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Note: Crystals cannot be an alternative for medical attention nor can they be a substitute.

Agate is a stone of relaxation, calm, cleaning, balance, meditativeness, vitality, grounding, pain relief, and balancing Yin and Yang energies. It stimulates analytical abilities, awakes hidden latent talents, strengthens the sight, helps with stress, and stabilizes the aura.

Agates have silky glow and in general they are multi-colored, multi-layered easy-to-recognize stones. Agate can be found in a multitude of colors, starting from brown, blue, milky white, rose, grey, violet, yellow, green, red, and orange. It is partly transparent and very much picturesque kind of stone, interpenetrated with bands of different colors that have been produces in the cavities of the volcanic rocks.

It can be found mostly in Mexico, Brasil, Australia, USA, and Morocco.

Agates belong to the silicate group of minerals. It is a variation of quartz (silica) which goes under the name of chalcedony. Agate is very often cut in thin plates, but also can be found as natural tumbled stones.

Agate balances the subtle energies. It is said that agates help in protection, especially with small children. It supplies courage and increases the creativity of students and artists. The boost of energy from this stone always comes in waves; therefore it can help whenever it is necessary to overcome a certain situation.

Agate aids people with problems related to forgiveness and in all cases where releasing of bitterness and despair is needed. This in turn improves the love relations, relations to other people in general, and within the family. You can carry agate with you if you feel repressed, under pressure, restrained and limited in your current duties. In ancient times the forces of the four elements were regarded as very powerful subjects of the Universe (which they still are), and in this regard agate is a stone for the earth element. If you have forthcoming battles in sight that have to do with your family or business affairs where you need extra strength and courage (in order to be honest above all with yourself) and determination to endure on your path, agate is the right stone for you.

Agates increase physical speed, in running, marathon, and athletics. It has a positive effect on the lungs, blood vessels, lymphatic system, digestion, and anorexia.

Agate white

White Agate is of different white shades, layered and partly translucent. It serves as stone for spiritual development, and can be used in association with the crown chakra.

Agate pink

Violet Agate is used for protection of mothers and their unborn children. It eases childbirth. Violet Agate can bring increased compassion, and feeling for others.

Agate brown

Yellow and brown agate aids stomach, belly, pancreas, liver. Stimulates the process of digestion.

Agate blue lace

Blue lace agate is used for inducing higher states of consciousness. It is a great stone for the throat chakra and communication. It is associated to hope, unity, optimism, positive thoughts, smooth energetic streams, joy and truth. It neutralizes anger, emotional trauma, infections, inflammations, fewer, reduces temperature. Blue lace agate is a very powerful stone. It cures sore throat, problems with the neck, shoulders, the insufficiency of the thyroidal gland, and the lymph glands. It purifies the lymphatic system, releases blocks in the nervous system, cures arthritis, and strengthens the skeletal system. The elixir treats the disbalance of fluids in the body.

Agate rose

Rose Agate cleanses emotional troubles, helps in forgiving and accepting love. It should be placed near the heart.

Agate fire

Fire Agate provides support, power and courage in difficult times, offers protection, calms the fears and emotions and reflects the threats toward their source. It can be used for amplifying psychic talents. It has been used by shamans for stimulating clairvoyance and in order to evoke images and memories of other lives. In healing, it is considered to increase the natural talents and abilities of healing and work with the circulatory system and the lower digestive system. It is connected to the third chakra. Fire agate brings clarity in times of change. It aids the nervous and endocrine system, circulatory disorders, eases troubles of old age and releases energy blockages.

Moss agate is sometimes called the Stone of the Gardeners. Simply putting moss agate in one's garden can bring about more beautiful, lighter and abundant flowers. Due to its connection to nature, moss agate gives a feeling of expansion, freedom and space. It brings people into harmony with others and attracts abundance, success and prosperity. It increases self-respect, positive features of the character and diminishes the level of stress. Moss agate is connected to the heart chakra. It is a stone of love and friendship. In healing it is used to cure digestive problems. It refreshes the soul, serves as anti-inflammatory agent, and regulates the level of blood sugar. The elixir is for external use in dealing with skin infections.

