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Who is Archangel Uriel and What is His Message?

Archangel Uriel is the Sixth of the Seven Great Archangels that work on our planet. He helps the ones who lose hope in their life's path, bringing them to a place of rest where they can be immersed in the ample radiation of the golden ruby ray. This ray provides the much needed strength for all people that stray from their spiritual path, getting them back on their feet as soon as possible.

Archangel Uriel enlightens the infidels and provides education to the unbelievers. He appears with an unsheathed sword in his right hand, while his left hand, turned downward, he holds a fiery flame.

The name of Archangel Uriel means "God's Fire", "God's Light", or "Light of God's Fire", because it is He who enlightens all events and gives prophetic insights and warnings.

Archangel Uriel will come to you in an instant — you only have to ask him to. Maybe you won't even realize that, as a result of your prayers, he is close to you, until a brilliant new idea has entered your mind.

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Maybe because of His affinity toward the water element, as well as toward lightnings and thunders, Archangel Uriel can help us in a case of earthquakes, floods, fires, hurricanes, tornados, and other natural disasters.

Archangel Uriel has many talents. He can be of help in almost any aspect of life. He can provide us with the necessary information to make the right decision in any critical situation.

Archangel Uriel's Twin Flame

Archangel Uriel's female Divine counterpart is Donna Grazia. Together, they serve on the Sixth Ray of Divine peace, service, mercy, and dedication.

The vibration of this Ray is golden-ruby. Archangel Uriel and Donna Grazia guard the Christ's consciousness on Earth and amplify the feeling of peace in each and every human heart.

They embody the flame of brotherhood and sisterhood among all people, and serve the entirety of all Life. They teach us how to preserve our peace and harmony, in spite of the forces of disarray that work toward creating conflict.

How Can Archangel Uriel Help?

We can ask Archangel Uriel for a just Divine judgment in every situation. He can help us eliminate anger and intolerance, and give us enough strength to fight against our selfish, egoistic nature. He can teach us how to overcome our feelings of separation from God.

Archangel Uriel urges us that, whenever we face hard times and challenges, we should refrain from blaming other people for our wrongdoings. Rather, we should identify our mistakes and ask them for forgiveness, openly and directly, and loud and clear.

Archangel Uriel also instructs us never to blame ourselves for the things already done, and never to harbor those nagging feelings of guilt, but instead to see ourselves in our Divine self, God in us. From there, we can visualize our problem in the light of the transmuting Violet ray, ask for new strength to improve our lower self , and hand over our identified negativities to the Violet Flame.

Archangel Uriel, together with the feminine side of his being, Donna Grazia, serves as the greatest of all Guardian Angels. Archangel Uriel is the leader of these protective Angels, including your own Guardian Angel. He brings peace and a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood everywhere.

If you strive for inner peace and calm, call on Archangel Uriel for help and protection. He will then spread his warm wings of love and protection over you.

He will help you detach from the past pains and hurts, regardless of whether they are physical, psychic, or emotional in nature. He will free you from your fears and inordinate desires, and give you peace and mercy, as well as spiritual healing.

Pray Especially Strongly to Archangel Uriel on Friday

Friday is the day when the irradiation of Archangel Uriel is at its peak. You will be amazed by the intensity and beauty of his golden ruby ray. You can also call on the help of the Elohim of Peace, Tranquility, who is also in charge of the ruby ray.

The golden ruby flame of this Archangel inspires selfless love in us and leads us toward spirituality and devotion to God. His Divine complement, Donna Grazia, has a very pronounced yin energy and qualities of mercy that instigate in us the need to serve.

Try to see yourselves surrounded by the Golden Ruby Flame and pray to Archangel Uriel for peace, serenity, love, and unbounded inner joy. Out of gratitude to the Lord, you should always expand these wondrous qualities of happiness out to the other people around you.

Be One with the entire human race. It is a state of higher mercy, one that will take you into elation and freedom. Ask this Archangel to lift up your consciousness to this higher level of spiritual reality.

Cultivate the habit of showing gratitude toward your Guardian Angel daily. He is the one always by your side, serving as your own relentless protective shield. Ask Archangel Uriel to help you help your Guardian Angel to keep you always on the path of purity, happiness, and harmony.

Archangel Uriel, Twin Flame Donna Grazia, Archangel of the Sixth ray of Divine service says:

Every Angel of Protection has decided, out of their own free will, to serve one specific life stream. For every member of the human race, there is an individual Angel, who, of their own free will, represents their own protective shield. This Angel stays close to the individual in question, as long as this human belongs to the evolutionary lines of planet Earth and its kingdoms of development. These Angelic beings are often called Guardian Angels.

Would you consider selflessly serving one and the same person for millions of years? And what might service that is! Guardian Angels don't even go to a spiritual retreat to recover and restore their energy, unless the life streams they protect also decide to do so.

Think about it! It is one-of-kind voluntary imprisonment out of love that has no equal. Every Guardian Angel is required by Law to follow their protégé and whenever needed send them a light ray into their consciousness, in hope that the individuals in question would rise up again.

You can send Archangel Uriel a specific prayer every Friday, like this one:

“Beloved Archangel Uriel, I love you and bless you, and send my gratitude to you, to my Guardian Angel, and to all Angels Protectors. I thank you for your selfless service throughout many eons of time. Please, help me help my Guardian Angel to always keep me on the path of purity, harmony, and happiness.

I thank You so much.”


Based on the book "Angels" by Olga Rezo.


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