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During the process of cleaning, we release all unwanted vibrations from our crystals, i.e., all energy designs that intentionally or unintentionally have been stored there. Charging of crystals, on the other hand, is something quite different, actually, it is a process of opposite directionality and is always connected with the types and qualities of energy we would like to put within our crystals.

If, for instance, you wanted to program a crystal with a specific purpose, it could be a good idea to charge it previously, while at the same time having in mind the intended latter use of that crystal.

There is a number of ways one can charge a crystal. For increasing the energy of purity one might use a flow of running water. For increasing vitality and energizing, it could be a good idea to put your crystal in sea water during high tide, and vice versa, for relaxation and rest put the crystal in sea water during low tide. This example gives you a general hint as to how to use the natural resources and their specific energies and how to introduce them within your crystal. For example, if you want to charge your crystal with optimism and hope, use the descending moon light, whereas for plenty and love, the ascending moon light is recommended.

During the process of charging, the crystal's ability to channel, focus and increase energy is restored. The process of charging is needed immediately after the cleaning of your crystals. After cleaning they might appear inactive, pale and dull, therefore, they should be charged. One of the most straightforward ways of charging them would be putting crystals on top of a larger group of rock crystals, for example, on top of a quartz cluster. Quartz is generally famous for its ability to increase the energy of whatever crystal it comes in contact with.

Charging with pyramids can be combined with any other methods if needed. Pyramids are known to produce negative ions; therefore it is believed that they have balancing effect on the electro-magnetic aura of the body. This effect can be intensified by using pyramids produced out of 24-carat gold or copper. Pyramids can also be used for charging and magnetizing crystals. If we compare various minerals, out of them rock crystal has the greatest potential for storing and charging, since it can keep the charged energy most efficiently for as long as a couple of weeks.

Sound is another very suitable way of charging crystals. Put your crystal near a bell and gently produce a sound in it. Instead of using a bell you can use a resonant (tune) fork. This method can lead to producing a harmonizing effect on your crystal. Afterwards you can try meditating using your regular meditation practice, while holding a crystal that has been charged this way. Try to feel the difference. Has your meditation improved?

Your crystals can be charged and discharged with help of your own thoughts. If your thoughts are grim and dark, you will notice that your crystals too adopt cloudy appearance and dullness. You will probably then understand that your crystals had absorbed your negativities. If this happens, do not hesitate to clean them thoroughly and then it might be necessary to charge them anew.

If you want to activate your crystals with your thoughts, keep them in your hands and use your visualization. See them bathing in light and love. Let your intention be positive and your intention will be clearly transmitted. You can also talk to your crystals, either quietly or aloud, and tell them how much you appreciate them and what their help means to you. They would most certainly not be able to understand your words, but your intention will be clearly transferred.

Crystals can be charged using symbols by inserting the mind image through the crystal.

One of the most powerful ways of charging crystals is exposing them to Sun lights - a process that introduces sun's active energy into them. This can be useful for employing the crystal qualities and their increased radiation in attracting vitality, abundance, and love. Expose your crystals to the Sun rays, and then proceed with programming. Most of the crystals are quite happy with the morning Sun and equally with the afternoon Sun. Beware not to expose certain types of crystals, like for example amethyst, to increased Sun radiation, because they fade under such circumstances.

It should be also noted that certain parts of the Solar cycle possess specific energies. For example, the summer solstice is an ideal time for charging with the energy of abundance and wealth. The spring equinox is connected to intensified growth in all areas of life, which can be used to initiate your own inner growth and development of your own inner spirituality.

During one twelfth of the solar cycle we are connected to a special outpouring coming from the Sun. This radiation is manifested in the particular qualities that a human individual can and indeed should absorb, building his/her twelve-fold nature. Charging crystals by using Solar light can be, in this way, linked to the spiritual basis of the Zodiac. Follow the Solar Temples and their qualities in order to be able to charge your crystals with those special outpourings that need to be integrated in one's spiritual being in a continual process of meditation.

Crystals can also be charged using Moon light, that is, using the softened Solar radiation reflected via the Moon. The Moon has two phases that can be of importance - a phase of ascending and that of descending, as well as two important stages of full moon and new moon. The energy of ascending moon is related to new beginnings, optimism and hope, whereas the energy of descending moon is related to those things that we would like to diminish, like reducing debts, negativities and illnesses. Full moon is related to love and abundance, and crystals charged during new moon is of help in the introvert activities, like meditation and contemplation.

In conclusion, it is important to remember that when you charge your crystals you give them the chance to renew their abilities of focusing and expanding energies and vibrations. At the end, we should mention one interesting application of charged crystals — you can use them in a straightforward manner for charging drinking water or for producing crystal elixirs.

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