Botswana agate can be found only in Botswana. It helps in considering all the details of an issue or problem, and energizes the subtle bodies. It stimulates the exploration of the unknown and promotes protection, fertility, sensuality, passion, artistic expression and emotional satisfaction.

Agate can increase its abilities if combined with aquamarine.


amber egg Amber is a stone of cleansing and purification. It symbolizes the Sun's energy and therefore it is suitable for awakening joy, and stimulating light and warm feelings. Amber attracts love and provokes happiness and pleasure. It is often used as a stone for good luck and protection. It can also be considered as the right stone for gathering strength during rehabilitation and accelerating the process of regeneration after long illnesses.

The color of amber is waxy honey-yellow. It can also be found with bluish, greenish, reddish or brown nuances. Amber is fossilized resin from the family of pine trees, which have died and lost their water millions of years ago. Amber can float on water. It is clear from the above that this stone is not a crystal in the strict sense of the word, it is rather considered to be a mineraloid due to its origin (fossilized tree sap).

Amber is most abundant in the Dominican Republic, Poland, Latvia, Italy, Spain and Mexico.

The magic features of amber were discovered by Thales of Milet, some 2600 years ago. In Greece, the name for yellow amber is electron, and from this the term electricity was derived. The amber necklace is a sort of electricity capacitors, able to auto-charge and recharge and to help the owner get rid of the eventual charge loads or excesses.

amber necklace Amber represents a spiritual thread that is able to connect the individual energy with the Cosmic energy, as well as the individual soul with the Cosmic soul. Amber symbolizes the Solar, Spiritual, and Divine attractive Power.

The origin of amber gives us hits about its spiritual qualities, which can become obvious if we take a look at trees as entities with roots descending deep into the earth, and branches ascending towards the sky. In spiritual sense, trees connect the earth with the sky by transforming the Sun's energy with help from the mineral kingdom, and at the end deliver energy in form of fruits. Therefore, the life force of the tree can carry, transform and deliver energy.

Similarly, amber is considered to be a medium that grounds the spiritual energy into the physical body for as long as it is neccesary in order to be permeated with light. The other direction is also possible: in case of lacking grounding spiritual energy, amber can initiate a feeling of connection to the physical plane.

This somewhat explains why amber is so helpful in eliminating depression. Depression is often accompanied by a feeling of excessive bonding to earthly possessions, or can be caused by a lack of connection to our physical existence and its benefits. Either way, amber can be very efficient.

Amber increases creativity and helps accept the inevitable changes in life. It is an excellent stone for eliminating the self-imposed barriers. It helps build positive attitude in our own abilities. Amber promotes fertility. Many early carvings in amber were devoted to depicting animals that are traditionally considered symbols of fertility: frogs, rabbits and fishes. It is believed to be the first material ever used in ornaments and decorative purposes, and can be also found as talismans and amulets. Many ancient traditions have considered amber to be the stone of universal life force, as it encloses life within.

This gentle stone can draw negativities out of the body, clean the spirit and heart. It helps us reveal the ancient wisdom and knowledge, enabling the body to heal itself by means of absorbing and transmuting the negative energies into positive, and negative thoughts into positive ones.

It stimulates the intellect, increases mental clarity and transforms the energy of physical vitality into unconditional love. It aligns the energies of the etheric, physical, astral and mental body. Balancing the electro-magnetism of the microcosm, amber brings a steady stream of perfect order that should be applied to the requirements of the physical plane. It calms the nerves, while enabling making right decisions.

It is an excellent detoxification tool and can protect from radiation, especially from x-rays, computers, and other harmful sources of energy. It opens the solar plexus chakra , and strengthens the self-respect. It can be used in rituals for beautification and increasing attractivity. It can help attract love and stimulate happiness and pleasure.

Amber protects from illnesses, helps diminish pain during childbirth, if placed on the solar plexus it can ease problems with the belly, gall bladder, liver, thymus, it can stop nose bleeds, remove headaches, sore throat, and fevers. Amber also calms the kidneys, teeth (a small piece of amber in the mouth can ease toothache), joints, various bone-related problems, arthritis, and rheumatism.

