Dream of a Dead Friend

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My son lost a very close friend 3 months ago, this hurt him very much. He was the next door neighbor's grand son. Only 17 years old his name is Ashlyn. My sons name is Rendell. On the Monday the 02/01/2012, Rendell had a dream of Ash. Ashlyn was standing like he always does over the wall of my house. Rendell asked him "Hey Ash, what are u doing here? Are u back?" Ash was smiling at him and said "Yes it is me and I am back". Rendell grabbed his hand and felt it and said "Boy are u ok". He laughed with Rendell and said he was good and happy. Then Rendell just hugged him very tightly and said "Just don't leave me again". Then Rendell got up. Please help make sense of this.

Answer: Hi there,

One thing which is very clear from your question is that your son's friend must have come, even within a dream, to say goodbye. This kind of dream is very common amongst close friends.

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