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Elohim Tranquility, Elohim of the Sixth Ray

Elohim Tranquilitas (or Tranquility) is one of the Seven Mighty Elohim of our planet Earth. Elohim Tranquilitas serves, alongside Archangel Uriel on the Sixth Golden Ruby Ray of Divine Peace, Mercy, Devotion, and Spiritual Healing.

The Great Elohim Tranquilitas - Divine Complement Pacifica, Elohim of Eternal Peace and Service says:

I am Elohim of Service and Peace. All of you who devote your interest and life to spiritual development, slowly but surely lift your life from the limitations of human existence and mundane reality.

We endeavor to build for you a “Bridge to Freedom”, a solid foundation. But I tell you here, now, and forever, if you fall into one of the so-called seven mortal sins: lust or desire, disapproval or anger, greed or envy, sloth or indifference, pride or arrogance, or into some of the other similar transgressions, no matter how perfect your service, at the end of the day only dust will be left.

Peace is no passive quality. Peace is the most positive and the most focused activity of strength. How much strength and composure you need to preserve your own peace, to be absolutely balanced and to master any situation, no matter what hurdles are thrown your way in your family life, professional life, or your service to God.

Let the Ruby Flame flow through you and out into any life you came in close contact with, so you can bless it and harmonize it.

Prayer to Elohim Tranquilitas

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You can say the following prayer to Elohim Tranquilitas every Friday:

“Beloved Elohim Tranquilitas, before all accept and embrace my attempts to win your Golden ruby flame of Love and Peace.

Let your flame of peace shine bright, as powerful as thousands of suns, into the brain and feelings of anything that lives on Earth, and into any being that is to incarnate in the future.

Keep your flame burning until peace on Earth and good will to all life becomes living reality.

Beloved Elohim Tranquilitas, I love you, bless you, and thank you on behalf of the entire human race for your devoted service to our planet.

Let your comic Flame of Love, Mercy, Service, and Spiritual Healing burn in me, and through me toward all the other people.

I thank you so much.”

Check out also this Friday invocation.

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Based on the book "Angels" by Olga Rezo.


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