Ameber calms the central nervous system, improves memory, helps in cells regeneration and restores balance. When put on the skin, it can help with all types of alergies. For pain removal, amber should be put on the affected area. Amber should never be cleaned. It can be charged in sunlight. For self-healing only stones without fossilized insects within shoud be selected.


Charlene says:

I didn't realize that amber doesn't have to be cleaned. Very informative.

hemant says:

i have many type of agate and searching for right buyer

Mick says:

I'm cuious as to why there's no mention of Ammolite as an energy stone on your site. I figure you might not be familiar with it. It's a gemstone made from the shell of fossilized Ammonite remains and although Ammonite fossils are found all over the world, only in Southern Alberta, Canada has the shell mineralized over 65 million years to become Ammolite.

The Feng Shui masters believe that Ammolite contains earth energies and different colours that it refracts imbue different energies into a piece's owner:

- crimson stimulates growth and energy
- orange generates creativity, and increased libido
- greens improve wisdom, intellect and promotes entreprenerialship
- yellow improves wealth
- blue promotes peace and health.

It is believed the best combination is ruby crimson, emerald green and amber yellow because it represents growth and richness.

A continuous harmonious balance of natures five elements (fire, earth, metal , water and wood) is evident within the naturally occurring vibrating colours embodied by Ammolite. Strength and power radiate from the shell - it is believed by some that the shell has the ability to transpose negative energy into positive.

Cheers - Mick.

sunnyray says:

Hi Mick,

Thanks for your comprehensive introduction into the healing and metaphysical properties of Ammolite. We only recently acquired a couple of Ammolites, but so far they haven't been used much. Maybe in the near future, we will be able to dedicate a whole web page to these wondrous gemstones as well. (In case you would be willing to share your expertise with us and write a guest article for sunnyray.org on this subject, you are more than welcome to do so!)

Thanks again,

Ruth says:


I have a question. Do you feel that the qualities of amber are diminished when they are in an essential oil, or cream?

sunnyray says:

I don't think the essential oils would diminish the metaphysical qualities of amber. That's my feeling though, I have no proof of that. However, the creams could be an entirely different story. Here I would not be so sure that amber retains its properties.

Joseph says:

Hi, I have 75 kg of tumbled Colombian copal (amber)..I'm in Fl.All sizes , mostly honey color but have some nice reds..Great high energy healing natural wands and orbs , can drill for pendants, etc...If anyone is interested please write me here..or at jgerardi49@gmail.com... the price 15-20 cents per gram...

Suzanne Tabor says:

Not quite sure why you wld add a gem to cream or oil unless u r intending to raise the vibration of the cream/ oil via the gem. In which case be clear about ur intention as to which is affecting which. Remember these are 'earth' elements, they need to be 'reconnected' from time to time by putting in the rain, moonlight, sun or just put in the open for a few hrs. Feel what yours need. I often take mine to the beach and wash them in the salt water

Ivan says:

Those all the different types of agates share similar general metaphysical properties in addition to the properties of each specific types have?

sunnyray says:

Yes, regarding the metaphysical properties, that's the right way to look at the vast and very diverse family of agates.

Kim says:

I did not realize that amber can create more positive moods and thoughts until I recently bought a celtic green amber ring. Ive always had a negative attitude, and yet my car broke down recently, and I didnt flip out! Usually, i get upset and flip out. I believe this stone is truly helping me in my thought processes. Oh,I certainly do hope that it brings me true love! Ive been single for 7 yrs now. Will let you know if this comes about...

sunnyray says:

Keeping the fingers crossed for you, Kim, to find your true love as soon as possible, and let us know when it happens! Many blessings!

Sue says:

Does green amber bring money to the wearer. Down and out and hoping this stone will help. Have been told it would is this true. Thanks

Sue says:

Hello Olga,
Why can only amber stones without fossilized insects be used for self-healing?

