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Charging a Programmed Crystal

Can a "programmed" crystal be placed under a full moon to be charged? For the loving intention of strengthening the pure prayer placed within it? Or will the charging of the moon, fade the "programming" within it? I would like to think the moon would enhance the sweet stone with a current of magic. Right? And, that the ONLY way a "programmed" crystal may be erased is either to be "re-programmed" or cleansed. But, CHARGING it under a full moon, is safe for it. And, actually NEEDED for its continuous glow of guardian love over the one whom carries it close to their heart. Please help me understand this. Thank you for your site. It reminds me of home. ~wink~

Answer: Dear Susie,

It is generally believed that, once a crystal has been programmed, it should not be charged or cleansed anew. That is, if one wants to keep the original program intact. I tend to follow this principle and I would cleanse and charge a programmed crystal only if I want to change the original program to something new. I hope this makes sense to you.

With love and light,



Michelle says:

Olga ~ Could you please tell me which stones I should carry or sleep with under my pillow to help with my back pain, hip pain, neck pains (doctor says its fibromyalgia). Also, is it ok to have to have 2 or more pouches with different stones and different crystal in them for different reasons?

Olga says:

Hi Michelle. I would suggest trying Labradorite for your back pain. Also placing Labradorite on the skin, directly on the sore spot for something like 20 minutes, could be a good idea. With love and light. Olga

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