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The magical world of crystals book by Olga Rezo


We have seen that besides our physical body, we possess a couple of invisible, but no less important bodies. In one of these bodies we find the seven chakras as whirls of energy and power and now the question arises of whether we can influence these centers in a positive way by using the so called chakra crystals. Chakra crystals or stones are specially dedicated sets of minerals that can be associated with each of these centers.

One can, but one need not searh for specially designated sets of chakra crystals. By following the guidelines and links above, one can determine which crystal and which stone can be used for certain chakra according to one's special requirements.

We have seen that the 7 energy centers - chakras - together with the 72000 nadis are part of the etheric body. They are in close connection with the physical body, as well as with the other more subtle vehicles (take a look at the human microcosm diagram).

The most fundamental chakras are distributed on seven levels. When we talk about these levels (and the corresponding chakra crystals), it is important to realize that the very same energy vibrates on all of those levels. This means that we deal with various manifestations of this energy. So, it is through these different qualities, expressions and transformations that we can perceive the same energy.

the chakras of the human microcosm
  • For example, the energy of the crown chakra, expresses the quality of spiritual experience. The seventh chakra crystals, especially useful in this case, are those which are transparent or violet. Out of all violet crystals we can single out the Amethyst stone. It acts on several levels and increases our spirituality. Sugilite, on the other hand, is able to enhance our senses, and fluorite can align all the chakras. Sahasrara can be opened by using rock crystal which has a powerful vibration. Colorless chakra crystals can penetrate deeply into the aura, and their colored variations can enhance the strength of their colorless counterparts. Herkimer diamond is a form of the purest obtainable quartz that can be especially brilliant and has the ability to dissolve inner blocks. With the help of this crown chakra stone we are able to make ourselves untouchable to negative influences that may come to us on our way of purity, love and perfection.

  • On the emotional level (hearth chakra), the very same energy carries the quality of love. When we talk about chakra crystals in this case, the best chakra crystals colors are green and pink. Pink is the color of universal tolerance and harmony, whereas green represents health above all, but also concentration and creativity. Here we can recommend aventurine for balancing the hearth, green tourmaline to enhance the creative elements of the hearth and heliotrope which is beneficial in understanding the roots of emotional and mental problems. Kunzite can be added to the list, as well as rhodonite and rose quartz - the stone that heals the hearth and all types of emotional wounds.

  • On the physical level, its quality is sex (sacral chakra). The orange color of the sacral chakra crystals set stimulates life and energy flow and regulates the reproductive organs. Here we can include the following chakra stones: carnelian, which increases creativity and helps in decision making, orange calcite - beautiful crystal that helps strengthen the bones, fire opal, orange agate, orange topaz, sunstone, and orange chalcedony. All these chakra stones can help in regulating the sexual energy at the second energy level, and in transmitting it to the higher chakras. Thus, the orange chakra crystals help us to use the sexual energy in order to increase our productivity and creativity.

  • Finally, matter is this energy's least perfect manifestation, thus, on the lowest material level, this energy transforms into ignorance. On this level we have to deal with chakra stones that have black and red color. The black chakra crystals are usually used for protection and grounding. Proper grounding and protection is always needed in chakra balancing and any other metaphysical and spiritual practice. The crystals in this set are: black tourmaline, hematite black obsidian smoky quartz, dragon eye, red jasper and ruby. Red is a warm color. Red always brings heat and warmth and that is why many red stones are so effective in dealing with blood issues.

Working with the chakras and proper balancing the chakras can lead to awakening of the so-called "snake power" or kundalini energy, which in turn can bring spiritual self-realization. This creative energy rises up the spinal cord, awakening the chakras from their dormant state of existence as it passes through.

Each energy center is connected to a certain area in our brain, with the effect that not only the chakras are put into action, but also the adequate latent brain areas.

When, according to the eastern terminology, the snake power or kundalini energy finds its way up to the crown chakra, the experience of enlightenment takes place. We have become at One with God. After the enlightenment, we are going to be able to utilize more fully our brain, our knowledge will increase, our powers are going to get stronger, we will be more conscious of our life here and now.

Of course, one question is left unanswered, that is, how to initiate the energy of enlightenment and make it rise to the seventh chakra. Various schools or individuals have written countless pages on that subject alone, but only a handful of them have ever enlightened themselves. The enlightenment is no easy task, but nowadays it is available and possible for those who sincerely want it. A little practice is more valuable than tons of literature on the subject. What should be done? First and foremost, one shoud increase one's faith in God, expand one's love toward God, and for support you are wellcome to apply to our spiritual workshop, where one can learn the best metaphysical chakra crystals practice.

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