Sunny says:

Hi Sue,
Naturally, we would like to have stones and crystals in their most pure form when we use them in crystal therapy. That's the main reason why we would like to avoid insects or other impurities within the amber matrix.
All the best,

Veronica says:

Are different colours of amber used for different healing /purposes? I had heard honey was for stomach complaints and darker used for teething? Thanks

Sunny says:

Hi Veronica,
As far as I understand the working of amber, I would use the darker shades for physical healing, regardless of the area of the body. The honey amber, I would reserve for more spiritually oriented functions.


Linda says:

Does Amber have any side effects? I just received a necklace with an Amber stone from my brother,and I have been wearing it for 3 day, I cleaned it, but I feel depressed, could it be a side effect or something else?

Sunny says:

In general, one cannot say that wearing amber has any side-effects, so depression is certainly not one of them. However, it may happen that amber currently interferes with your energy field in such a way that your body feels its energy as not so beneficial. Since we are constantly being influenced by numerous energies from within and from without (not only from the mineral world), the state of our auric field constantly fluctuates. That is why nothing is written in stone, and one should always follow ones intuition. In this case, amber is certainly a fabulous stone, but you should consider wearing it in shorter time intervals until things get better again.

Stawr says:

I bought some amber earrings a week ago. And what a coincidence! my throat is finally doing better today. Thanks for the info on recharging stones. I'm kind of new to this stuff. I have an agate from Michigan, I wonder what agate category they fall into. The inside is blue and grey.

sunny says:

Glad to hear that your amber earrings are working toward improving your health, Stawr. As for the your Michigan agate, it is very difficult to say without a photo, and even then who knows whether we could say with certainty. There are simply so many different types of agate.

whiterowan says:

Hi there, can you tell me if natural red amber has any specific metaphysical qualities aside from honey or yellow amber? Also, i like to cleanse my crystals in vege soapy water, then clear any energy residue left by others with an overnight bath in flower essences + water. Having just read your page on amber, would you use another method? Thanks, whiterowan

sunny says:

Hi whiterowan, If you need to cleanse your Amber it is better not to use any soapy water. Just plain water would be enough, or you can use smudging as an alternative.

Ripley says:

I never have energy and I already take medication for depression. I would like to know what size stone I need and if there is a particular one I need? I'm new to this so please can u help me.

sunnyray says:

Hi Ripley,
While crystals and stones are no replacement for medical therapy, people have reported that certain stones had helped them ease the symptoms of depression, and even stabilize their condition. Amethyst and Jade are two stones you should try to surround yourself with. For example, Amethyst necklace would be perfect for a start. All the best, and many blessings to you.

danad says:

I had a sore shoulder muscle so I put a 2x3 in. pc. of amber(copal) directly on the muscle and in minutes the pain had decreased by 90%. I love amber(copal)!

sunnyray says:

Hi Danad,
That's great. We love amber too!

Vally says:

What is the difference between aventurine and fluorite?

sunnyray says:

Hi Vally,
There is a huge difference between the two stones. You can hardly mix one with the other. Their visual appearance (color, luster, constitution, form), their physical and hemical structure and their methaphysical properties - they are all different. You can read about fluorite here.

Alioth says:

How can I differentiate real amber with fake amber?
I've heard there is a lot of fake amber being used in jewellry. Thanks!

sunnyray says:

Hi Alioth
That’s an interesting question. Stay tuned, as we will prepare a separate article on the subject very soon. And, yes, you are righ, unfortunately fake amber is being used in jewelry.

sunnyray says:

Here it is. Check this page for more info on fake Amber and how to distinguish it.

dipa says:

Can you wear amber and red agate together? Which is the best and easy way to clean them?

sunnyray says:

Yes you can. Probably the easiest way to clean them is using water. Just keep them under lukewarm running water for several minutes.

Adil says:

Is it that the Moroccan amber can float in the salty water or not? I know that the baltic amber can float but I don't know if we can do the salty water test with the Moroccan amber or no.
Thank you.

sunnyray says:

Hi Adil,
Amber has specific gravity in the range from 1.0 to 1.10 g/cm3. The specific gravity of plain water is 1, but saltwater has somewhat higher specific gravity than plain water, and that is why amber floats in it. I guess you can use this test on Moroccan amber as well. Note, however, that copal, which is a type of fake amber, will also pass the saltwater test.

