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Electrical Discharge Between Quartz and Citrine

My name is Brandon. I love your website; there are tons of good stuff on here. I think I couldn’t quite get from the reading. I had this amazing experience with crystals this summer (August). I walked in to a vintage clothing shop in Vancouver B.C. Canada. As my girlfriend shopped, I was pulled up to the counter where there was a long, low now filled with sand and crystals (quartz, citrine, and amethyst). I ran my hand over a couple inches above the hole box and it made my hand feel tingly. I started picking them, picking them all up and feeling a bit different energy from each one. I picked out two for me: one Quartz and one Citrine. When I brought them right together, there was a electric charge between them. It was a field only 2-3mm wide but then when I put them both in one hand they wanted to stick together. It was the most amazing thing I have ever felt. I shows the owner of the store and a couple other people when I held the quartz and they held the citrine and brought it up to my quartz they could feel the repelling effect... This charge lasted a couple hours, I had a nap with them resting on my heart and when I woke up the effect was nearly gone,,, a very slight charge lasted for a few days but it eventually disappeared. I have been trying to find out more about this but haven't been able too. Thank you very much for your time! I would love to here back from you, your thoughts about this!!! Peace
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Answer: Dear Brandon,

Thanks for sharing your amazing experience with us. We should always leave some room for magic in our lives, because, in truth, everything that's happening to us is magical, even the most ordinary things. The scientists would say that Quartz and Citrine are piezoelectric, which means that they can convert mechanical pressure into electricity and vice versa. The electric charge could originate from there, but the magic is still present. For example, the physical phenomenon itself cannot explain why that occurred to you at that particular point of time, why between the two particular crystals you selected, and so on. Thanks again.

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