By performing the process of purification we free crystals from the energy they have gathered in the past. Cleaning crystals is much more than simply cleaning the dust on their outer surface. It is primarily an act of removing the "inner dust" or removing the discordant energies from within the crystals. In technical sense, crystals can be used, and are indeed used to record and store useful information, but if we were to translate this to more spiritual language it means that crystals are also capable of accidentally absorbing vibrations from the environment. The catch is that crystals cannot distinguish good from bad vibrations - they can only pick up various kinds of energies they are put in contact with. From the point of view of the Universal love, crystals represent shining love. All vibrations will one day ascend and will be transformed into Divine ones, and thus all vibrations can be considered good.

Purification of precious and semi-precious stones is carried out with help of the four elements: water, fire, earth and air.

The first step in the process of tuning crystals' energy with the energies of our own microcosm is cleaning them from all kinds of energies that they once accumulated. If you have been working with your crystals for some time, using them for healing or removing emotional pain, or if you wish to program them with new programs, it is necessary to run the process of purification again. There are several techniques for that purpose, choose the one that you find best for your crystals.

  • 1. One of the methods to clean your newly bought crystals is to classify them according to their type, and soak them in salty water for three days. Afterwards, rinse them thoroughly and put them to dry out in the Sun. Still better variation of this method is to use seawater.

  • 2. Crystals can be quickly cleaned by keeping them under the flow of lukewarm water for three to five minutes. Beware: some crystals should not be put into water, especially soft stones like azurite, angelite, phenakite, boji stone, selenite and similar.

  • 3. The least invasive method of cleaning crystals would be exposing them to incense burning smoke. The incense of herbal origin, like cedar, salvia, juniper, or pine tree works the best. Put the incense stick below your crystal, allowing for a better exposure of your crystal to the smoke. This is an excellent way of purifying yourself and your environment.

  • 4. Purification of crystals can be successfully performed if we use candle flame and pass the crystal through the flame several times.

  • 5. Here is another possibility: crystals can be cleaned by using essential oils. Soak them in a container filled with distilled water in which a few drops of essential oil have been added. The juniper essential oil is especially suitable due to its capability of releasing the crystals from the accumulated negative energies. For cleaning stones used in emotional healing, lavender oil is the best choice, since it has soothing and balancing features.

  • 6. Lemon is equally good for cleaning crystals, and apart from its purifying capabilities it can help remove fat from the crystals' surface.

  • 7. One of the means of cleaning crystals is to bury them in the earth. This method should not be used when there is iron present in the composition of the crystal as a dominant element, e.g., hematite and tiger iron. Especially unrefined energies can be taken out of the crystal in this way. It can be a sort of a rebirth for the particular crystal to be put back in the embrace of the earth - the environment which it has been taken from originally.

There are crystals that need no cleaning: kianite, azulite, diamond, herkimer, phenakite and apophilite - they take care of themselves alone. Rock crystal and carnelian can purify other crystals, but then they need cleaning themselves. Keep them under the flow of lukewarm water, or put them in salty water for some time. While performing purification your mental attitude that all the negative energies are leaving the stone that is being purified is very important.

You can clean crystals with visualization. For a successful visualization you will need a quiet place where nobody is going to disturb you. See to it that you are relaxed, with positive thoughts and feelings. Try to experience love, close your eyes and take your crystal in both hands. Visualize your crystal as it glows in white light, or in the colors of the rainbow. Feel the crystal as it releases the negative energies and starts to emit smooth, tender, worm, and balanced energy. Feel your crystal as it becomes clean and ready to be charged.

If you use crystals for emotional healing, clean them after each session. If your crystals appear dull or cloudy, or if you feel a blunt feeling when you take them in your hand, most likely they would need cleaning, regardless of whether or not they have been used in any practical work.

You should clean your crystals on a regular basis, but the time interval depends on the intensity of their use in practical applications. If your crystals only decorate your shelves, cleaning once a couple of months should be enough. Crystals that you use every day should be purified once a week. Crystals should be cleaned before programming, but once they are programmed, don't clean them unless they have accomplished the goal of their programming.

How to choose the right crystal for you

Precious and semi-precious stones - crystals - belong to the mineral kingdom. Crystals have always been fascinating to people, primarily due to their visual attraction, exquisite purity, interplay of colors and transparency. Crystals and stones in general have always been around us. Long before our appearance on planet Earth, crystals have had a presence here, helping Earth's development. Not only have crystals been absorbing the omnipresent cosmic love, but also they have been amplifying that love, and spreading their vibrations all around them - thus, outpouring their love and spirituality into the world.

Amid the great number of crystals that are available, it might be difficult for you to choose the right crystal. Here are some important points that should be considered before making up your mind.

  • 1. Carefully investigate the properties of various crystals in order to familiarize yourself with them. Choose some of the crystals that you think may help you and eventually make a list of favorite crystals.

  • 2. You can choose your crystal considering the crystal's beauty, color or functionality. Later on, you may select your crystal according to the particular features that offer a solution to some problem you would like to address or in view of the characteristic traits you would like to acquire in the future.

  • 3. You can select your crystal randomly and intuitively provided that you have trust in your own intuition. Some crystals may stick to your fingers; you can feel them energetically in some particular way. Other crystlas may simply bring joy to your heart and you can feel the thrill as you take them in your hands. All those cases indicate that you have indeed found the right crystal for yourself.

  • 4. You can address some particular crystals on a mental level and establish conscious communication with them. Try to determine what kind of energy flows between you and your crystal. Is it warm and tender or cold and unrefined? Is this energy attractive or repulsive?

  • 5. The size need not be a decisive factor in determining the right crystal for you since even small pieces can be extremely efficient. Have in mind that rough crystals in their natural shape and condition may not be as visually attractive, but nevertheless they can be as powerful and energetically strong as their faceted counterparts, and, needles to say, less expensive.

  • 6. If you combine aesthetic and useful qualities, you can choose a necklace or any other type of jewelry that can at the same time improve your health or attract the quality that you wish to acquire. Crystals can protect you, help you get rich, attract love, increase creativity, expand your visualization and imagination, strengthen concentration, add to your mental abilities, deepen your intuition, revive your suppressed memories, help you heal yourself, and lead you into enlightenment.

  • 7. Finally, remember that crystals are living beings. Crystals can be your friends, counselors and teachers.

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