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Bold Jewelry: Frost Yourself

By Erin Prickett

Remember that scene in “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” when Andie (Kate Hudson) “frosts” herself with the Isadora?  Women everywhere watch this movie moment in awe, wishing they too could bedazzle themselves with a beautiful yellow diamond.  Hudson completely transforms her simple, elegant dress with one piece of jewelry.  That’s what makes “frosting” so special and desirable.


This fall women need to frost themselves with statement jewelry.  You only need one piece that captivates the eye.  Be bold, be unique, be beautiful!  Here are a few options that can totally renovate a basic, but cute fall outfit…

  1. Neckwear.  Go for layers, chunky jewels, or an individual piece that beautifully covers more surface area around your neck.  Check out for fabulous necklaces at affordable prices.  Right now you can buy Kate Spade’s “New York ‘Swim Team’ Short Gold Necklace” for $98.90, down from $198!  This is an incredible, beautifully designed piece of jewelry.  Buy it from and receive free two-day shipping with an Endless promo code.  It’s quick, easy, and worth it!  

  2. Braided Bracelet.  Wrists often go unnoticed, and that’s unfortunate!  Wrists are feminine and elegant, and they should never be neglected.  Be more daring with decorating this region.  Browse sites like, which offers unique boutique jewelry.  A favorite: A Brand By Miquella London Braided Blue Bracelet.  This stunning wrist décor intertwines diamonds, gold, and blue ribbon.  It is a showstopper!  Pair this bracelet with your favorite LBD.

  3. various bracelets
  4. BIG studs.  Draw attended to your face with bigger jewels on your earlobes.  Check out these breathtaking Kate Spade ‘Mardi Gras’ Studs.  They sparkle blue and rest in a shimmering gold lining.  These earings are sure to catch people’s attention.  They can really add that ‘wow’ factor to a basic outfit and/or very simple make-up.  As your summer glow fades, frosting on the ears will liven up your look in seconds.  A must have fall item!  

  5. Unique Rings.  You don’t have to be engaged to add sparkle to your fingers.  Get creative with your rings.  Yes, a gold band can be charming, but it’s also simple and often goes unnoticed.  Play with more colors and designs, and search for great finds in smaller shops.  For instance, there’s a boutique called Jasleen in South Pasadena, and that store has a variety of Nakamol rings that are different, stylish, and affordable.  Some have intricate beading, and others have hand-crafted floral embellishments.  They can really jazz up an outfit.   Rings are great fall 2011 accessories!

  6. Hair Jewels.  That’s right, even your head deserves frosting.  Subtle jewels for the hair can be very stylish and feminine.  Anthropology offers some darling hair accessories, including adorable jeweled headbands, bobby pins, barrettes, and hair clips.  Not having a great hair day?  No problem.  Throw on the “Tyche Headband” from Anthropology and wear your hair in a low messy bun.  All of a sudden, you’re a frosted fashionista.


So as Matthew McConaughey says, “Ladies, frost yourselves!”  Get bejeweled this fall, and start turning heads.

About the Author


Erin Prickett is a fashion enthusiast and bargain hunter.  She enjoys finding great deals on apparel, shoes, jewelry and accessories and recommends using an Endless promo code to save on this season’s hottest fashions.



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