Learning How to Meditate: Enlightenment through Meditation

Helping as many people as I can to learn how to meditate and attain enlightenment through their meditative practice is my lifelong preoccupation. I always try to help new students of meditation as well as encourage them to establish realistic but ambitious goals in their meditation. Meditation as a tool for attaining a huge number of other benefits, not just imagination and inspiration.

If you are new in meditation, you would need a quiet room where nobody will disturb you for at least 20 minutes. The first exercise you can start with is pranayama. Pranayama means rhythmic breathing, and it should be followed by pratyahara. Pratyahara is a very simple exercise although with a complicated name. It means withdrawing your senses from everything that surrounds your. Just close your eyes and do nothing for 5 minutes. If you feel stressed and tense, a relaxation of the mind, senses and finally of the physical body will help you. In the pranayama you will breathe rhythmically – inhale, hold your breath, and exhale, while using a simple pattern of repetition (4-16-8, for instance) – you will absorb universal energy or prana, recharge your life force, and your will be able to gain new spiritual strength. During the pratyahara you will play the role of a neutral observer of your thoughts, with the ultimate aim of achieving a state of consciousness without any thoughts.

In this way, the objective possibility of reaching the most inner part of your Being – God in you – is realized. This means that you can now start feeling the warmth in your heart, see the light which is present there, and experience the subtle energy of Divine love. Furthermore, you can become aware of the harmony of mind, heart, and will. Your devotion and relaxation can lead you into deeper levels of consciousness, into deeper meditation. You can turn your senses inward to further increase you awareness. Your meditation will start realizing its goals. This is the level of devotion where you can actually contact the source of inspiration, gain countless insights, and approach the possibility of enlightening your Being.

It is the harmony of your mind, heart, and will, that brings you into Unity with the One. When you learn to be quiescent, when there are no thoughts and aspirations of any kind, you will find yourself out of your mental body, out of limitations, free in the consciousness of Unity. Only when your intentions diminish, when your mind becomes unoccupied, the enlightenment will start to show its magnificence. The sustained flow of attention will connect you to the endless reservoir of power, the source of knowledge and inspiration. When meditation o occurs, love is its flavor. This love is your true nature. When the consciousness starts perceiving itself, it becomes pure consciousness. What resides is only the voiceless spirit of awareness whose meaning is I AM, I EXIST, I ENDURE.

You are supposed to meditate every single day, and sometimes you might find it necessary to meditate several times a day. If you feel stressed and under pressure there is a simple meditative exercise that can be of help to you.

  • Light a candle and place it 25 cm away from your face, at the level of your eyes.
  • Gaze at the darker area of the flame for several minutes, if possible without blinking.
  • Gradually you will see that your body and mind are more and more relaxed.

Your positive thoughts, belief, peace, and serenity will bring you closer to your own Higher Self. You should consciously develop love toward your meditation and spiritual practice. The results will certainly come, but they will correspond to your efforts, persistence and to your determination. There is not a single individual who can not succeed. There are only different kinds of obstacles with different people. When learning how to meditate some people forget that having a spiritual teacher is of great importance. Therefore do not forget to consult your spiritual teacher, who is there to help you overcome your obstacles.


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I really enjoyed your writings and will come back to read more. I felt like I was connected to you in the spirit. I am glad you are on the planet now! There is great need for an adept. Blessings on your great work. In the Spirit, Mark

(Mark Hammer 03.05 2009)

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Thank you for helping me in your writings which i enjoyed inmensley i will be reading more of your writing in the future than you

(Jo 10.18 2011)

2. Re:

Thanks for reading, Jo. I hope these articles will inspire you to start meditating as well, in case you are not already involved into some form of practical self growth method and/or spiritual development.

(sunny 10.20 2011)

3. Re:

where do I find a spiritual teacher?

(mandy 12.31. 2011)

4. Re:

Hi Mandy,
You should not be concerned about that at all. Your spiritual teacher will find you when the right time comes.

(sunny 02.01. 2012)

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It is already mentioned in Bhagvat Geeta - even I am experienced holder of higher levels of spirituality, via meditation I get intuition to which I hear in silence and they all are true. Thanks for guiding me.

(priyanka vineet aggarwal 03.26. 2012)

6. Re:

Can you tell me how much time (approximately) it will take to know the inner self?

(ravindra - ravildit.blogspot.in 10.07. 2012)

7. Re:

Hi Ravindra,
Even in deep meditation and enlightenment we only get glimpses of the vast sea of capabilities of our inner self. So, I truly believe that the process of getting to know your inner self is endless.

