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Crystal therapy


In their young age, all people possess the ability of spontaneity and fluidity of their minds and bodies. Their energy and capacity to retain knowledge are great, but unfortunately this state of functioning does not last forever. After some time, not so much due to physical deterioration as due to mental limitations originating in our endless prejudices and wrong beliefs, these abilities start to diminish.

Our human bodies are extraordinarily susceptible to what our minds suggest. Programming our consciousness by using wrong mental and emotional messages could prove disastrous to our general health. Frequent unconscious reactions of anger, fear, guilt and insecurity bring our body to a state of physical disbalance and produce energy blockages.

Crystal therapy is an ancient art of accommodating crystals, minerals and semiprecious stones directly on or around our body, aiming at reaching a state of deep relaxation, emotional stress release, emotional pain release, balancing the physical body and all the other invisible subtle bodies. If you are interested to read a short essay about the possibilities of treating neurosis with crystal therapy you can check out my new article about Crystal healing therapy: neurosis.

During the process of crystal therapy one can use individual crystals, but more often one deals with specific crystal patterns. These crystal patters can be produced in various geometrical shapes. It is believed that specific geometrical shapes are capable of creating specific light tubes, by means of which our body is able to open itself toward the multidimensional realms of reality. During the crystal therapy, individual crystals can be placed directly on the area of pain, on the specific meridians, acupressure points, and on the energy centers - chakras. A delicate combination of sound, light and color is also one of the possibilities to be used in parallel with the selected crystals for crystal healing.

In the case where one works with individual crystals, it is necessary to firstly locate the problem and thus the specific energy center in charge of the problem. Selected crystals for that particular energy center (chakra) can afterwards be used for a time period between 5 and 25 minutes. If there comes a feeling of unease during the treatment, the crystal therapy should be interrupted and the selected crystals should be replaced by a transparent rock crystal.

Out of all stones the crystals of choice to be used in crystal healing and therapy are quartz, i.e., rock crystal, amethyst, rose quartz, tourmaline, kunzite, and hiddenite.

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lesleyanne avery says:

hi there, I wondered if you could help. A work colleague of mine is going through trying times. A third bereavement in less than six months, plus some other issues. I would love to give her a crystal but even though I know a little about crystal healing I really don't know what one to choose. Please Please can you help me to help her. Many thanks in advance,


Olga says:

Hi Lesleyanne,

My impression is that the troubles in your colleague's life are over. In order for her to be able to deal with the current situation, I recommend using the Apache Tears Stone (a type of Obsidian --- volcanic glass). The Apache tears stone will provide comforting and soothing energies, helping her deal with the accumulated grief and sorrow more successfully.

With love and light,


Helen says:

Thanks very much for the very informative information on this site. I thorougly enjoyed reading some of the posts.

Sarah says:

I am new to crystal therapy. I have expierenced some unusal happenings sweating under stones and once feeling of nausea with me being in the room with someone who is balancing. Do you know of any reason why this could happen?
Thank You so much!

sunny says:

Hi Sarah,
It is hard to comment without knowing the details of that particular crystal therapy session, but one thing is for sure - it shouldn't make you feel bad. Usually, just the opposite should happen - namely, making you feel relaxed and calm.

jan says:

Im just learning about crystals and stones. I lost my 31 year old son 2 months ago today. I want to know what crystals I should start with to help me become a more positive person. I have no energy to do anything. I do work but feel like I'm in a fog most of the time. Thank you for any help. jan

sunny says:

I am very sorry to hear that, Jan. I would recommend to you two stones: Rose quartz could bring some comfort and solace, whereas Ruby is a nice stone for incerasing vigor and energy.

Sharon says:

I'm trying to find out how the metaphysical properties of crystals are effected by coloring and heating. Many crystals I have purchased (such as aquamarine,smokey quarts, (even rose qts) etc, that I use in jewelry are treated. It's hard to find consensus on this. What's your opinion and is there any evidence around to support this subject? Thanks. (ps, I'm not talking about stones such as using magnesite for turquoise.) Although it seems that they do dye (and stabilize for endurance) turquoise to enhance it's physical beauty).

sunny says:

Hi Sharon and thanks for the interesting question. I tend to think that the metaphysical value of crystals and stones is diminished after coloring and heating. These are man-made operations carried out to increase the comercial value of the crystals, but they affect the spiritual value in a negative way. I have no proof to substantiate this, other than my intuition.

Charis says:


My life has been filled with many negative energy so I was wondering if an onyx stone could help me. My friend recently bought me one as she said it could help. What do you think? Thanks

sunny says:

Hi Charis

Yes, Onyx is one of the stones that can help you get rid of negative energy and restore your inner being with fresh, positive energy. It would be best if you could perform a sort of simple relaxation (for example progressive muscle relaxation) or meditation exercise while holding your stone. In many cases it is enough to just visualize how the negative energy leaves your body. Onyx will help you ground the excess of negative energy. Don't forget to cleanse the stone afterwards.

janice says:

For the past several years I have had lots of misfortune. My mom died, my husband maritial affairs I have since then divorced. Financially I am really down that I had to file bankruptcy. I am depressed so often. Are there any stones that will bring me some calm and peace?


sunny says:

Hi janice

I am very sorry to hear about your troubles. I can recommend turquoise and aquamarine to start with. But just having them nearby is not enough. Try to combine their action with some simple and regular meditation technique, like for example this one. Together with meditation, they can really work miracles. I hope you can be able to recover and to get the much needed inner peace. Many blessings, sunny.

Artofhealing says:

crystal healing course in pune was established where crystals can be stored, donated, used for healing, sold and shared with others.

Anjana says:

I would like to heal I like crystal bed healing if any body do that let me know please thank u

sunny says:

Thanks for the comment Anjana. Best crystal wishes!

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