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30 Feng Shui Tips For Your Master Bedroom

By sunny breeze

According to Feng Shui your bedroom is a place where the life energy is calmer, more relaxed, and quiet. It is an inactive part of your home, a place of rest, so you would have to make sure there are no distractions. Any distraction, either in form of negative energy, too much light, noise, wrong colors, or wrongly placed objects will prevent you from getting a good night's sleep and feeling restful in the morning.

master bedroom

We spend about one third of our lives sleeping. So there's no excuse not to try to improve all elements of our master bedroom. Here are some tips how to improve its energy and achieve a pleasant spot where you can have a good restful sleep and a calm night.

Feng Shui Tips for Your Master Bedroom

  1. Your master bedroom should ideally be positioned so that there are is no garage, toilet, or kitchen below it.
  2. Your master bedroom should not be under active areas, such as entertainment rooms or restrooms.
  3. There should be some space of separation between the living room and the master bedroom.
  4. Likewise, according to feng shui, it is not beneficial when the bedroom is close to the main entrance.
  5. Your bed should be the main focus of your master bedroom. It should have a solid headboard enclosed with fabric, as this will provide good support and beneficial energy.
    master bedroom headboard of bed
  6. Avoid headboards with open, hollow structures.
  7. Your bed should be located against a wall. The other positions closer to the center of the master bedroom are auspicious. They cause floating energies to arise, which lead to instability.
  8. Your bed should touch the wall with one whole side. If there is an angle, that's creates chi which is imbalanced. The circulation of energy is impaired, and instabilities occur.
  9. The bed's headboard is best positioned against a wall.
  10. Avoid positioning the bed in your master bedroom under the window or any other source of constant air flow (air condition). Constant flow of air energy can bring bad feng shui and poor health.
  11. Avoid positioning the bed in front of the master bedroom door. The reason is simple to the above: too much energy flow into the bedroom through the door.
  12. Avoid sleeping with your feet directed straight the bedroom door.
  13. Avoid sleeping under a sloping ceiling or beam ceiling. The uneven geometry of the ceiling will produce negative chi movement.
    master bedroom below sloping ceiling
  14. Avoid positioning your bed close to sharp corners or sharp geometric shapes. These will also generate negative energy.
  15. If you absolutely have to position your bed in such areas where a Poison Arrows are located, use objects (tables, lamps, etc.) to block their action.
  16. Avoid mirrors facing the bed in your master bedroom. They absorb or divert energy, and they should be used on places where you want negative energy to be absorbed. Otherwise, your energy and the energy of your partner may be affected, which may lead to poor health and negative moods.
  17. In feng shui, any mirror directly facing the bed is seen as bad luck and can lead to family dissonance.
  18. If your master bedroom has an attached bathroom, make sure that the door is always closed.
  19. When designing your new home, it is always better not to have an attached bathroom or WC, which should rather be separate and located outside of the bedroom.
  20. Your master bedroom should be a place free from any aggressive or disturbing images or paintings hung on the walls.
  21. The main colors of your master bedroom should be calming and soothing. They should induce good night's sleep and good rest. Some of the worst colors for this purpose are vibrant blue, pink, orange, green, and yellow. Choose calm, dim colors that don't disturb your biological clock.
  22. Use soft lights. Avoid bright lights, especially blue lights, or artificial LED lights. The blue part of the spectrum is appropriate for daily activities only. At night, if you are going to use colored lights, use only amber or red lights. And dim them as much as possible.
  23. When you go to sleep, block out light completely. This will enable, restful sleep and total regeneration of your body's cells. Having double curtains or blinds that complete block out outside light is a good idea.
  24. Close the master bedroom door before going to sleep. This reduces the noise from the other rooms in your home. Moreover, it will give you a sense of security and privacy, which can contribute to the quality of your sleep.
  25. Keep your master bedroom clean, and clutter free. This will enable good flow of energy and beneficial air circulation. If there's accumulated clutter during the day, make it clutter free before going to bed.
  26. Keep your electronic devices away from your bedroom. Not only will this disturb the flow of chi, but the electromagnetic radiation from these gadgets is bed for your general health as well.
  27. Keep your TV away from the master bedroom. Even though some people find watching TV a good way to help them fall asleep, it is a distraction after all. First of all, the light is artificial and prevents the release of natural hormone melatonin, which helps us sleep. Next, if the program you are watching provokes any emotional response from you, you will have trouble falling asleep. Finally, the EMF radiation from this electronic device also has a definite effect upon your own biological electromagnetic field.
  28. All feng shui features related to the water element should be removed from your master bedroom. The sound of water flowing, although sometimes soothing, can disrupt your sleep.
  29. Avoid chandeliers or other pieces of furniture hanging above the bed. They bring discomfort, a feeling of disturbed safety, and bad feng shui.
  30. Don't mix pleasure and business. Your bedroom is a place of pleasure and rest, so ideally, there will be no desks, and furniture related to work. If you have to have them, though, try to create a separate corner in your master bedroom. master bedroom should not contain computers and desks

The Bottom Line

Every single detail of your master bedroom is important. They all blend into a common picture of having a good sleep and a lot of energy for the day ahead. They all may alter you mood, performance, and sense of wellbeing. They may prevent you from having a romantic love relationship with your spouse. They may affect your health, learning ability, depression, and other issues.

In practice, we can rarely incorporate all the elements indicated above. Try to improve as many of them as you can. Do you feel something is missing from the list? Which one of these tips you personally find important? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Sunny breeze is a member of sunnyray's editorial staff.


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