle changes in with myself but that's about it. I just thought I'd feel more from it. Is that normal to not really feel much from a crystal? I mean I thought I would because it's also my birthstone.


Hi I was wondering if you can combine amethyst and rhodonite together. I was wearing a black tourmaline but it's not for me.


Sure you can! Why don't you try and see how you feel while wearing this combo? That's the only norm here.

Jacquie Wilcock

Hello x

Just wondering if you could advise me as I've recently purchased an amethyst and hematite bracelet and am curious how to cleanse as for amethyst needs water but that's bad for the hematite ? Not wanting to get my crystals chilled up. X thanks in advance x
Jacquie x


I have a bracelet that has many Chakra stones on it, but my Amethyst stone is turning white and grey. What does that mean? I've only had it 3 days.


Hi I am so much thankful for the article on amethyst and the way you help solving our queries. I have bought a square amethyst which is half inch in size. I am already wearing pendant of red coral and citrine in red index finger. Also I carry a turquoise in my pocket since a year as I like touching it. I am wondering how I can wear the amethyst crystal? Do you advise to wear as ring in left hand middle finger or something else?


You can always wear amethyst. It is a universally useful stone.

Alisa Miettinen

Hi! I love this post and it helped me a lot. I just got a ring from my mom and it has an amethyst stone and woow I felt so happy and calm when I got it I almost cried(happy tears). I just really got curious. I put the ring on my right hand like automatically and since I read the part where you wrote it strengthens Bishops' advanced spirituality I just wanted to know what you meant by the Bishop? I thought about Tarots but I do not find the Bishop in the cards.... Thanks for the amazing information tho :3


No, it only means Bishops as a member of the higher order of priests. Thanks for the comment, Alisa and all the best.


Hi I am curious to know about combining the following crystals. I recently walked into a crystal store and was drawn to a gold Tiger eye bracelet and also a serpentine bracelet. I purchased both and just started wearing them on my right wrist. Is there an order to wear them on your wrist? Also I wear a black Kyanite crystal around my neck with my sterling silver cross with a diamond in it. Now this may or may not be odd but I purchased a purple Amethyst Crystal almost exactly 1yr ago and it was misplaced and suddenly I just came across it a couple days ago. Can this happen? Also can I wear my black Kyanite and Amethyst together on my neck? Thanks a bunch. I am new to this?


The best way to combine crystals is like you did. To choose the ones you are attracted to. As for misplacing and suddenly finding your crystals, there is nothing out of the ordinary. It happens to all of us. Maybe the crystals want to have a short break, before being reintroduced to us. Thanks for the comment and take care.


Hi Sunny, I am only new to the power of crystals and their healing properties. I recently purchased an Amethyst crystal on a necklace but I am unsure if it is real or fake. I have only had it for three days but I feel like it is already having an effect on me. But I am unsure if it is a 'mind-over-matter' situation. Do you have any tips on figuring out whether my crystal is fake? - I also love your website!


I think there is no point into producing fake Amethysts. The stone is abundant and relatively cheap. As for the effect, there is always that part you describe as mind over matter. But this just goes to show how strong we are as sentient beings capable of improving our situation by using the power of our minds. Crystals can only amplify this. Thanks for the kind words and good luck in using and exploring your crystals.


Hi. I have hematite, amethyst, black onyx, red coral, prite and mahogany obsidian bracelets that I wear on my left wrist. Someone gave me a malachite pendant, can I still use it? Should I remove one of my bracelet? If so whichone should I remove? Thank you so much!


I picked up an amethyst pendulum but when I tried using it, I had absolutely no response. I went thru the initial set up and questions and went through a process of cleansing and saging but no matter what I did, no response. I even set the piece aside for awhile, came back to it, but nothing. I also have a few amethyst crystal stones that have been purchased from different places or given to me. Using another pendulum, I asked the question if I should be carrying the stone with me. While doing this the amethyst is held in my other hand and the pendulum is suspended above it. The answer is always no. Any ideas why? Thank you


Honestly, I have no idea. But, I would never use pendulum made of Amethyst. There are other stones/metals more suitable for that purpose.


I wanted to know if there are any other ways to cleanse the amethyst crystal?
And how will I know the right time to cleanse it?
Thank you.


Hi Vinee. Thanks for the comment. There are many ways to cleanse Amethyst. Look for example here. As for the right time, whenever you touch it and it feels dull and without energy.


Last week I found a little amethyst tumble stone on the street. Usually I find money, keys or things like that..but a healing stone.. And it was two days before my birthday. So I wondered what it means. But now I know I got interested in healing crystals an year ago so I am still new to this.


Thanks for the beautiful Information. Purple Sapphire OR an Amethyst? Big price difference but how do they differ in actual use?

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