Balancing Belief and Faith in God


Hi, Much of this has been recently revealed to me, and I am glad to see your metion of God and Christ. How does one balance belief and faith in God, with the different aspects discussed here? I truly appreciate your feedback, as this is something I would like to learn about so I can affirm this is not against His Word and ways. Thanks so much!

Answer: Hi there,

There is never a contradiction if we try to be, but usually, there is a contradiction if we push our rational mind too much. God is One and God is everything. It would be nice if we could see God in every single thing that exists around us. It would be nice if we could keep our focus always on seeing God around us. This is what is meant by the phrase "living from the heart". If we can do that, then we will never be against His Word. If we are not living from our heart, it does not matter what we think we are following or believing in, as all that remains merely in the domain of our thoughts, in the domain of our mental constructions.

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