(sunny 10.08. 2012)

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This Article Is Great And Has A lot Of Information In It

(Thato Pearl 12.06. 2014)

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Very well written an explained. Wanted to ask do you maintain the state of meditation throughout the day, does it doesn't depend on the amount of time you meditated for?

(Manoj 09.03. 2016)

10. Re:

Hi Manoj
Thanks for the comment. It does depend on the amount of time. It gets easier with time, but we are talking here about very, very long times. There's no instant success and the more you meditate the better off you would be. Please note that even if you meditate intensely for several years, I'm afraid it won't be enough to maintain the meditative state throughout the day. But, don't be discouraged with this and never stop trying. Spiritual development is a life-long process, and if you are persistent, by the Grace of God, you will be able to one day finally maintain full meditative consciousness amid the most severe outer circumstances.

(sunny 11.03. 2016)

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Sir as you said in the comments above that the guru will find you what does that means I have heard the same thing please can you explain in details regarding this topic _/_

(anon 02.04. 2016)

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Can you tell please me drinking alcohol and eating non veg keeps an obstacle for deep meditation enlightenment?

(Prakash Bhattarai 08.02. 2016)

13. Re:

Drinking alcohol will definitely close the doors of the spiritual world. As for the right diet, it depends. You may be a vegetarian, but still if you consume too much sugary foods it won't help achieve deep enlightenment. Fasting is probably the best way if you are going for a deep enlightenment. That said, when it comes to enlightenment it is the condition of your higher bodies (etheric, astral, and mental) that matters the most, not just the physical body. If the former are cleansed and perfected, nothing will stop you to be in an enlightened state all the time.

(sunnyray 08.02. 2016)

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Well I have heard alot about a spiritual guru is must to attain enlightenment ....to be enlighten
Is it true?
If yes than
Without guru no matter how deeply we connect how deeply we are dedicated we can't attain enlightenment....

(ajay verma 08.09. 2016)

15. Re:

That's not really true. You can attain enlightenment even without a spiritual teacher or guru. It might be much more difficult though.

(sunnyray 08.10. 2016)

16. Re:

Thank you for all your inspiring knowledge. I sometimes become overwhelmed trying to read everything I can and to do all the right things when I start to meditate. I guess it's just a matter of applying everything daily and trying to find that inner realm. At the moment outside noises distract me so I'm trying to block these from my mind. If I remain persistent I am sure I will succeed.

(Anne 03.13. 2017)

17. Re:

Thanks Anne and many blessings and best wishes to succeed in your spiritual efforts. There is no doubt at all that you will succeed. As you say, it is just a matter of being persistent. On the other hand, self-realization is a life-long mission, so be prepared to work on yourself constantly. There are no instant solutions. With love and light, sunnyray.

(sunnyray 03.13. 2017)

18. Re:

I have been meditating for about an year now but I do not see a slightest change in my attitude.
I still am the same Siddhartha which I used to be a year ago.
How do I find that meditation is helping me to rise above my emotions? Am I doing it incorrectly?

(Siddhartha 05.26. 2017)

19. Re:

Thanks Siddhartha for your comment. Just keep meditating and don't strive to rise above your emotions. Do the opposite, and accept them as they are. Just watch them in the present moment without interfering in any way. They will dissolve naturally. With love and light, sunnyray.

(sunnyray 05.26. 2017)

20. Re:

I do meditate regularly. How do I feel that I am enlightened. And how long will it take?

( Awesh sinha 05.26. 2017)

21. Re:

Hi Awesh. Being enlightened is our true nature. It is what we already are inside of us. Enlightenment is not a matter of reaching a point in the future, so don't project it in the future. Instead, go deeper into the present moment into the here and now. That way you will become more and more aware of your true self, which is already enlightened. And believe me, you will know without a doubt when that happens. God bless, sunnyray.

(sunnyray 05.26. 2017)

22. Re:

I've practiced meditation for some time. I've had a relatively clear mind free of all except occasional thoughts. I haven't been able to maintain the meditative state for more than thirty minutes and all processes seem pleasant but take longer. Perhaps even slowing me down. It's been a year or two since I last attempted this. Advice?

(Creative wanderer 06.04. 2017)

23. Re:

Doing simple meditation do anyone attain siddhi

(porus 17.11. 2018)

24. Re:

Not if they are trying to attain siddhi. Siddhi usually come when the person doesn't care about them.

(sunnyray 17.11. 2018)

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