Spiritual and healing properties of Dragon's eye


What are the spiritual and healing properties of Dragon's eye?


Thanks for your inquiry. Dragon's eye is a nice looking and important metaphysical stone. Here is a short overview of its properties.

Dragon's eye is a variation of a very popular stone which is known as tiger's eye. The main characteristics of this stone are grounding and personal integrity. This stone will promote a sense of pragmatic care for all the things around us, as well as strength and will to take care of our own needs. Some people like to think of it as a helping tool when difficult times occur. It can help us survive in times of disaster, and turmoil, by teaching us how to save and accurately distribute our strength, energy and resources. In line with this, dragons eye is considered a focus of energies that protect our wealth, money, happiness and peace.

The color of Dragon's eye is red with attractive stripes that produce glistening almost silky glow. Its color comes from the increased concentration of hydrated iron oxide. Notable occurrences of this stone are in Brazil, South America in general, USA, and Australia.

Healing properties of Dragon's eye

dragon's eye stone This is especially good crystal for enhancing our stamina and physical vitality. It awakens the life streams within our body, helping in creating habits of healthy life in the sense of working out and using health promoting foods in our everyday diet. In this we see this stone's function of health prevention.

On the psychic level, it offers a practical and optimistic perspective to the one who wears it on a regular basis. It promotes an experience of increased energy, and healthy vibrations. It increases our ability to recognize the beauty of life and all its manifestations and stimulates our passion so that we are able to take part in it. This stone will increase our life energy, vitality, and positive moods.

The more light and colorful nuances of dragon eye will bring a sense of optimism and elevation. This stone is simply full of intensity. At the same time it is a calming stone -- it will keep the heat down with all those people who have problems dealing with their unpredictable temperaments. Therefore, dragon's eye is great crystal to help reestablish our disturbed balance on physical and emotional and mental levels, great for meditation and healing, and beneficial for psychic work. It reduces anxiety, prevents hypochondriac behaviour, eliminates fear and promotes concentration and motivation.

In crystal therapy, this stone is considered beneficial for the lungs and bronchial tubes, brain and nerves. It strengthens the bones, and joints; it looses the muscles and tendons. It is also believed to help when there are problems with the bladder and prostate.

If there was only one chakra it would have to be assigned to, it would be the root or base chakra muladhara. Muladhara is the most grounding of all chakras, and thus dragon eye is a mildly grounding stone.

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