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The magical world of crystals book by Olga Rezo


The knowledge about crystals originates from Atlantis. It is believed that people of Atlantis developed technology for obtaining crystals synthetically, which enabled them producing crystals of extended proportions to be used for different purposes. With such produced crystals they set into motion gigantic amounts of energy and used it for the benefit of their society. At one point, the same magnificent energy was misused, leading to the destruction of Atlantis.

This knowledge was confirmed in ancient Egypt. It is believed that the Egyptian pyramids could have only been built by using large crystals.

Druids that had descended from the Egyptian priests transferred the knowledge of crystals into Europe. Some say that Stonehenge in England was erected using the help of crystals.

On the American continent we can also find confirmation of the use of crystals of great proportions through the grandiose construction endeavors of the Mayas and Aztecs.

Even in those ancient times, the cream of the world's spirituality got to know the meaning and healing flames of crystals. In time, they started to distinguish the most significant flames: the blue, yellow, pink, white, green, gold and violet. They also started to differentiate the Seven Light Rays - the wondrous world of enlightenment. Out of the crystals those seven flames were radiating like a Sun. Many Millennia, this was considered a mystery.

Now, in the Aquarian Age, the enlightenment is no longer uncommon. Today most people walk on their spiritual ladder - on their path - conscious of themselves as being that path, as if they were sun rays imbued by the golden essence of the Self, and they are indeed more and more at One with God.

Crystals are condensed, materialized light, which helps us and is befriended by us. We just have to ask our crystals and they will donate their special energy that comes out from their own nature. All we have to do is make the right selection of crystals, according to what our needs are, and what we want to achieve.

Each of the Light Flames has its own crystal and day in the week, properties and gifts it bears depending on its unique nature. The outpouring of these Light Rays can bring to us, for instance, increased energy of peace, love, truth, purity, ascension, resurrection, God's Will, freedom, etc.

Further on, this can increase our creative potential, provoke creative thinking, ingenuity, intuition, inspiration, knowledge, inspiration, memory. It can connect us to the source of wisdom; enlighten our inner life, bringing insights into our magnificent future.

Alongside with the different types of crystals, the shapes of crystal are of great practical importance in crystal applications for spiritual purposes. Here is the list of crystal shapes that are significant and can help us in our spiritual work.

  • Transparent crystal

  • Geode

  • Cluster

  • Single terminated wand

  • Double terminated wand

  • Laser wand

  • Wand blurred in its basis

  • Crystal ball

  • Crystal egg

  • Crystal cylinder

  • Crystal cube

  • Crystal disk

  • Crystal wand, single terminated, irregular on the other end

  • Crystal plane

  • Abundance crystal

  • Occlusions

  • Window facet

  • Manifestation crystal

  • Crystal Chronicler

  • Star crystal

  • Crystal bubbles

  • Ghost in a crystal wand

  • Prism crystal

  • Layered crystal

  • Elestial

  • Diamond window

  • Diamond ring in a wand

  • Black ring in a wand

  • Getaway in a wand

  • Crystal Key

  • Third eye crystal

  • Friends

  • Twin souls

  • Bridge crystal

  • Cross crystal

  • Generator

  • Cathedral

  • Scepter crystal

  • Vogel crystal

  • Tourmalated quartz wand

  • Fluorite Wand

  • Obsidian Wand

  • Amethyst Wand

  • Rosen quartz Wand

  • Smoked quartz Wand

  • Selenite Wand

  • Ghost in a laser wand

  • Window in a crystal

  • Eye crystal


pete lopez says:

I truly believe that all this is new age and very secular. We do need help to higher spiritual path and growth. The people from the past were not dumb at all. They were very intelligent people who saw to gain emotional strength and physical strenght through new age or higher source. I am trying to achieve this type of mental and physical strength myself. I need some help myself and searching by other source of means. Pete

sel says:

I would like to ask: Is sapphire a crystal or mineral? I am inclined to crystals or any kind of earth stones? How can sapphire help the body healing? Has it healing power on the body? How is it to use its power to stimulate its energy to me?

sunny says:

Hi sel. Look here for more info on the properties of Sapphires.

Zack says:

I was wondering which crystal was best for the Ouija board.

sunny says:

To tell you honestly, Zack, I would not use the Ouija board in the first place.

Hayley says:

You know I really am interested in getting involved with the shape of crystals too. I keep seeing how one shape of quartz can mean abundance and another formation means dolphin etc, and all have different properties. Up until now I have been focusing on the colors and type of stone, but it looks like shape is something to pay attention to as well.

sunnyray says:

Yes, you are right. The shape is important too, as it may determine the flow and transformation of metaphysical energy through the crystal.

Sunirmal says:

I want to know more about crystals.

sunnyray says:

Dear Sunirmal
You are free to explore the fantastic world of crystals. It is a great journey indeed. Thanks for commenting

Tina says:

I have a tourmaline necklace carved in the shape of Buddha. Is it worth wearing, or should I look for faceted one.

sunnyray says:

Dear Tina,
Thanks for the comment. Your necklace doesn't have to be faceted in order to work. In fact, some people believe that the closer the crystal is to its natural shape, the greater the metaphysical benefits.

Cherry says:

Are Natural Chips In Tumbled Stones Alright?

sunnyray says:

Hi Cherry,

It is certainly all right to use them and they will perform their function just fine.

mikro says:

All crystals are minerals, they are made of minerals who produce crystals during the process of crystallization.

sunnyray says:

Speaking in strict technical terms, you are right mikro. No question about it.

Zee Mshwao says:

Hi there I would like to know how to go about getting one to attract money



sunnyray says:

Hi Zee
Thanks for taking the time to comment on this post. Sure, you can use stones to attract money. It's more about your ability to visualize abundance and program your stones with your intent of attracting abundance than it is about a selection of stones. For example, Tiger's eye could be a good stone to program for that.

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