The chemical formula of Tigers eye -- SiO2 - indicates that this stone is a type of silica. Its hardness is 7 on the Mohs scale.

Tiger's eye merges the vibration of the Earth with those of the Sun. This stone can offer support for new beginnings and helps in reestablishing the harmony of our lives. Tiger eye protects the person who wears it, especially during long journeys. It also enhances the feelings of security and self-respect. Tigers eye is an excellent stone for increasing the power of personal will. It helps us acquire abundance and wealth and enhances the stability and balance that lead to maintaining the acquired wealth. This stone helps us fight the greed and misuse of power. If you still haven't decided on a nice piece of tiger's eye - here is our review on purchasing tiger eye stones and jewelry.

The color of the tigers eye is reach green combined with earthly brown and golden. It has unique silky golden glow in different shades.

The notable occurrences are in South Africa and Western Australia.

tigers eye, beautiful samples on a table Roman soldiers wore tigers eye in battle for protection. During that time, this stone was thought to bring clarity and deep insight about the current situation, instantly, here and now, therefore enabling the soldiers to see the truth at the batlefield clearly without deception.

Tiger eye points toward practicality and increases the presence of spirit. It also increases concentration, balances the jin and jang energy as well as the left and right brain hemisphere. This stone supports the soul and gives it a sense of security. It is considered to be a guarding stone of proper grounding. Tigers eye enhances the power of will and brings prosperity, very often in the most direct way - in form of material values. It can help in seeing things as they really are, without any illusions. Of the seven chakras, tigers eye is especially fitted to strengthening the solar plexus chakra, so that the sense of personal ability and power is maintained and shifted toward higher level.

Tigers eye irradiates gentle, soft vibrations that promote peace and calm, even in the times of great changes and disturbances. It is especially suited for meditation where it increases courage, determination, alertness, patience, brings positive energy and relives depression. It can promote unity, self-integration and autonomy; as well as enhance life energy by controlling the sexual and emotional energy

In human terms, the qualities of patience and right timing are related to the ability of obtaining material objects or other non-material qualities that we want our life to be filled with. The golden color represents higher ideas and spiritual values, while the brown color relates to the manifestation of energies on the earth plane. Thus, tigers eye helps in manifestation of spiritual ideas on the physical plane. Also, it increases the self-confidence, and reassures our own ability to realize our dreams. In meditation this stone is most frequently used when placed on the navel center - Manipura chakra, whose colors are golden and yellow. By staring into this stone, we are able to reach insights of both practical and spiritual nature. Its message can be sometimes interpreted as follwos: "The physical level is a playground where our spirit can materialize its tendencies with joy and ease".

Advice: If, after thorough preparation for meditation, you put your dragons eye against the Muladhara chakra and your tigers eye against the Maniupra chakra, whereas your falcons eye is positioned on the Ajna energy center, the least you can achieve are deep insights at spiritual level.

gold tigers eye stones In the self-healing crystal therapy applications, tigers eye lowers high blood pressure and helps with heart problems. It is also of help with the other organs and bodily systems, such as: the throat, liver, bladder, kidneys, spleen and especially with the colon. Tigers eye helps with psoriasis and eye problems, it strengthens the reproductive system, and helps heal bone fractures and wounds. It is a very suitable stone for those who are weak or ill as it increases the level of life energy.

Tiger's eye should be discharged every 15 days under the flow of luke-warm water. It should be charged by exposing to sunlight, together with some rock crystals. Necklaces and bracelets made out of tigers eye can be left overnight together with hematite, at least once a month.


Lyz says:

I just gave my husband a tigers eye gold ring for protection (he travels often). After reading this, I am more glad than ever that I did!!

steven says:

thank you for a graet web sit
helpt a lot,
blessed be

Thelma says:

A friend of mine made me a ring with a tiger eye stone. I hope that it will protect me and help me feel calmer.

Sutet Nerrah says:

I bought a obelisk shaped tigers-eye stone and put it in my pocket and my energy went through the roof, that was powerful my spirit asked for it and I gave it just want it wanted. This is a powerful stone reminding us this golden is inside us not on the outside. Peace and blessings

sunny says:

Thanks Sutet Nerrah for sharing your spiritual insights regarding the power of the golden tigers eye. How very true what you say about the golden light. Many blessings to you too!

Kumar says:

Shall I wear Tiger Eyes stone 24 hrs. Are there any risctriction like some of the stones have for the wearer. Please clarify this to me. Thank you.

sunny says:

Hi Kumar,
There is really no such restriction when it comes to wearing Tiger's eye or Tiger's eye jewelry. You can wear it as much as you like.

Kumar says:

Thank you very much for clearing my doubt.

Kumar says:

I have one experience to share with you guys. Recently my mother have eye problem. Her one of the eyes reddish and a lot of water dripping from her eyes. She quiet often went to visit doctor for eyes check up. Doctor gave some drop for her but not too effective.I told her to wear my Tiger eyes stone.She wore it. The next day I saw the miracle, no more water dripping from her eye side.Ok I will update you guys after she go for eyes check up in 3 month time. Bye

sunny says:

That's great, Kumar. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

Loubna says:

We are building our new house and i have asked the tiler to place my tiger eye stone under the tile before the front door, is this a good idea? Thanks

sunnyray says:

I don't see how that can be a bad idea. In essence, it is a form of magic, but then, everything we do in our lives is a form of magic.

