Regarding the chemical composition of Shiva Lingam or Shiva-Linga, it is silica SiO2 with some additions of iron Fe, magnesium Mg, and SiO4 groups. The hardness of Shiva Lingam is around 7.

Shiva Lingam is a symbol of love. This stone opens our way towards true love which brings unity. The true love relationship is a relationship with our own being. When we possess love we experience God. It is necessary to be in love and peace with oneself so that one can be able to love others without fear. The feeling of one's own esteem, dignity, and self-respect opens the possibility to feeling selfless love towards others.

This stone has an egg-shaped form; it is made out of two colors - brownish and sand-color - and it possesses a smooth soft glow.

Shiva linga is collected from the banks of the river Narmada in India. This river is considered very special and one of the most powerful healing streams of our planet.

Shiva Lingam in the ancient Sanskrit language means a sign. This stone which is a mixture of Agate, basalt, and jasper in quartz is considered to be a devotional symbol of Lord Shiva. The composition of Shiva Linga means that it is essentially made from cryptocrystalline quartz. The legend says that Shiva Lingas originate from a meteorite that collided with Earth millions of years ago. The currents of river Narmada have helped in producing the egg-shaped form of this stone. Beautiful specimens are collected once a year, during a special ceremony. An original Shiva linga stone should be hand-polished using Ghee butter so that the specific shining surface is produced.

In India, Shiva Linga is considered sacred and is highly esteemed in the Hindu and Buddhist systems of belief.

According to the Vedic legacy, linga represents the all-permeating space, wherein the Universe is found in a process of constant formation and dissolution. Shiva Lingam illustrates the harmony and totality of this dual manifestation of the Universe. The egg shape is a symbol of the surface that encompasses the Universe and forms one absolute totality. Within this essence the most important point is accepting the Universe like a Divine Being, i.e., the way as It really is.

Some consider the Shiva Linga stone to be a symbol of adoration at the physical plane. It is thought to be able to help in bringing the devotees to a state of unity with God. Those who possess the knowledge and understanding can use this stone as a divine channel and bring the lower self in contact with their Higher Self.

It is also believed that the shape of the stone can represent male energy and knowledge, whereas the patterns, which are always different from one stone the the other, represent the female energy and wisdom. Together, the two elements symbolize joining of male and female energy. The Linga can be a reminder that we should balance our Yin and Yang energies and establish a harmonious state of existence.

By mere holing this stone we can feel pulsating, since the Linga aligns our energies with the planetary energy. It represents harmony of the soul's energy forces within the Universe.

Shiva Lingam is an excellent company in meditation, it helps with activating the kundalini energy and the seven chakras. It awakens the energy centers and brings feelings of peace and wellbeing.

Shiva Linga is able to charge and recharge on its own.


Prosper says:

Actually, the Shiva Lingam is a stone that can be used to teach you how to be loving by showing you the striking differences of being compassionate and selfish. It does need to be recharged every day for full use, or it will bring your entire mood down.

VMP says:

Dear sunnyray,
This is a great article about the Shiva Lingam we have made a video about the Shiva Lingam you can view it on youtube:

sunnyray says:

Thanks for the tip VMP.

Angelique says:

"It does need to be recharged every day for full use, or it will bring your entire mood down"

How does one recharge this stone?
By quartz?

Emily says:

"How does one recharge this stone?"

There are a number of ways to recharge / cleanse stones:-

First rinse under cold water for 2 - 5 minutes to cleanse it or pass Nag Champa or White Sage Incense over all of the stone to cleanse its energy or pass over a lighted flame of a candle

To re-energise - place in full sun for 6-12 hours or in the New Moon or Full Moon energy as well each month.

To place energy into the crystal from your own power:-

Hold the stone in your left hand - close your fingers over the stone and impart whatever energy properties you wish - e.g. strength; unconditional love; happiness; confidence etc - hold for 30 seconds to one minute in length and feel the energy coming back in.

sunny says:

Hi Emily,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and for this great, concise guide into the art of recharging stones and crystals.

William says:

What would happen if one were to metatate with another crystal known as a florite octahedron?

sunny says:

Check here.

Ethan says:

Are there any other ways to recharge it?

sunnyray says:

Yes there are. You may check the other ways of charging crystals and stones here.

Ethan says:

Ok one more question. Would it be affective when charging, by instead of using natural sun or moon light, to use a UV ray light? It's a 160 watt bulb and it simulates natural sunlight for my bearded dragon. He also has a night time lamp that represents moonlight.

sunnyray says:

If I could choose, I would not use artificial light for the purpose of charging.

Quasi says:

I encourage people to clear their crystals using their own Divine power... after all, we are linked with God... exercise those spiritual muscles!! Namaste

sunnyray says:

You are so right Quasi, so right! Blessings.

Tracy Shaw says:

Om mani padme om... May we all find the courage to journey further towards the light.

nicknack says:

Shiva lingam stones have the power to recharge themselves, although it couldn't hurry to do a cleanse and recharge of your own. I am by no means an expert on this. But this is my new favorite stone. Aside from its overall effects on the body it is good for starting new paths in life.

sunnyray says:

Hi nicknack. Thanks for your input on this subject.

Kirit says:

In Shi Lanka, I come across this stones, there were about 60/70 in one temple, here you can touch and feel them outside temperature was about 35/38 degree, but stones were as cold as ice, and very greasy and of different sizes what make them so cold and greasy.

sunnyray says:

Hi Kirit,
Thanks for the comment. Many gemstones, just like quartz, which in essence Shiva Lingam is, draws heat away from the body when touched. That's why they feel cold to the touch. It is also true that the surface of many genuine gemstones will de-mist more quickly than the surface of glass or other man made stones. As for the greasy part, somebody please correct me if I am wrong, the Lingams are polished using purified butter — Ghee —, which could explain why they feel that way.

Syed yousuff says:

Can I wear black jet stone ring?

sunnyray says:

Hi Syed
I don't see why you shouldn't. Jet is a great stone with many supposed benefits.

Joli says:

Are the stones shaped by nature or man made?

sunnyray says:

They can be natural stones (shaped by a flowing river), but they also can be carved from different crystals, precious stones, even metals, wood or ice.

Carolyn smith says:

I have a large black lingam and is very heavy so I can't cleanse it in the sun. What are options for clearing/cleansing and how often?

sunnyray says:

I would suggest smudging or using water

Nat says:

Hi. Is there a way to tell if the Shiva Lingam stone is real vs man made from granite?

Rachel says:

I was wondering the same as Nat, anyone have any insight?

sunnyray says:

As it is always the case with stones and crystals, the best way to ensure that the stone is genuine is to buy from reputable sources. A true Shiva Lingam is retrieved from the river Narmada, and in order to be sure you really have to trace the source of the stone, either yourself or to leave that to a seller you trust.

Henny says:

For those wondering if the shape is naturally occuring or man-made, the answer is: Naturally occuring! Lingam in a one single river in India. The water runs over the stones and as time progresses our beloved Shiva Lingam takes it's unique rounded form. This is alllllll mother nature, man doesnt get any credit this time.

anon says:

Why should I only keep a small one in my house ,around 5 inches

Ajay says:

I wear shiva lingam it has helped me lots in staying calm balanced emotions and helps my meditation/yoga. Just a little scared as it activates kundalini. Heard kundalini is dangerous. Should I be worried about wearing this beautiful looking egg? I don't want kundalini activation..

sunnyray says:

Hi Ajay
Don't worry about kundaliny activation. Just by wearing the stone, it won't happen. I wish you many successful meditation and yoga sessions.

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