Amber says:

I have a question regarding Green Amber, does it have any other/additional properties or slightly different metaphysical uses than regular amber?

sunnyray says:

Unfortunately, most of the green amber sold today possesses green color due to artificial means. If that's the case, I would not put too much emphasis on the metaphysical use.

manali vakaria says:

I want to know which kind of amber stone is suitable for me and what gems or stones I should wear? Please give me your opinion is amber suitable for all.

sunnyray says:

In principle, Amber is suitable for all people, as are all the other popular stones. The "fine tuning" should be done on the basis of personal preferences, horoscope signs, and spiritual aspirations (you may check the Mystical birthstones ebook).

huzefa says:

Hi I bought an amber pendant a week ago. Today it slipped out of my hand and fall down. I can notice some cracks in it on lower side and upper side. What should I do. Can I cut and change the shape of my pendent?

sunnyray says:

Hi huzefa
You could always try to fill in the cracks with gemstone epoxy glue and smooth out the surface with sandpaper afterwards. I have never tried this myself, so I have no idea about the end result though.

Jot says:

Sat Nam SunnyRay!

Thanks for taking to time to provide this absolutely lovely information. It's inspiring to reach such a large number of souls with your website.

Are there any downsides to wearing amber with hematite and jade? A close friend made a necklace that's comprised of 80% amber, 10% jade, and 10% hematite.

Thanks in advance.

Wahe Guru

sunnyray says:

Sat Nam Jot
Not that I know of. Enjoy your necklace.

God bless!

Nilima says:

I met a friendly woman selling amber and garnets in a small shop near the Jewish cemetary in Prague earlier this week. She remarked that the Amber made her feel loss of energy, while the garnets were vitalising. I too have until recently felt a sense of unease wearing amber..like it was associated with death rather than life. Would you have any advice for the lady at the shop I can pass on, since she is surrounded by large amounts of amber all day. Many thanks for your help and loving service.

sunnyray says:

Dear Nilima
Thanks for the comment. The lady should properly cleanse the amber stones before handling them for the first time.

Danny says:

Very interesting site.
What are your thoughts on creams and lotions containing crystals?


sunnyray says:

Dear Danny,
It is an interesting concept. I haven’t used them personally, so I cannot say much more. Thanks for the comment.

Ea says:

Great site! Very informative!
Also thank you to Mick for all the info on Ammolite!

Just a few questions:
Leaving gemstones/crystals in the sunlight will make their color fade will it not? What effects does this have on it's energy/properties? Do some stones benefit more from sunlight as opposed to moonlight?

Do certain stones have a preferential essential oil? I heard somewhere that lavender essential oil is more effective at cleaning negative energy off Amethysts (as long as intention is set of course).

Do you know how to energise / cleanse objects using crystals? Something like a pen, sword, necklace, stuff like that.

Thank you so very much for your time!
Have a good day

sunnyray says:

Thanks for the comment, Ea. To answer your first question, it depends on the type of stone. Some will definitely fade, like amethyst. In spite of that, I like using sunlight (early morning sun) versus moonlight because I love the sun's active energy. That's my personal preference, you can equally well use the energy of the moon. With regard to essential oils, I haven't really heard of any preference, which is not to say that there is none. In my opinion, such a correspondence would be very difficult to establish. If there are objects involved, using water for cleansing is usually out of the question. In that case I tend to use smudging. With love and light, sunny.

Christy says:

Was wondering is there a difference in regular amber and baltic amber, or is all amber considered baltic amber? Thank you

sunnyray says:

Hi Christy

Thanks for the interesting question. As it turns out, the Baltic variety of Amber is somewhat different from Amber in general. The main distinction seems to be the presence of up to 10 percent of succinic acid in the Baltic Amber. Also, one may argue that the Baltic Amber originates from several characteristic tree species from the Baltic region. Also, the Baltic variety includes more diverse fossils and insect species as compared to Amber from the other parts of the world.

