Dream Interpretation - Sergeant Passed Away

Hiiii I have a question ....I dreamed that my sergeant passed away and when I entered his office everyone was crying except me because I was so numbed....afterwards the other officers started gathering his stuff from his desk while I looked on sad and upset.... then we were all in his funeral and I saw his body in the coffin while the priest talked...the priest said something about angels flying with him...I wanted to know if my sarge is going to die!!?? I really care about him because he's always there whenever I had problems...I guess the reason why I dreamed about this is because he got promoted to lieutenant and I am going to miss him... please help interpret what this dream is suppose to be thank you!

Answer: Hi,

I believe that the best way to interpret a dream is to rely on your own thoughts, feelings and associations. That said, I think you already managed to inerpret your dream. You are going to miss your sergeant being promoted and going away, and you fear that the relationship between you and him is going to come to an end.

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Marlon Abrahams says:

A couple of years ago I dreamed I was standing on the edge of a very very high cliff holding hands with someone dressed in a long white gown and much taller than me. We were looking at the world below. I did not bother looking up to his face because in my heart I new who it was and I felt an amaizing sense love, happiness and security..

Thank you


Sunny says:

Thanks for sharing, Marlon

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