Buying Dragon Eye Stones - Protection Stones

hello Olga,
do you know where I can buy the dragon eye stones?

is there also a stone which can help me to protect against negative energy; sometimes I look like a energy sponge thank you, Rob

Answer: Hi Rob,,

The best suggestion I can give you regarding buying dragon eye stones is to look for dragon eye jewelry if the loose stones are not available. The other option would be to purchase your stones online. Here is a link to a nice Dragon Eye Energy Power Necklaces with Red Tiger Eye, Black Onyx, and Hematite (at least judging from what can be seen on the photo below - please note that I haven't tried this necklace myself). The trick is to look for red tiger eye instead of dragon eye when performing your search queries. Both terms are actually synonyms.

red tiger eye necklace

Regarding your second question, very often people are being drawn toward certain types of stones and minerals. Our body is sensible and wise and it knows intuitively the best ways to enhance its energy field or to protect us from any negative surrounding energy influxes. If you are in a position to visit some local crystal stores, just walk around the mineral specimens and try to see what the most attractive stones to you are. If this is not possible, I would suggest using aventurine, amethyst and hematite from time to time. This should prevent large energy outflows and strengthen your aura. You might also take a look at this article for a list of crystals connected with aura cleansing and purification.

With love and light,


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