Charging Tigers Eye and Crystals Book Recommendation

I'm not sure what crystal to use when charging my tigers eye. Or can I simply put it out in the sun to charge? I would love a book recommendation also.

Answer: Hi,

Yes, you can charge your tigers eye stones either by exposing them to the sun, or by using your own energy. The early morning sun is my favorite way of charging my crystals. However, you can also use your own energy. We all, as human beings possess powerful energies and why not use them for our own benefit. In order to do this, you would need to enter into a meditative state. The deeper you can enter into meditation the better. The more serene and filled with love you can be the better. Then, just hold the selected stone, in this case the tigers eye, in your hands and allow for your own balanced inner energy to flow into it. Metaphysically speaking, the first method enables you to use one form of macrocosmic energy to charge your crystals, while the second employs energy of your own microcosm. Both should work fine, and both can be combined for maximum efficiency.

As for the book recommendation, I wouldn't like to single out any one particular book dealing with crystals, stones and their metaphysical use in healing or meditation. Instead I encourage you to take a look at at this Amazon list. They are all great and very informative. I can only say that Melody's book is considered an all time classic, and Cunningham's (on page 2) if you are more into the magical use of stones. Of course, you can also check out my encyclopedia of metaphysical crystals "The Magical World of Crystals".

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Shyam kumar Madanan says:


Can this Tiger Eye be worn for Aries for mental peace and financial stability. I was born on date 21 March 1981 and time 12.05 AM (Abudhabi-UAE). Should this stone be removed while at night before sleep as I am married man (marital life) and should there be any thing to be followed spiritually, as in like any prayers before wearing it.

sunnyray says:

Hi Shyam
Thanks for the comment. Yes, you can wear it for the intended purposes. Meditations and prayers are always welcome, of course, and in fact they can increase the metaphysical action of the stone.

Paris says:

Love your site! So much good information. I love tigers eye, I have a few pieces made with tigers eye in my shop. Such a beautiful stone!

Isha says:

Wanted to know if tiger stone can make wish come true ?

sunnyray says:

Well, in fact, you can make your wish come true. Tiger's eye can assist you in that, to better focus and keep the intention strong.

Elaina says:

I just bought tiger's eye bracelet online, the first time I wear it i noticed I felt a little bit dizzy and it feels like there's something heavy on top of my head, Was it normal? Or it just needs cleansing? And how?

sunnyray says:

You can try with cleaning, and see if it gets any better. Check this post.

Quartzhouse says:

To keep things really simple, the method that is proven to both CLEANSE AND CHARGE ANY crystal is Sunlight. Place crystals in sunlight for no more than half an hour. Sunlight breaks down negative ions. No crystal will fade or be damaged from only half an hour in the sun. This method can be used to both cleanse AND charge a crystal. It is the easiest & most cost effective method to use. Just pop your crystals on a windowsill or outside if you prefer.

Neil says:

Which hand should wear the tigers eye bracelet, left or right?

sunnyray says:

It can be either hand, depending on what qualities you want to emphasize.

Nadia says:


i've bought tiger eyes bracelet & earings from a friend who sell & custome made it for me. but now the bracelet string broken & i don't know how to fix it. should i cleanse & charge the tiger eyes first & then put on the strings?? i'm really not sure what to do.

Tomisin says:

I'm Aries and i sure hope i can wear the tiger eye bead, and am so concerned if tiger eye should be close to the body whilst with your partner? Please.

AdrianGonz says:

Hi, very good site.i wanted to know if it is good idea to use salt to cleanse or to mix different stones and witch of them have to be hidden view. Thenks

Cho Clement says:

Dear all
How do I programme the tiger eye?
Thank you soooooo much.

Edna tostado says:

Last night I went to bed with tiger site and I slept so so good. Is it possible the Tigers eye help me sleep

Gerald De Cruze says:

I'm a libra ascended sun in Leo could I ware a Tiger Eye bracelet

sunnyray says:

Yes, you can.

Himesh Bhatia says:

Hello, I'm born on 6th Mar 2001 at 8PM. I was told to wear Tiger's eye stone in silver pendent and Ruby in silver ring on my right hand's ring finger. I tried searching a lot but wasn't actually able to find why was I asked to wear both the stones together. Any advice would really be appreciated.

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