Mini says:

Dear Team at Sunnyray

It would be great if you could suggest on the below:

1. What finger and in which hand should the Tiger's eye be worn?
2. Which metal should the ring be made in?
3. Which day of the week at what time should the ring be worn?
4. Can this be worn as a pendant in a necklace?

Thank you so much

sunnyray says:

Dear Mini,
If we have to be so specific, we would suggest the following:

1. The index finger of your left hand.
2. Gold would be the preferred metal of Tiger's eye.
3. Friday would be the day of the week suitable for wearing the ring.
4. If you want to wear it as a pendant, make sure that the chain is long enough, so that the stone itself is positioned close to the solar plexus chakra, where it has the greatest impact.

Otherwise, it is not absolutely necessary to follow these guidelines in order for the Tiger's eye stone to be effective. Putting it close to one's aura should be enough.

Thanks for your very interesting question.

Rich says:

I have prayer beads made with tiger's eye. They are joined by rope. It would probably not be great to soak the rope and tiger's eye since this might affect the rope.

How can I discharge the tigers eye without using water ?

sunnyray says:

Hi Rich,

I would suggest using incense smoke (smudging) as an alternative method of cleansing/discharging. Or you can put your tiger's eye prayer beads on top of several cleansed rock crystals or rock crystal cluster and leave them there overnight.

Diane says:

Recently, I have had some very profound dreams, which I have see them unfold into real life. I just woke up from a nap where I dreamt about a tiger eye ring. I did a web search to discover this site. I don't have a tiger eye ring. However, I had a friend (I was really close to) who had a tiger eye ring but have seen him in 10 years. I am curious to what this dream means. Any ideas?

sunnyray says:

Hi Diane,
It could very well be that you are about to meet your friend. However, only you can decipher the real meanings of your dreams and what exactly your dream symbols are trying to convey. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and let us know about the symbolism of the tiger eye ring once you have found out about it.

jay says:

I would think that in a ring, a tigers eye should be worn on the right hand as it is a masculine stone. I agree that gold would be the best metal. Just wondering why you would put it on the left hand as that is the feminine or receptive side and the right is the masculine or projective side?

sunnyray says:

In general you are right. However, in this case we want to use Tiger's eye to improve the feminine receptive side. We should always try to perfectly balance both sides of our microcosm.

Varsha says:

Can I keep it in my wallet? I'm wearing cats eye and red coral rings... Are there any restrictions keeping tiger eye stone with me when im wearing other stones???

sunnyray says:

Hi Varsha
I see no problem there. As long as you feel comfortable and Okay, you can mix tiger's eye with other stones any way you like. If you wear it in your wallet, it might even help you improve your financial situation.

ana says:

Is it ok to wear the tiger eye as a bracelet? In what side of the wrist I should wear it's right or left. Thank you !!!!

sunnyray says:

Hi Ana,
I don't see why you shouldn't wear it as a bracelet. In general, both sides are OK, and it really comes down to what aspects of your personality you want to emphasize (see the discussion above). I tend to wear tiger's eye jewelry on the left side.

NAveen says:

I have a tiger eye. Can I wear it in silver? And I'm a librian so wearing it in right hand will help, if yes which finger.

sunnyray says:

Tiger's eye loves gold, but silver will be also quite Okay. As a Libra, you might consider tourmaline which is one of the most influential stones for this zodiac sign.

partha says:


My date of birth is 01.07.1976. My rashi is cancer. Can I wear tiger eye, in which finger, and how much time will take to give result? Can this stone help to improve the financial area, or which are its effects in life?

Please confirm

sunnyray says:

Hi Partha,
You can say that tiger's eye helps improve the financial side. If you want to use Tiger's eye as birthstone, you will see that different birthstone lists have different associations of crystals and stones and often very different interpretations thereof. Vedic astrology, for example, is one of them. Our understanding is that the best stones for Cancer is Aventurine, whereas Tiger's eye is more suitable for people born in the astrological sign of Gemini. You can find this and much more in the excellent "Mystical Birthstones" ebook here.

Rika says:

If the person wears red collar don’t wear daimond, blue sapphire and emerald.

minakshi says:


I have just started wearing the tiget eye bracelet.

I wore it on my left hand but when I shifted it to my right hand, I felt more in control of my emotions, more at peace. Currently I am going through a lot of emotional turmoil and today when I wore it on my right hand, I am feeling more in control of my emotions.

Can you tell me normally for a lady, on which hand we should normally wear it?

Many thanks for your answer

sunnyray says:

Minakshi, this is indeed very natural and understandable.

As already indicated in the comments above, your left hand represents your feminine or receptive side. When switching to your right hand, you are putting more emphasis on your masculine or assertive side, so you can control your emotions more easily. You are now proactive, instead of just passive and receptive.

As a matter of fact, it is quite normal and, I would say, desirable to always try to balance and harmonize both sides of your being.

minakshi says:

Hi Sunnyray,

Thank you very much for your answer. So I guess from time to time, I will have to wear it on my left hand as well?

