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Anahata Chakra Explained

The fourth energy center is located close to the physical heart. In the Eastern tradition, the name of this center is Anahata. Anahata glows in a bright golden-yellow color and has a shape of a six-pointed star. Each of the points of this star is divided into two fields of action, contributing to a total of 12 vibrational fields. The 12 subtle energies of this energy center are much finer egoistic sensations: jealousy, possessiveness, false sense of protection, longing, anxiety, melancholy, concern, uncertainty, anticipation, timidity, milder forms of depression and empathy.

Anahata is the center of self-love, but at the same time this energy center sustains a number of altruistic feelings, such as joy, fascination, enthusiasm, tenderness, admiration, rapture, tenderness and respect.

symbol of anahata chakra

Positive and Negative Aspects

When the heart is open, love is at work. Every positive emotion has its opposite, negative emotion: love-hate, joy-pain, and so on. When your energy flows in and out of the heart chakra, you are capable of expressing various emotions. All emotions are good and should not be suppressed. If you block the pain, you simultaneously block the joy. In order to be able to maintain the sequence of positive emotions, you will have to allow the possibility of feeling some negative emotions as well.

Balancing the Heart Center

This energy center is closely connected with the solar plexus - Manipura chakra. In order to balance this chakra, avoid the extremes and, whenever you can, try to reconcile the opposites. Temperance is the best choice for leading a healthy and successful life. It is important to know that in order for the energy of the heart center to become selfless, it has to pass through the fifth, Throat chakra. If your energy goes only up to the level of the heart, your love will have the quality of infatuation – you will be unbalanced, possessive and obsessed. Your mood will change from extreme happiness to extreme sadness, which is typical for someone being in love.

If you want to transform the energy of the heart chakra into an easygoing, steady, quiet and blessed joy of love – the kind of love that resembles the beauty of green valleys and the sweetness of steady waters – you should learn how to raise it and let it flow upward, toward the next, Throat chakra.

The symbols of Anahata

The symbols of Anahata are:

  • number of petals - 12
  • shape – six-pointed star
  • sensory organ – skin
  • action organ – arms
  • quality – touch
  • sound formula – YAM, (yum)
  • animal – antelope
  • food – sour
  • element – air
  • characteristic function – mobility
  • body area – from the heart to the throat
  • level of consciousness – human kingdom
  • celestial body – Venus
  • breathing – through the outmost part of the nostrils
  • archetypal image – swarm of birds, antelopes, deer
  • bodily equvalent – blood

Mastering the Heart Chakra

In the heart center one can attain a temporary liberation from the sex drive. Women, due to their specific energy structure, have more pronounced problems with the energy flow through this chakra.

It is a great consolation to know that everyone is capable of reaching their spiritual heart and that true knowledge comes from within. Our real spiritual Teacher speaks from within our hearts. All answers that bring fundamental changes come from that place. The outside knowledge, golden rules, recipes and advices, everything that we have read or heard from some external sources would not be of much use when it comes to the area of spiritual growth and personal development.

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