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Clairvoyance- Tapping into Your Skill

By Angel

With the gift of Clairvoyance comes an unlimited supply of senses with the art of experiencing things normal people cannot. This is usually referred to as the 'sixth sense' where images displayed in our minds are then brought forward into messages from other realms. With Clairvoyance, psychics 'see' with a 'third eye.' These images can be displayed through, colour, shape, still or animated form, what we 'see' with our eyes open or closed is only revealed for a few seconds.

Some people can develop this Clairvoyance skill with practice, however for many it is revealed to them in childhood where their gift comes naturally. Now, it is thought that mankind is evolving to a world where anyone can tap into their Clairvoyance skill.

Some people can become a Clairvoyant after a unique experience, something life changing such as a near death experience, an illness, a serious accident or something that has instantly made a big impact on their lives.

Many try to heighten these senses and their awareness by taking chemical stimulants or hallucinogens although this is not advised, however strong the feelings and however curious you are. It takes a natural step in order for you to understand and experience clairvoyance; remember taking any stimulants can have a long term and dangerous effect.

With humanity returning to an age where gifts such as Clairvoyance are accepted and widely used, clairvoyance can begin to have an impact on people's lives, helping people to discover who we are and why they are here. This is opposed to our closed off past where being a Clairvoyant was seen to be out of the ordinary; clairvoyance can now be embraced.

clairvoyant vision

There are many different areas of Clairvoyance and skill you may be able to develop.

Clairaudience, for example, is where you can hear spirits talking to you. This term also defined as 'Clear Hearing' and you may hear a high pitched tone which is a way of letting you know that they are ready to communicate with you.

Another area that coincides with this is Claircognizance, defined as 'Clear Thinking' which comes in the form of your thoughts; where you come to know something without really knowing how or why, and a lot of writers and scientists are also known to having this strong ability.

Clairsentience is the term that best describes the range of senses, and is mostly recognised as you having a 'gut feeling' where you get a sense of who the spirit is that you are feeling without any physical proof.

Clairscentient is the ability to be able to smell aromas beyond physical levels, such as a smell related to a spirit.

Finally, Clairtangency is often used to describe a psychic who is able to touch beyond physical objects.

About the Author

Angel is a psychic in the UK and has worked as a clairvoyant, tarot reader and crystal healer for many years.


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Panda says:

Great article, Angel. Very informative.

frank says:

Can a clairvoyant person do mind reading?

sunnyray says:

Maybe Angel will disagree, but I think that, in strictly technical terms, clairvoyance is not the same as mind reading. Anyone who is clairvoyant will usually see in their mind a mixture of glimpses, images and colors and tries to interpret them the best they can. They practically use the right hemisphere of their brain to get in touch with the super-sensible world and the left hemisphere to interpret the received message.

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