Sevenfold human nature and its ninefold expression

human microcosm

The human microcosm is consisted of several subtle bodies. On the lower plane, apart from the physical body, there exist the etheric, astral and mental body. On the higher planes we find those bodies which constitute our Eternal Trinity: the Human Spirit, Spirit of Life, and Divine Spirit. A schematic representation of the position of these bodies is given here.

After death, the lower bodies gradually disintegrate and vanish. The higher bodies belong to the Spiritual worlds, and they constitute our Immortal Self, which is being purified and elevated through a sequence of lives.

Our bodies are gathered in three interpenetrating auras: etheric, mental and spiritual. They make an elongated egg-like shape around the physical body. They protect us from disadvantageous external influences. The auras are very elastic, and also moldable for a certain period of time. Under external influences they can change shape, band, and, after the pressure is over, restore their original form.

The etheric aura extends about ten centimeters out from the physical body. In it, there is prana, astro and physical energy. The skin of the etheric aura protects us from the dust of the astro-realm. Negative vibrations rebound from the aura’s surface. The mental aura extends three meters from the physical body. It protects us from negative thoughts. Up to approximately eight meters we find the spiritual aura…

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