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Anahata chakra - very fundamental facts

Anahata, chakra number IV of the seven chakras, is located behind the sternum at the level of the heart. It is directly connected to our physical heart where our soul and the Holy Three-fold Flame of our Christ self is situated. Within Anahata there is the "the wish fulfilling tree" connected to the Divine spark. This is the area of materialization of our thoughts and desires. Therefore, they must be pure, noble and under control. This can be achieved only by increased peace and concentration. In the awakening of this chakra we have opened ourselves toward the Universe and the inflow of Universal Divine Love. This new expanded state of consciousness is released from everything that is lower than the Divine.

Anahata is connected equally with our physical heart as it is with the brain center of creativity. When we want to hear God and His Divine heart beats that spread harmoniously throughout the Universe always and forever, we need to calm ourselves for a moment, and we will hear our own heart beats that are identical with those of the Creator. Forever linked, we are at One with God. He is in us, we are in Him forever.

Anahata is a center of direct insights. Those people that are able to reach this area usually become (with their delicate penetrating vision) leaders, counselors and mentors in many areas of activity and knowledge, solving the problems of humanity. The meaning of Anahata is clean, stainless. Its color is smoky green, its vehicle is deer, it has 12 petals, its element is air, organs of movement are the hands, its metal is cupper, and its planet is Jupiter. The corresponding sense is the sense of touch, and its formula is JAM.

The heart chakra in its negative aspect represents lethargy, inactivity and laziness. If one's heart is not OK, one cannot give much life out of oneself. The positive irradiation from this center out is the unconditional Divine Love. The light ray of this center is the Third Light Ray of Love.

Anahata chakra is connected to the complete emotional wellbeing of the individual. In Anahata there is the key to solving the emotional submission and emotional bondage. When blocked, it manifests itself in lack of love.

Crystals and Anahata

Behind the sternum at heart level we lay green and pink crystals. The pink color represents the vibration of universal harmony. The green color represents health, love, creativity and harmony. Therefore, green crystals are used for releasing from anxiety, ease breathing and heart troubles, and regulate blood pressure. Aventurine is especially useful for physical health and balancing the heart, emerald can be connected to the spiritual aspects of love, green calcite soothes old obsolete beliefs based on fear, green tourmaline opens the creative elements of the heart, heliotrope - blood stone - helps the blood circulation and protects the heart, jade emits vibrations of harmony, chrysocolla, peridot and malachite release blocked energies, unakite helps understand the mental and emotional sources and helps the creativity. Lepidolite calms the heart and removes stress; kunzite protects the blood circulation, pink calcite aids in releasing the harmful emotional patterns so that our heart can open up to receive selfless love. Rhodonite helps us in being patient with others and of course, rosenquartz - the crystal that helps in creating and manifesting our unconditional love and self-love.

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