Carrie says:

I was given a Moroccan Amber, or so I was told. It is sort of a rough square, 6" tall. It appears to be a blend of quartz and amber. On the bottom is a cylindrical opening for a bulb. Is it real, or fake? What is the value?

sunnyray says:

Hi Carrie
I am not familiar with an amber stone that appears like a mixture of quartz and amber. Maybe some of the visitors to the sunnyray.org website will have an idea. Thanks for the comment. All the best.

jim hunter says:

I have around half million agates.

marianne says:

I have an agate bracelet, and the pieces have holes in them. Will the holes affect their powers?

sunnyray says:

Hi marianne. Thanks for the question. There are different opinions as to whether and to what extent holes and similar interventions harm the crystal's energy. We believe that the energy is somewhat disturbed, but their powers are not reduced too much.

steward chipala says:

I have stones for sale in Malawi. Fossilized wood stone. Yellow agate, yellow agate with lines, green agate, white agate, calcite, blue agate, jasper, red agate, carnelian agate, and many more please feel free to contact me on steward.chipala@yahoo.ie or call +265888892020, or what's up.


Iam from India n I started stone collection from 2months n I got so many stones like quartz crystals,agates,jaspers,jasper agates,amber,amethyst n many more so I need one friend to share n Identify them n also pls help me to find one friend from INDIA , Hyderabad to meet me .my no 09492300609

dejocu says:

I have just purchased some Indonesian amber, which is supposedly a new form. The amber is mined in Sumatra. Can you tell me anything about it, and do you think the properties are similar to Baltic amber?


Fire Agate has a deep connection to the earth and brings strong grounding energy. It calms, bringing security and trust, and support in difficult times. Its protective properties build a shield around the body against ill-wishes, returning the harm back to its source, so the source may understand its effects.

Flavio says:

Is that any existing purple mix white tiger eye, I have one, I brought from Bhutan last 4 month, I was in doubt about it, as long I know that tiger's eye is yellow, gold and blue, but the one I brought quite different, it's blue purple and white, my question is, existing or it fake or imitation, thank in advance

sunnyray says:

There are white tiger's eye stones. Without seeing your stone, it is hard to tell if it is a genuine tiger's eye or not.

Maria Linda Amisola says:

where to wear the eye tiger bracelet? left or right

sunnyray says:

It depends what kind of energy you would want to enhance. For example, left hand - artistic expression and creativity, right hand - rational thinking and material aspects, etc.

Neil cooper says:

Hi can anyone help please.
I've just started to use crystals and got my first that is a agate blue lace.
Now slept with it under pillow and waking up with a very sore throat. I keep reading that this is for the throat chakra and it's a healing stone but why am I getting a sore throat is the stone trying to tell me something?
Any advice much appreciated.
Thanks Neil.

sunnyray says:

Hi Neil and thanks for coming by and commenting. In general, agate blue lace is related to the throat chakra. With most of us, this energy center is usually closed and blocked. So, it could indeed happen that there is interaction between the stone and the chakra manifesting as a sore throat. No matter the cause, I wound stop using it for a while. I would also make sure to cleanse and charge the agate.

aula maka says:

How about Baltic amber how is it different?

sunnyray says:

Please check the previous comments for more info on the Baltic variation.

Sylvia says:

Hi i have Agate bracelet, witch hand to wear it plz? Thanks

sunnyray says:

Hi Sylvia,
You can use either. Depending on what side of your personality you want to empower, the left hand corresponds to the artistic and creative side, while the right hand to the more rational side.

Gstar says:

Where is amethyst

sunnyray says:


Gail Hague says:

I have a triangular agate, it weighs about 5 lbs. I believe it is a slice from a tree, as the outside part, where the crust of a pie is, has deep red amber, surrounded by a bark, or crust, that is full of beige absorbent surface holes. The crust I looks exactly like bark. At the top of the opaque agate with numerous inclusions is a tear drop hole, that runs throughout the agate crystal. If you pour water into the hole the water comes out the bottom. In every way this agate resembles a tree. The deep red amber may be a different gem, I’m not sure. I’d love to know whether it is a tree. Thanks for your time.

sunnyray says:

Hard to say, but thank you for sharing.

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