Calcite is a stone of spirituality, related to the higher spheres of consciousness. It is capable of boosting the energy of the living space, as well as the internal vital energy. Calcite is also suitable for accelerating the psychophysical development of children. This stone brings joy, wholeheartedness, and love.

Calcite comes in orange, yellow, golden-yellow, apple-green, violet, red, pink, blue, gray, brown, black, and white color. It is primarily a transparent stone with a characteristic waxy luster. The opaque Calcite specimens tend to have stripes.

Notable occurrences are in the USA, Mexico, India, Italy, Turkey, Brazil, and Peru.

The most widespread form of Calcite is a 3D parallelogram, often called a Parallelepiped. Basically, it is a body formed out of 6 planes that are parallel to each other in pairs. In the spiritual sense, the geometry of Calcite represents the interaction between the parallel planes of existence, which, although distinct, are still connected to each other. Meditation with Calcite helps us realize that the spiritual realms are not so separate from our everyday reality. They intertwine with it all the time. This stone also teaches that the past and the future are contained in the present. The lessons of Calcite on the physical plane constantly remind us that we always have alternative options and ways of action at our disposal.

various calcite stones

Formula: CaCO3


calcite stone

Calcite can help us ground the attained spiritual understanding into our physical reality. It helps us face the challenges that lie ahead of us. It is never easy to see the deeply rooted mental and behavioral patterns and to unmask all those ways in which we conduct ourselves. It is also not easy to get rid of the unwanted habits that determine our life and destiny, such as criticism, bitterness, anger, or resentment. Calcite is really helpful in this respect, and that is why this is a very suitable meditation stone.

Here is a nice beneficial exercise you can do with this stone. Hold and gently rotate a piece of transparent Calcite in our hands. If you visualize the upper Calcite planes as spiritual and the lower as your physical reality, the rotation will symbolically blend them together, helping you to go more deeply into your meditation. The ultimate aim of this exercise should be to come to the realization that more often than not the spiritual and the physical realities come together, and when they do, our everyday life becomes less black and white, taking on the other colors of the spectrum. However, during this meditation, you should not be fixated on this specific goal only; you should stay open to other realizations and insights as well.

Our physical body can greatly benefit from this stone. Calcite facilitates the absorption of calcium in the bones, helping the bones and skeletal system. It also stimulates the blood coagulation and heals the body tissue. On the level of the etheric body, Calcite cleanses the chakras, energizes them, and balances their function.

Calcite should be re-energized once a month by rinsing it under lukewarm water and charging it in the presence of Rock crystal.

Calcite elixir operates quickly and efficiently. It heals sores, warts, infected wounds, and acne.

Besides the above general properties, the specific colors of this mineral bring some additional useful features.

Blue Calcite helps in overcoming the impediments that prevent seeing the life challenges from a different, broader, and more positive perspective. The throat chakra, associated with creativity and communication, is especially receptive for the energies of blue Calcite. The very concept of creativity means conceiving something new, something original. That is why this stone insists on originality, whether we are accomplished sculptors, artists, novelists, poets, or we are just approaching our own life as an artwork-in-making.

Blue Calcite takes us outside of the well-known roads and pushes us onto new, unexplored territories. It can help bring together people with different outlooks on life and promote positive communication between them. This stone eliminates inflexible and rigid attitudes. It enables listening to other people’s opinion calmly, without prejudice or anger. Its soothing blue color also helps explain our thoughts and beliefs in a calm and orderly manner.

In general, blue Calcite is a crystal of peace, repose, and healing sleep. It possesses very gentle energies that promote relaxation and general recuperation from overstrained nerves. It acts against pain on all levels, releasing from negative emotions. Blue Calcite reduces high blood pressure and helps the heart. It has a beneficial effect on the bones, spine, teeth, and general immunity. Its effects are enhanced if placed directly on the skin.

Blue Calcite elixir prevents thyroid gland diseases and throat cancer.

Black and smoky Calcite are considered crystals chroniclers, suitable for regression and accessing past life memories. They help release the body and the soul from stress and depression.

Orange Calcite calms the psyche and prevents nightmares. It protects the skeletal system against osteoporosis and works beneficially on the bones, muscles, and cartilage within joints. Fully transparent orange Calcite can treat almost all diseases.

Orange Calcite elixir is beneficial for the teeth, hair, and nails.

Golden Calcite integrates new energy and new beliefs into the physical world. It is associated with the solar plexus chakra and the navel area. It brings greater personal power and helps remove blocks and imbalances. Apart from placing it on the third chakra, golden Calcite can be used also for the seventh chakra, Sahasrara, where it helps ground the higher mental energies.

Purple Calcite is good for releasing the stale and harmful emotional baggage, so that your heart can open up to giving and accepting selfless love. This crystal combines the energies of rose Quartz and pink Tourmaline, helping you nourish gentle love and happiness within yourself and express it toward the other people.

Pink Calcite can be used on any chakra for removing the stale and hidden emotional pain. People who have problems expressing themselves should keep it close to the throat chakra. For healing sexual abuse, this stone should be placed on the second chakra area.

Green Calcite is a stone of hope. The energy of this stone is soft and healing, so its soothing qualities may be used to overcome the limitations and wrong beliefs based on fear. It helps dissolve the mental limitations, especially if they prevent opening your mind toward new, more advanced beliefs and understandings. Mental rigidity, although it may have a certain positive impact on maintaining the emotional and psychic stability, ultimately brings stiffness and tension.

Green Calcite helps in all those cases when a person is overwhelmed with anger, hatred, envy or similar negative energies. These energies tend to resonate with the intense red auric nuances. Green Calcite is one of the most useful crystals if you are about to pass through a period of turmoil. Green is the color of mental healing, it brings balance to the mind by promoting mindful communication and good understanding.

If you want to get rid of mental clutter, place green Calcite in front of your forehead. If you want to be free from the fear based on limited views and beliefs, place it over the heart energy center. For neutralization of anger and irritation, green Calcite should be placed on the solar plexus chakra. If the negative vibrations are not localized to a single area of the body, place it on the second, sacral center which is traditionally associated with the orange color.

various colored calcites

Green Calcite stimulates the immune system. It strengthens the ligaments and muscles and soothes arthritic pain. Green Calcite helps with fevers and inflammations. It prevents heart and cardio diseases. To absorb the unhealthy vibrations from the affected area of the body, it is best to keep skin contact.

Elixir from green Calcite prevents breast cancer.

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harsha says:

it is useful to knowledge gaining persons

sunnyray says:

Glad you like it. Thanks for commenting, and take care.

ato says:

Is calcite a birthstone for some zodiac sign?

sunnyray says:

It is not. At least not according to the official charts. I believe it is suitable for Cancer, and to a lesser extent Libra and Leo.

CTO says:

I bought a piece of orange calcite and fell asleep with it in my left hand. The next morning there was a yellowish tint in that hand. What is that from? Did I buy a died or fake piece of stone? I'm worried there was something toxic to make it that color.

sunnyray says:

Some calcites are indeed dyed. Hard to tell about the color type, though.

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