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Common Gemstones With Their Uses

By Hwh Crystals

Gemstones are considered as the most stunning things that are firmly associated with the Earth. And, they have a special connection with every person’s date of birth. Each of us has his or her own birthstone. Also, that birthstone is the stone you are unequivocally associated with and will react to.

Every gemstone holds its own significance, positive energy, and a symbolic message. In different practices, and especially in enchantment, gemstones are prized for their mending properties and their capacity to circulate positive energy.

Common Use Of Gemstones

The most widely recognized use of gemstones is for stylish purposes, and they are regularly utilized as a part of adornments. In any case, some various types of gemstones, or rather the minerals that they originate from, have a myriad of uses – some have mechanical applications, some are used for carvings or statuettes, and others are kept in their regular mineral shape and displayed beautifully in homes and offices.

To use gemstones in your workings relies upon what you desire and what you're looking for. Check out the below given common gems and crystals and their uses;


Amethyst: It shows up in an extensive variety of purple and violet hues. It is connected with the component of water and is utilized to treat tension issues and provide help with stress, while honing the psyche and upgrading the forces of instinct.


Emerald: It is a great stone of affection and sentiment, and is presumed to carry both energy and local happiness with unqualified adoration. It is said to be a gemstone that brings a balance to your every relationship. If you are experiencing any heartbreak issue, emerald is utilized to recuperate from the shock and set one back on the way to love. This gem is known to provide patience in harsh situations.


Amber: It comes in shades from light yellow to a dark burnt orange, it refers to the fire and the energy of the sun. It is identified with the throat chakra, and utilized as a part of enchantment identified with certainty and is utilized as a part of ceremonies for strength, furthermore used to convert negative energy to positive.


Agate: It is commonly found in cocoa brown or gold stone, it is identified with matters of the brain. So, utilize this in workings identified with gloominess, low energy, and psychological health. Agate is well known for making a person come out from bad memories of someone, and overcoming sentiments of pity and loneliness.


Garnet: It is crimson in color and sometimes the shade appears in purple as well. This stone is utilized to treat conceptual issues and direct menstrual cycles. The garnet is profoundly associated with the puzzle of ladies' bodies and is best utilized as a part of moon magic.


Jade: This gemstone is a light green stone. It is a symbol of immaculateness, adoration, blamelessness, and trustworthiness. It is associated with the component of Earth and in recuperating of the inward organs of the body.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz: It is associated with the heart chakra, and is an image of affection and connections. Use it in the supernatural workings identified with affection and fellowship, giving and accepting adoration, and help from passionate turmoil and mending from enthusiastic love injuries.

Black Onyx

Black Onyx: It is an intense and well known gemstone. Onyx prepares for pessimism, Onyx gems, which is worn to safeguard against antagonism that may be directed at you. Black Onyx stones have defensive energies as in the dark, it is the nonattendance of light, and in this way, can be utilized to make intangibility possible.


Sapphire: It is a gemstone that comes in a myriad shades of blue. This stone is unequivocally associated with the component of Water. It is utilized to treat issues with breathing and issues with the respiratory system. Utilize Sapphire in enchantment identified with predictions and soul guides.

Hope this article benefits you a lot. And, if you feel that any gem suits with your birth date, then feel free to pick one up! Also, if you want to share something with us or any query you have, just comment below!

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