Do you have an idea over which time span? Meaning every 2 days or weeks?

sunnyray says:

Hi Minakshi

You can switch the bracelet if you like, say, on a weekly basis, but there are no fixed rules - this is very individual. The alternative would be to put an additional (rose quartz or moonstone - yin energy) bracelet on your left hand to balance the energy of the tiger’s eye on the right hand.

minakshi says:

Hi Sunny,

Thank you very much for your precious replies. This morning when I woke up, I just felt like to move it to my left hand. So’s been as per my mood or simply when I wear it on a particular wrist I feel more appeased, so I leave it there!

Thank you for your help :)

Best of luck and keep it up :)

Modem Satyanarayana says:

My Zodiac sign is Gemini. I want to wear Tigers eye stone in silver ring. Suggest to which hand and which finger I should wear the ring.

sunnyray says:

Hi Modem,

Please check the discusion above - in fact, there are no strict rules here. You will get Tiger’s eye beneficial energy regardless of the exact location of the ring.

Ak says:

Hi Sunny, I just happen to search on stone Tiger eye and came on your website.

Someone advice me to wear this stone as per her I am very much prone to negative eye/ energies.

1. Will wearing Tiger Eye stop all negative energies coming to me?

2. I'm thinking of wearing it as locket made in silver but will wear in gold chain. Is this FINE? Or should I wear bracelet?

I would appreciate your advice.

sunnyray says:


1. Yes it will.

2. It does not matter much how you wear it, as long as you have it nearby.

Rauff says:

Yes it is a very good website for stones and there effected and benifits. Thanks!

Ak says:

Hi Sunny,

I am wearing tigers eye bracelet. I have a small crystal named smoky quartz placed in my living room. I was thinking of geting black Tourmaline as I read it protect home from all negative energies from home.

Can I keep all the three stones???

sunnyray says:

Yes, you can freely keep all of them.

rita west says:

Hello, I’ve just started to wear a tiger eye necklace, and I have also stopped loosing the plot so quickly too. I now look at both prospectives, which helps me to feel more balanced.

sunnyray says:

Hi Rita,

That’s great that you find tiger’s eye so helpful and useful.

PrI says:

My zodiac sign is Capricorn.
Am wearing a blue sapphire,a diamond & a emerald.
Can i wear a tiger's eye along with the other stones for protection against evil forces ???
please let me know

sunnyray says:

PrI, the best match with the stones you mentioned would be Falcon’s eye - a variation of Tiger’s eye. It will perform the desired function just as well as Tiger’s eye.

Zamin ali says:

Can I wear the green tiger eye?

sunnyray says:

Hi Zamin ali,

Why wouldn't you wear it?

Aashutosh Sharma says:

Hi I have been using tigers eye since the year 2001, but since then I have never been stable in my job life. It always went away with a span of few months so I wonder if it is because of tigers eye or its due to my own capabilities.

Kindly advice

sunnyray says:

If we exclude the personal and collective karmic influences, what happens to us in our lives is always a result of our own capabilities, tendencies, desires and beliefs. Even if we take our karma into account, it is currently here for us because of our past action. In view of this, crystals and gemstones can only be auxiliary tools, never the main cause of our possible successes or failures.

Purple says:

Is there any bad luck associated with this stone? I just got a bracelet with the stones and experienced some negativity in public that usually I don't come across. Or was it more of existing the truth to me? Perhaps I should cleanse the stone with water?

sunnyray says:

Yes, cleansing it with water is always a good idea. No gemstone is bad luck or negative by itself. It can happen, however, that some negative vibrations are store within the stone, so always make sure that you have cleansed your stone thoroughly.

Amit says:

I had wear tiger's eye in a pendant for 7-9 months. But for no reasons, somehow i have removed the pendant/chain and kept aside since 2 months. I want to know if I could start wearing the same pendant again? I face lots of trouble due to my influential personality. I mean, office/surrounding people stay all time jealous for absolute NO reasons. Is my decision perfect of wearing a tiger's eye? Please provide your valuable suggestions.

sunnyray says:

Hi Amit
You could try wearing your tiger’s eye pendant again and see what happens, if the jealousy that people around you display gets reduced or not.

Zeba says:

I just got a tigers eye ring is silver tone . My rahi is capricorn . What hand and finger should i wear it ?

sunnyray says:

I would wear it on the right hand. The choice of finger for your ring would depend on the qualities you want to emphasize.

Michael McGrath says:

I am born in September 22
and my vedic starsign is capricorn and am currently wearing a tiger eye bracelet.

Could you please advise if I am able to wear a green sappire ring with this bracelet?

sunnyray says:

Hi Michael

I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t. In any case, my advice is to monitor the inner state of your being for a couple of days after putting your green sapphire ring on in order to see how it affects your moods, thoughts, feelings, etc.

PULAK says:

I am wearing tigers eye ring in silver,since the last 5yrs.. it has helped me in staying calm but as you said it is for energy and concentration, i did not feel any improvement in these two reagarding..please help me my DOB is 04.02.1991 and i am wearing it in my right hand ring finger..i want to see the change in me..please help.

sunnyray says:

Hi Pulak,
To improve your concentration and energy is a worthy goal. It takes time to improve both. Therefore you shouldn’t rely on your tigers eye only - you have to make a conscous effort yourself. The stones are just accessories. They can be helpful, but we all need to be conscious and active in our personal development in order to see a substantial progress.

