One of the most essential factors for a successful meditation is to be able to separate yourself from the object and its visible form, so that the object’s inner significance and meaning could be revealed to you.

Actually, true meditation should have no object at all. Meditation is a sort of consciousness without content, consciousness without a single thought or desire. It extends into infinity, reflecting the sky with all the stars and the universe with all the galaxies. True Meditation is the whole Universe.

Can meditation be learned? Or maybe it is like love, a state of your Being that comes to you as a gift. The river wants to reach the ocean. The seed wants to spring from the ground, but if the ground is covered with stones it will not be able to fulfill its purpose. These stones are your prejudices. They are numerous, as they have been accumulated throughout centuries, making your meditation feel squeezed under their burden.

In meditation, you should not rely on your intellectual capacity. If you can distant yourself from the constant flow of thoughts, your meditative abilities will come to the fore. But, they will not come from anywhere — they are already there. They are the essence of your Being, your true nature. Love is very much alike.

When meditation happens, love is its flavor.

If you think you are meditative, but your meditation is not filled with love, it means that you are performing just a mental exercise.

If you believe that you are filled with love, but you are not meditative, then your love is but a yearning desire.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to learn how to meditate directly, for example the same way you have been taught to solve mathematical problems. If you want to learn meditation, you should forget about the ways of the intellect. And, if you want to learn how to love, you should forget about anger, possessiveness and jealousy. Love and meditation are two sides of the same coin — your true nature.


This is an excerpt from the book I Am Who I Am by Olga Rezo


Larimar says:

I'll never be able to thank you enough for your excellent presentation on Meditation. For the 1st time in my life I'm able to understand the concepts of Will, Ego, Mind, Consciousness & the function of the soul, mind & ego because, in my ignorance, i thought that the soul's Nick name is "ego" &"mind" is just a medical term for it. I was always surprised when others placed thr soul in the heart, because i believed that it is in the head. I had very little exposure to spirituality &New Age books i read years ago seemed to contradict eachother while those who recomanded them to me were happy, for that meant freedom to find the truth wihin, which explains why the truth is so different from one author to anoyher.& i abandoned my project of digging in this New School of Thought for reasons why i've been experiencing countless nr of frightening out of body attempts", throughout my entire life, always before i'd fall asleep, making me afraid to even relax anymore after, for the experience always repeated itself if i dared to rest again, even after getting up to get water to drink to calm down. Medical Drs found nothing wrong with me, &my parents &then my husband, spent lots of money on diff. religious rituals meant to exorcise the apartment, but nothing helped. Then, a Dr. friend suggested to learn to Meditate, but i'm afraid that if i try to relax, I'll end up in that agonizing state of total body paralysis, total inability to speak & ask for help while horribly strong, pulsating waves of powerful stormy winds & howling sounds frm.hell, all in my ears, make even thinking the words "Jesus help me "almost impossble, & this is the shortest &only prayer that can free me from that trapping vortex. But it takes 1-2min to get my mind to think it. Me & my fam. & i werr not very religious,

guest says:

Thank you - really good info.

lared says:

I didn't know that way to reach the pure meditation, but what I know already is the concept you are explaining so well.
Reaching the plane which reveals our true nature, I've experienced.
Though its difficult to achieve, it worth every moment we spend there. I recommend everyone to believe in their potential and strenght; all people are able to find theirself, if they will to; because as we all know: where there's a will, there's a way.

Thank you very much, keep doing good.

Martha says:
05-03-2014 This book gives understanding of the different planes of reality and why you feel this way when you connect to other realms. Ask for help to the love light infinity Creator there is no fear that love can not conquer.

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