The ultimate aim of meditation is achieving a state of enlightenment. The enlightenment has many degrees. The question which is frequently being asked is how to attain deeper enlightenment. The answer is quite simple: in order to attain deeper enlightenment you should learn to love the truth more deeply. The truth is the very essence of man, and can be perceived only if we are open enough. There are few people on earth who can recognize the entire truth about themselves and the world in which they live. Rare are those who are open and simple. The truth should stand high above any ego-game. If you can see the truth and are capable of choosing, then choose the truth. The truth is better than any other possibility, even better than the idea of attainment.

We know that our ego helps in suppressing the truth in various efficient ways, for instance, by influencing our senses. Furthermore, our ego makes us run away from the current situation in order not to confront the truth of it. In that, the ego employs our intellect, even without us being aware of it. Therefore, protect yourselves consistently. You should be simple, and open, relaxed and conscious, alert and focused, and be above any ego-game. Let the truth always come first.

The truth is not rough or terrible as it is often imagined. Rather the ego-game can be terrible. The truth is pure and shines like a diamond. Every idea is a limitation with respect to the truth. Even contemplating on truth represents a limitation of it. The truth is a Divine quality. Everyone has to find his/her own truth. One should be able to perceive, defend, and love the truth. Truth, just like love leads to enlightenment. God is Truth, God is Love.

Even the shallowest enlightenment – direct experience of the truth – is more valuable than the deepest intellectual insight. An ounce of practice is worth a see of theory. You should take part, and be aware of you process of individualization and striving for personal growth. Many people come to the very door of unconsciousness but they are unable to open it. This is not accidental, because nothing in life comes by chance. The greatest achievement is the fulfillment of one’s destiny. We should listen to ourselves, in order to find out what our inner wholeness, God in us, wants us to undertake in a given situation.

Furthermore, it is important to know that the true power of positive changes lies in the acceptance. Say “yes” to everything which is happening. To our “lower I” sometimes it appears impossible to equally accept good and bad, joy and pain. Nothing in the Universe is meaningless. You are one with the world around, one with the Universe. You can reach enlightenment, cosmic consciousness, in which love is the most prominent quality.

Saying “yes” even to painful experiences enables us to comprehend the meaning of those experiences, and go through them intensively. If you are able to look at what brings you suffering, the change is already happening. The greater your ability to experience intensively, the weaker is the distinction between good and bad, pleasant and unpleasant. Start every sentence with “yes”. Out of a positive “yes” a constructive attitude for the future is being built up, which, in turn, opens new paths for developing our personality.

We are used to good and positive things. Being afraid of negative experiences, we have lessened our capacity of feeling, and therefore closed ourselves even with respect to positive things. Our aim is not only to live better and easier, but also to live in harmony with the Universe, to be one with the whole creation, and with our “True self”. What we are going to do with our own lives depends only on us. Whether we are going to enter the world of enlightenment, new-age meditation, top mystical cosmic experiences, and realize the Truth, it depends only on us. Everything is in us. The enlightenment can come for an instant or for good. Therefore, make a step toward your “true self”, the one who you really are, God in you.

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