Litte tiger: new bracelet says:

I just bought a tiger eye bracelet and it is so pretty. The lady said if I was so attracted to the bracelet and liked it so much that she said it was ment to be mine so I got a $20 for only $10. She said the bracelet enter me too.

sunnyray says:

I believe a lot of crystal lovers have similar experiences like what you just described, Little tiger. I wish you a lot of fun with your tiger’s eye bracelet.

raj says:

I am gemini. Can I wear tiger eye in my first (index) finger.

sunnyray says:

Hi Raj,

These days we receive a lot of questions similar to yours. Therefore we have decided to write an article covering the basic phylosphy and metaphysics behind this interesting association of fingers, planetary energies and horoscope signs. So, stay tuned.

kalai says:

Can I wear rose quartz and tiger eye bracelets together? I'm wearing now both in right hand..

sunnyray says:

Hi Kalai,
I would put the Rose quartz bracelet on the left hand while keeping the tiger's eye on the right.

Suryanto says:

I just have tiger's eye bracelet combined with dzi stone.
I'm virgo and was born on aug 30, 1976.
I wear it on my right hand. The bracelet have 19 beads of tiger eye and 1 dzi beads with 9 eye.
Can you explain that bracelet to me?
How to cleanse the bracelet for it to always be a good tool?
Thank you very much

sunnyray says:

Hi Suryanto,
I really have no idea what dzi stone is. Can you clarify it to me what kind of stone that is?

Suryanto says:

Dzi stone is tibetan stone are made from agate stone.

Dipesh says:

Hello sunny ray! Recently I have bought a tigerstone pendant and an amethyst pendant. I want to wear both of them. Can I put both of them at the same time around my neck?

sunnyray says:

@Suryanto: One of the meanings of this bracelet could be help in material accomplishments, in which case you should wear it on your right hand, as you already do. The best way to cleanse it is using already cleansed rock crystal (quartz) stones in bulk and keep your bracelet among those quartz stones for up to 24 hours.

@Dipesh: Yes you can. There is nothing wrong with wearing tiger’s eye and amethyst at the same time.

msallen46bri says:

Is the more expensive the stone the better one that will suit our purposes? I have seen Tiger'e eyes advertised for as much as $79.00. I bought a cheaper one. Should I have bought one that is more expensive? Will it work better?

sunnyray says:

It has nothing to do with the price. You should have bought the stone that felt good in your hands, the one you had a good intuitive contact with.

Ayu says:

Hello,I'm wearing the tiger eye and just wondering will the stone somehow change it's colour like jades? And if it does what does it means? Thank You.

Cari says:

I have a friend who works a dangerous job and I want to give him a tigers eye to help him stay smart on the job and be safe. he doesn't believe much in spirituality, but do you think if I charge the stone with my own goal for it if it'll respond ..even if he doesn't believe?

sunnyray says:

Hi Ayu. It has never happened to our tiger's eye stones, so we have no idea what the reason for the color change could be.

sunnyray says:

Hi Cari
You can do that and it should work, even though it would be much better if your friend did believe in spirituality.

Bea says:

I was born on oct 19, 1966. My friend gifted me a tiger eye bracelet. How do I cleanse it before wearing? I'm planning to have my husband wear it instead. He was born on jan 18,1957. Thank you.

sunnyray says:

Hi Bea,
One way you can cleanse your tiger's eye bracelet using running water. If there are some metal parts that shouldn't be exposed to water, then, an alternative method that works well is using incense smudge sticks.

IFox says:

So my mom wanted me to find out what this tiger's eye does and so I want to ask a question.

Nicole says:

How do I use tiger eye for financial success?

Smita says:

Hello, I am a Gemini. I found a tigers eye stone when I went hiking and so I kept it with me in my house. Do you think i should wear it? If so then I have to drill a hole through it and I think it may break or damage the stone. So i don't know what to do.

sunnyray says:

@Nicole: You program it with your intended purpose and wear it always with you.

@Smita: Yes, you are right. Drilling a hole through your tiger's eye stone on your own is not the best idea. There are spiral spring cages you can purchase that will enable you to wear your stones without the need of drilling them.
spiral spring cage

chirag says:

friend's i have a tiger stone
please give me info....
about this stone...
thank you..

Smita says:

Thank you sunnyray that you helped. I have cleansed my stone and I always keep it in my pocket.

Junaid says:

I recently got a tiger eye and it was carved in a way so as a bracelet can be made with it (a slight curve). Unfortunately, it slipped from my hand and broke into two pieces. My question is that can i use it after gluing the two pieces together? Would it have any effect on the properties of stone?

sunnyray says:

I don't see why you couldn't use it after gluing, provided that the appearance is okay.

Salma says:

Can I make my tiger eye in a silver ring? Plz answer me.. And how can I do to connect with my tiger eye? Or I can wear without do any thing?

sunnyray says:

Hi Salma,
yes you can make it in a silver ring, but in order to connect with your tiger's eye on a deeper level, you would have to program it.

nozomi says:

How can I know if the one I buy is the original tiger's eye and the imitation/fake?
by appearance?
and anything?
please I want to know...

sunnyray says:

Tiger's eye is not a rare mineral, nor is it a valuable one, so I doubt anyone will go to great lengths to falsify it. My guess is that you would be able to select the real thing just by appearance.

