Are Angels Real or Imaginary?

Every once and again we get a question regarding the actual existence of Angels, or for that matter, guardian Angels. They ask, in one form or another, the same principle question, that is, if angels are real or imaginary.

What Does Our Rational Mind Say?

It can certainly be difficult for an intelligent average human being to accept the existence of Angels. Even more so if such person has never been involved in some form of spiritual and personal development that would require practicing deeper meditation, attending elaborate spiritual workshops or conducting devoted spiritual service. If that's the case, it is difficult to ask for understanding the concepts derived around the existence of Angelic beings by means of mere rational thinking. The same restrictions of our cognitive apparatus hold when we consider the existence of other higher level spiritual beings - Archangels, Archai, and Elohim, to list just a few of the higher spiritual hierarchies.

lovely cherubs in a /spanaine Today, we live, more or less, in a materialistic society. We are being led by the rational, analytic capabilities of our conscious mind to believe only in things we can see. Science teaches us that only those things exist that can be either seen or detected by (physical, material) instruments.

Records Of The Human Past

But it hasn't always been like that. Once upon a time, in our distant past, we were able to communicate with these wondrous beings. Their presence was felt amongst the masses of people of that time and the Angelic beings were able to provide wisdom, guidance and leadership.

angels with trumpets Again, we have no direct material proofs of this interaction, but there are akashic records available to the few who (using their spiritual capabilities) can tap into this storage house of all past event of our planet Earth. During the times of the ancient Lamuria and Atlantis civilizations, this interaction was possibe. People in the past had a sort of natural, atavistic clairvoyance, which they could use to gaze into the spiritual realms. The price we had to pay collectively as a race for the development of our logical thinking, waking consciousness and for our ever increasing degree of individualization was the severing of our link to the spiritual worlds and loosing our higher psychic vision.

When this happened, gradually we started to loose our recollection of these magnificent beings. Today, the majority of people possess a distant knowledge only a handful of Angelic beings - for instance, Archangel Michael, Uriel, Raphael, and Gabriel. Those are, at the same time, the most important Archangels that have left the strongest imprint on our collective human unconsciousness. These are also amongst the seven Archangels responsible for the energies and qualities of the seven rays of spiritual light.

Can We See An Angel?

No, regrettably we cannot. At least not until we develop a more subtle spiritual vision. It is impossible to observe these Divine beings with our everyday sight (there are some exceptions, though very rare - see the last paragraph). Simply because of the fact that Angels, Archangels and other Divine beings do not possess physical body in the sense that we do. During the course of their evolution, a very long time ago, they have overcome the necessity of having coarse, materials bodies. In turn, they have obtained more ethereal, spiritual bodies we are not even aware of at the present level of our development and spiritual growth.

Simply put, Angels operate on other, more energy-like and less material-like levels of existence. Their spheres of operation may overlap (on the lower end of their scale) with our emotional and mental worlds. Especially if a person endeavors to develop his/her spiritual faculties, and starts to work consciously on his/her character, purification of emotions, calming the thoughts, and working on the higher bodies. Then, the Angels will be able to establish a link with us more easily and their protective, guiding and nurturing powers will be readily available.

How Can We Contact An Angel?

So, even though we cannot observe Angels with our naked eyes, we can feel their presence, and we can be influenced by them. That is to say, we can feel their presence, their support, and their loving blessings. All this provided that we have mastered our emotional body, and calmed our world of thoughts. Only in a very relaxed state of being, deep meditation, and prayer can we feel the presence of Angels. They too can visit us in our dream states of consciousness, which they often do if we do not let them work with us during our daily activities. Read this answer if you want to learn more on contacting your guardian Angel.

It is said that Angels could, at least in principle, materialize if there is such absolute need, but this usually happens very very rarely. So, yes, Angels are real and their sphere of influence reaches our human lives on a daily basis. And, yes, we can become aware of them, if not with our physical sight, then certainly with our spiritual organs of vision.

Can Angels Protect Us?

Absolutely. Especially if we let them work through us. They are beings of love and energy, so they can work indirectly, by sending us their supportive energy. In times of danger, they may indirectly change our course of action and by doing that protect us.

Can Angels Appear in Dreams?

Yes, they can and yes they do. The dream world (Astral world) is much closer to their constitution than our physical world. The most famous appearance happened to Mother Mary when Archangel Gabriel brought the most joyous message to her. Today, just like in the ancient times, Angels come to us while we are asleep.


Missy says:

I really enjoyed reading the information you have on the angels. I have felt them and know they are with me working for my highest good. I appreciate knowing each ones job and purpose. thanks

sunny says:

It is so true, Missy, what you say. Indeed they work for everybody's highest good, each of Them individually. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and many blessings.

Julia says:

I think the angels are real they've existed for a long time ,ever since, I really wanted to be an angel but not yet I'm with my mum and nothing can take me away from her.

sunny says:

Thanks for sharing with us your thoughts about angels Julia. We really appreciate it.

only human says:

Angels are watching us, that's for sure. They're very patient in their divine service, sending us blessings from above, and waiting for us to come to our senses and start following the God's plan for us.

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