Victor Bermudez says:

Wow great insight on Tiger's Eye stone which I was looking for. I have a question someone has cursed me with bad luck and its getting worse by the second. I'm stuck! I talked to a psychic and she told me to wear the stone next to my heart that way the negetive energy is removed. If I wear the stone as a necklace will the curse leave me alone? Thank you.

rajiv says:

Sir, what is the benefits of wearing tyger eye and which day it can be wear? It is recommended to me for the purpose of study. My date of birth is 8-9-1990.

dinesh says:


tanja says:

Can I wear or carry the Flacon's Eye and the Tiger Eye together? Thank you in advance for your response.

Kiwii says:

This was super helpful to me. I just recieved some Tiger eyes from a friend. I just started getting into all of this crystal and stone stuff a few weeks ago, so i am kinda new to all of this,but i gettin it. This site really did help me out in understanding some things and the comments did too. As i hold them in my hand, i can feel their energy. Just that alone makes my day better. It's so awsome! I LOVE IT!!! Can't wait to start workin with them in depth now that I understand more about them.

queenma says:

I have the tigers eye stone and I am experiencing an almost financial increase...ex. when money comes in, it is immediately going right back out. Should I charge in Sun first then cleanse with water or vice versa.

salma says:

Thank you sunnyray for ur answer, so if I want to cleanse my tiger eye I just clean with running water only? Or there is the some thing to do before wearing it for the first time? And I have emerald earing - how can I provide negative energies for the first time? I need ur help please.

Mary says:

What are the healing properties of Green Tiger Eye? I have recently brought a bracelet. Haven't seen Green Tiger Eye before.

Patricia says:

I just bought two strands of what is called African Roar Tiger Eye. There is no chatoyance in these beads. Is this a normal occurance?

sonia says:

I don't think that chatoyance should be absent from any tiger's eye.

vindhyachal says:

Hello Sunnyray
I am very thankful to you for such a useful blog.
I want to know if we can wear some other stones like gomed along with tiger eye.
Which finger to wear tiger eye?

Sarah says:

I have recently got a necklace of tiger eye to help balance my emotions particularly with work. I have never felt so much peace and protection in myself in a long time. I'm jiust wondering though, how to cleanse my stone if anyone knows x

Mario says:

great website!
Would it be ok for me to carry tumbled red tiger eye along with quartz, smoky quartz and hematite in my pocket? Left or right pocket? My zodiac sign is Cancer and I would like to manifest good fortune.
Thank you in advance.

Heather says:

Yesterday I was out shopping around at one of my favorite stores, World Market. I was glancing over the jewelry they have there and they had two necklaces I got. A black obsidian and another tiger eyes necklace. Both cut into a Native American arrow head shape and polished to shine. But they were both real stones, hanging on copper/gold 28 inch thin chain necklaces. They were only $9.99 a piece so I got both of them. They hang down right above my sacral chakra. I love my two new necklaces. <3

angie says:

My mom passed away a little over a week ago. As a child my mom carried around this stone. I did not know she still had it until I had to go through everything. I am a solider and serving around the world, I now carry it with me as she did.

Sen says:

Hi, my birthday is 28th Jan, 1974, I am an Aquarius. Can I keep
1)CARNELIAN Gemstone Bracelet,
2) BLACK AGATE Gemstone Bracelet,
3) Jade Pencil shape Pendant,
4) Natural Amethyst Pencil Shape Pendant,
5) Original Quartz Crystal Pencil Shape Pendant,
(5A) bracelet and
(5B) small 20 ball,
6) Original natural Rose Quartz Heart Shape Pendant, and
(6a) bracelet,
7)Original Natural Tiger Eye Gemstone Bracelet.
---Is there any particular direction or room to place them in
---When I recharge them can all of them be washed together in luke warm water and then placed in sunlight
--Is is necessary to wear them or keep them in the wallet or will keeping them at home, office, bedroom,drawing room suffice
--Which stones/crystals should be placed in which room.
--I can take out the beads from the respective bracelets like tigers eye, black agnate,carnelian, rose quartz and place them in a room and in a certain direction in my house and i can also keep one or 2 beads in my pocket.
--Presently I am in need to ward of negative feelings, gain confidence to pursue my goals,carrier, and improve concentration for studies,which will lead to enchancement/promotion in my professional line, i need financial improvement also, and family peace too, but most of all i need to ward off negative feelings.
--I would be greatly obliged if u cud reply

ips says:

Can I wear tiger eye with yellow/white sapphire and emerald in the right hand? D.O.B. is 05.06.1967

charlene says:

Today whilst in town I popped into a shop to buy some incense. I was straight away drawn to the table containing the stones. All my attention was on the tigers eye so I bought one. I had my precious little girl in my arms, shes named africah-my little angel born 7 days overdue, on the 7th day the 7th hour and weighing the 7th lb. I'm experiencing many difficulties in my life right now, including my hair thinning out. I've been suffering with real bad scalp psoriasis. After reading about this stone I'm convinced I was destined to get this today. Thank you. I'm also Gemini :)

sunnyray says:

Hi charlene
Thank you for taking the time to share with us your experience with tigers eye. I wish you all the best and to solve your problems as soon as possible. With Love and Light, sunny

manish says:

My dob-09/04/1991 I want to know that in which finger should I wear my tiger eye ring and in which day... What I do before wearing ring to make it effective

sunny says:

Hi manish,
In order to make it effective, you should cleanse and charge it. In some cases you would also want to program your tiger's eye. As for the other question, we are preparing a new post solely devoted to that, so please stay tuned.

Kulwinder Singh says:

I bought tiger stone, dob 25/11/1970. I already bear ruby and emarld. Should tiger stone be benefical for me?

sunny says:

Hi Kulwinder Singh,
Thanks for your comment, but we really do not do personal astrology readings. That is not to say that Tigers stone can't be beneficial regardless of your particular date of birth if used the right way.

sunny says:

Read the interesting comment of Kate as a separate post here.

triveni says:

Very nice and full information on tiger eye.

Donna says:

I don't have any particular interest in geology or the healing properties of stones but for some reason unknown to me, I have been very drawn to tiger eye rings lately (I don't wear any jewellery at all) and I have purchased two.

I was curious as to why a 54 year old woman with no interest in the metaphysical properties of rocks is all of a sudden attracted to Tiger Eye.

My Google search bought me to this web page and I have really enjoyed reading all the comments.

I am none the wiser as to my own question but I want to thank you for the information I have learned here.

KM says:

A friend of mine gave me a tiger 's eye stone which is fairly large. I've set it into a ring of white gold. What are the advantages wearing the ring on either hand as it would fit the index and fore fingers.

belinda says:

Hi, I want to know if I can wear tigers eyes together with agate stone? Because I had purchased a tigers eye bracelet and also red agate bracelet with piyao pendant... Thanks and more power.

kginLa says:

I was drawn to the tigers eye bracelet and a hematite one so I bought them... wearing them on both hands switching back and forth ... I'm a Capricorn..... lets just say it's only been a day and I feel way more emotional than usual and it's bringing up a lot of unresolved feelings... Is that true of this stone? Need to set an intention too so I can repost if those helps w/ my career desire. THANKS...

ashwyn shetty says:

Can I wear 2 tiger stone in one ring.

sunnyray says:

@Donna, Tiger's eye is such a fantastic stone. Thanks for sharing. @belinda, yes you can wear them both. @kginLa, to me, Tiger's eye doesn't have the effect you describe, but we are all different. It is not necessarily a bad thing to bring up the unresolved feelings - it is a chance to resolve them deep down in your heart with love and forgiveness. @ashwyn shetty, yes you can.

Lindsaylee says:

Around ten or more years ago, I was standing at the shoreline in capitola ca and I looked down into the breaking wave and I found a beautiful tigers eye. About an inch wide and thick, perfect stone. I kept it safe for many years and now I am finding I have a use for it. I am in a very chaotic relationship! I'm a Cancer and my soulmate is a Sagittarius! Of course our complications go beyond this, that is why I am hoping this stone brings the power I've needed to endure this madness. To see the positive outcome that I know we are destined to have instead of the very frustrating snag we are in.

sunnyray says:

Thanks for sharing, Lindsaylee. I wish you a lot of love and light.

DragonSoldier187 says:

Sunnyray, could you please answer this I have myopia (and it's the same since 5th grade) and can the Tiger's Eye cure it? If so could you tell me if I have to place it somewhere on my body of I can just wear it on my hand?

Rhonda says:

Hi, i just wanted to say that my birthday was 9/17 and one of my students gave me a beautiful pair of Tiger eye earrings. It so happens I attended a Kundalini workshop on 9/19. Ive just read about the properties of this stone and it is perfect for me.

sunnyray says:

@DragonSoldier187: I would suggest wearing emerald for eyesight improvement. @Rhonda: Glad to hear that Rhonda.

Lindsay says:

I have a tiger eye ring, which i think i will wear on my left hand, i also have a labradorite stone that i keep on me at all times, this friday i was planning on cleansing my tarot cards and my ring and stone in sea salt and let it sit out in the full moon, is this smart to do with my tigers eye? or should i just cleanse it under running water like you stated before? Also, i just realized i didnt buy sea salt, i got himalayan pink salt, will this suffice in cleansing my tarot cards and crystals?

sunnyray says:

Hi Lindsay
Yes, that's quite OK and probably better than using running water. As for the Himalayan pink salt, I really have no experience with it. Thanks for commenting.

Lindsay says:

Is there a way i can tell if my tigers eye is real? I tried to research this on my own, I'm not sure if they can produce tigers eye from glass or any other type of synthetic material.

Jay says:

I have a tigers eye bracelet and have been wearing it on my left wrist for quite some time now. I have noticed it has helped in so many ways of my life, but today unfortunately my bracelet broke right after having a small argument with a significant other. Wanted to know if there is any bad karma or consequence from it breaking? Or can i just simply bead it back together with no worries? If anyone help it would be greatly appreciated.

sunnyray says:

@Lindsay: The point with Tiger's eye, as I understand it, is such that it is a quite inexpensive stone. It means that the probability of your Tiger's eye being fake should very low.
@Jay: Nothing to worry about. Just replace the broken beads, and cleanse and recharge your bracelet anew.

Sarah Pera says:

Hi Sunny, i found a tiger's eye in my backyard garden when I was weeding and cleaning the garden. I have given my sister my tiger's eye gemstone, and I found this tiger's eye gemstone in my backyard garden. What does that mean? They say sometimes the gemstone does not want to part with you. I don't know if it's true or not. Please email and let me know. Thanks.

sunnyray says:

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for the comment. In a sense you can say that. It is never a good idea to give away the stones we are particularly attached to.

rene says:

Hi evening, just want to knw can I wear moonstone and tiger eyes bracelet on my left wrist? As I love both together pls help ... thank you so much glad I found this website.

summer says:

My question I have for you today is I just bought a mix tiger eyes (it means all the color of tiger eyes in one bracelet and it's very beautiful). Can I wear it together with the moonstone? I would like to wear both on the left hand if possible?

Thanking you in advance.

sunnyray says:

Dear rene, dear summer
Of course you can wear a combination of stones you like or adore. There is no reason whatsoever why you shouldn’t.

soundsage says:

Wow, love that there is a response to every question asked. Namaste.

sunnyray says:

Namaste to you, soundsage. We try to answer as many questions as possible, even if our answers are usually a couple of days delayed.

Fiona says:

Hi, I have a tigers eye which I carry in my purse. Recently financially, things have been very difficult. I have not charged the stone in a very long while. Could that be a problem? And also how do I charge the stone? Thanks!

sunnyray says:

Hi Fiona
Thanks for the question. I am sorry to hear about your financial problems and I hope you will get out of them very soon. As for your question, in general, crystals and stones wouldn't work on their own. They need our conscious cooperation in order to be effective. That means not only charging them, but also programming them and using our own creative powers of visualization. You can find how to perform both methods on the this website.

Shayla says:

Hi Sunny,
I recently bought a bracelet with honey jade and two beads of tiger eye on it. I'm a Gemini. Do I have to cleanse the bracelet? What hand should I wear it on?

sunnyray says:

Using water to metapysically cleanse your bracelet is probably not an option. Therefore I would suggest using incense smoke. As for the hand, it depends on the type of energy you would like to emphasize: masculine (right) or feminine (left).

wiccan28 says:

Hi there, if a gemstone was found (a long banana shape gemstone - Tigers Eye), would it be bad luck to cleanse it and keep it? If so what should i do with it?

sunnyray says:

Hi wiccan28,
I wouldn't exactly say bad luck, but my philosophy is not to pick up stones when it is obvious that belong or used to belong to somebody (as opposed to stones found in nature for example). Now that you have the stone, it is up to you to decide whether to continue to use it, in which case I would recommend thorough cleansing, or bring it back to where you found it, if such a thing even makes sense any more.

Mona Bhasin says:

Hi I was diagnosed with lupus last year and had long journey... I have a passion for life and will make it to my grand children.. I have two young kids and doing my best to manage the disease which sometimes I feel is a blessing in disguise as I spend more time with them, resigned from work and being full time mum and wife makes me happy now.. I just got attracted to a tiger eye bracelet in a market but didn't buy as I wasn't sure. I am wearing a pearl and horse shoe nails ring. Is it okay for me to buy the bracelet.. Thanks

sunnyray says:

Hi Mona,
Thanks for the comment. If you feel attracted to the bracelet, I don't see why you shouldn't buy it, and see for yourself if it brings a positive effect. Sometimes we are intuitively attracted to certain stones and it usually means that they are the right choice for us at that particular point of time. Many blessings.

Shivani says:

I am appearing for boards this year and I was told 2 years back that tiger eye stone is very useful for concentration and helps a lot in studies. Yesterday a middle man brought this tiger eye to us in the noon. Immediately I had good results over studies but then when my dad came home last night, he and mom had an argument which was quite big. And mom started saying that this is all because of that stone. And she is asking me to give it back before anything more worse happens.. But these days I am having trouble concentrating and this stone is really helpful. Presently I have kept it in water in a copper vessel. Please help me what to do. Can tiger eye stone cause all such effects?
I used this stone 2 yrs back. But everyone started saying that i have turned aggresive so i myself removed it.

JKM says:

Hi Sunnyray,
Thanks for all the information.
By reading your article I have ordered the Tiger eye Bracelet from ebay and expecting it in few days. My Birth Sign is capricorn and date is 7th Jan. From the last few years I am experiencing a lot of setback and my marriage is delaying and career is also heading nowhere. I hope may God show mercy and show me path to get benefit from wearing this stone. Please guide if it is OK to wear this stone. Regards,

Lally says:

Hi! I was advised by a feng shui expert to wear tiger eye bracelet and a rose quartz bracelet. I forgot to ask in which hand should I be wearing the 2 bracelets. Should I wear both on the left hand? Thanks in advance :)

sartaj says:

Hi sunny.
I am wearing tiger eye along with blue saphire, diamond and carnelian. As I am libraian. Is there any problem.

sunnyray says:

@Shivani: Stones and crystals have been known to be a source of negative energy. They are not negative out of themselves, though, but due to someone's negative energy stored within them. Therefore, ALWAYS, I mean always, cleanse them before use. That means not only cleansing the physical dust, but also the accumulated negative energy from their past use. Water is a good cleansing agent, but in some cases may not be enough. Use also incense smoke, the earth and fire element, visualization, etc.

@JKM: Just wearing the stone isn't enough. You have to learn how to charge and program it. I wish you all the best. God bless!

@Lally: I am not an expert in feng shui, but it should depend on what kind of energy you need to emphasize - (Yin, left) or (Yang, right hand).

@sartaj: People say different things about the compatibility of stones. I always try to see how I feel when I wear crystals and stones together and make conclusions from personal experience. Otherwise, I see no problem with your gemstone combination.

krishna says:

A'm planning to buy tiger eye stone mala (necklace for men)..

Can I wear it for a long time..

Is there any issue if I wear it continuously 24/7*365 days...

Please reply to me asap

Vickram says:

Hi there. I wanted to know if you could tell me how to get the tigers eye activated? I tried a couple of things but I don't think it's working, and I'm a gemini btw.

sunnyray says:

Hi Vickram,
First thing you should do is cleansing the stone. Next, you should charge it with some sort of beneficial energy. The final step is programming it, in case you want your stone to help you achieve a certain goal in life.

akshay says:

Hi, I am a Taurean of aries ascendant DOB 6th mar 1979. As per my astrologer I am wearing citrine in right index finger and green emarald on right little finger. I had got a tiger eye pendant and wore it for some time after cleansing it with clean water than kept over night in salt water and one full day and night to receive energy from sun and moon and wore it post sunset on a Thursday, but I didn't find any changes as people would say and it acted normal. Lost it somewhere now planning to buy a tiger eye bracelet so wanted to know if I did cleansing wrong or is it normal for the stone to react slowly?

sunnyray says:

From what you describe, the cleansing procedure was more than enough. Regarding your expectations, the stones and crystals will support our intentions if programmed properly. But the real question is, do we really know what we want to achieve in life, and do we really know what's good and beneficial for us or we just think that we know. There is a big difference. Anyhow, if you want to speed up things in your life, and you want your crystals to help you in that, you should program them with your intentions. Thanks for the comment.

veera says:

Can I wear tiger stone with emarald??

NikkiD says:

Hi SunnyRay, If the tiger's eye is heart-shaped and placed over the heart as a pendant is it really strong in this case?

Is it okay to wear tiger's eye with silver if there is no access to gold?

sunnyray says:

@veera: Yes I don't see why not. @NikkiD: The shape in this case doesn't play any major role, apart maybe from the symbolic one. Silver is fine.

sukh says:

Hi..I'm a leo...I just wanted to know does this stone works in relationship or for marriage.

veeresh s biradargoudar says:

Every one can wear a tiger stone.

Zey says:

Hi, is it possible if I use smudge spray rather then smudge smoke...

sunnyray says:

I wouldn't use any sprays on crystals, Zey. It is much better to really smudge the stone.

raj says:

It's great to go through all this information. Can you please tell the procedure of wearing tiger stone, i.e., which day to wear, at what time, and what to do for cleaning the stone, for making it pure/sacred. Thanks

sunnyray says:

Raj, you may wear it whenever you feel like it. As for cleansing and making it sacred, take a look at the choosing-cleaning, charging and programming sections of

Samann says:

Hello Sunnyray,

What is a good place to source a tiger's eye crystal? I reside in India and had picked one up earlier which was quite expensive. Looking for a credible source.

sunnyray says:

Hi Samann. I guess any source is fine, as long as the stone is not too expensive. As far as I know, there are hardly any fake tiger's eye stones.

Conal says:

A friend gave me a tigerseye pendant for my birthday a few years back, for protective reasons (unexplained terrible luck and surrounding negative energy for most of my life, I've had people refuse to do readings on me out of fear), and as an emotion balancer. I wore it constantly under my shirt against my skin on my sternum. Not long after I was diagnosed with hereditary severe depression and an anxiety disorder, proving friends insight (or luck) when picking a protective stone for me.

Two months ago I was walking through the mall and I heard a clink on the ground like a dropped coin or something. I looked down to see half my pendant on the ground. It had not been knocked against anything and rested under my shirt as per usual.

Does the tigers eye breaking in this way bear significance? I kept the pendant out of sentimental value...should I have? I currently wear a pounamu manaia pendant.

sunnyray says:

Hi Conal,
Everything that happens to us in our lives bears some significance, only it is usually hard to tell what exactly upfront. I wouldn't think too much as to the meaning of that event. I would just replace the broken tigers eye with another piece. I wish you all the best and God bless!

Abhinava says:


I wanted to wear tiger's eye for financial luck and self confidence. I'm also wearing emerald and ruby. Will it effect on that as I have heard that some stones should never be worn together. So, does tiger's eye ,ruby and emerald are compatible.

sunnyray says:

Hi Abhinava, I personally never worry too much about the compatibility. If I feel like wearing the given combination, I always do.

MissSunset says:

Dear sunny

My Dob is 11.03.87. I have been very unhappy since a child & facing so many financial difficulties. According to my astrology reading I should be sent away for adoption. But my parents didn't. I'm like a fish out of water every single day of my life. Will tiger's eye suit me or which stone do you recommend the most ideal for me?

Many thanks in advance.

sunnyray says:

Dear MissSunset,

Stones may help, but above all it is your faith in your own powers as well as your faith in God's plan for you in this life that will help you the most. Stones and crystals are just auxiliary tools. According to your Zodiac sign, I would recommend Amethyst as your personal spiritual crystal. Many blessings!

MissSunset says:

Very kind! Many thanks & god bless you always Sunnyray.

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