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Feng Shui For Your Office Desk

By Jim D

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of interior decorating using the principles of Ch'i, the life energy that binds us to our surroundings. An obstacle in the movement of Ch'i causes most of the failures in our lives. Success in our chosen profession is the ultimate goal of most individuals. This can be achieved more freely when the office desk is aligned in such a way that Ch'i flows unhindered.

Here are some Feng Shui Do's and Don'ts for your office desk:

  • Place the desk in such a way that when you sit your back is towards the wall and you have a clear view of the entrance.
  • Do not place the desk directly in front of the doorway. You will become agitated and confused.
  • Do not position the desk directly in the centre of the room. This will make you lose power and authority.
  • Do not position the desk towards  the stairs, storage rooms, elevators, escalators, toilets etc. The coming and going from these areas will distract you from your work.
  • Do not place the desk under a window unless the view from the window is clear of prying eyes and other buildings.
  • If you have to sit with the desk against the wall, place a mirror above the desk so that you can see what is going on behind your back.
  • feng shui statue
  • Keep your working space clean and tidy. Nothing obstruct Ch'i more than a messy desk. Throw away old calendars, post-it notes, diaries etc.
  • Position your computer to the west side of the desk to increase creativity or alternatively to the southeast side to generate income.
  • Keep your business essentials like telephone, fax machine, printer in the south east side of the desk to encourage more business.
  • Place a plant in a red pot on the east side of your desk to encourage good health and boost your energy levels while working.
  • You can also place a Bamboo or Money tree on the southeast side of the desk to bring in wealth.
  • Do not keep Cacti or Aloe Vera or any such pointed edge plants on your desk.
  • If you can, place an aquarium or a fish bowl on the north end of the desk with black and blue fish. These absorb any negative energy while water promotes good health.
  • And finally hide unseemly computer cables and cords to avoid giving a sense of chaos.

About the Author

This Article was brought you you by Jim D - a Feng Shui consulatant. Why not treat your office to some new office desks, change can good for the soul! Have you any Feng Shui tips? Share them with us in the comments below!


The above guest post is published based on the premise that it will be helpful and informative. The opinions made within it are those of the author and not of The links you may find within this post do not necessarily imply our recommendation or endorsement of the views expressed within them.

What to Put Where

Here is an illustration of the 9 bagua quadrants of your office desk. Below the image you can find an example about what you could put in the corresponding area of the desk.

illustration of the 9 quadrants of the feng shui on your office desk
  • Abundance: valuable item, money.
  • Fame & reputation: motivational item, business card.
  • Love & relationship: flower or photo of the two of you.
  • Family: family photo
  • Health: keep it free of clutter
  • Creativity: creative items, pen or journal.
  • Wisdom: reference book
  • Career: motivational quote
  • Travel: address book

Here are some other ideas how to Feng Shui Your Desk in order to Increase productivity and focus:


tommy says:

I see now that cactus in an office is not recommended according to feng shui. What about cactus in your home?

sunny says:

Plants, in general, are are considered good feng shui, provided of course that they are healthy and that you care for them properly. However cactuses are a separate case.

On the positive side, the needles of the cactus symbolize positive, protective energy. If placed in the wrong place, however. they might be very negative, not just physically, but also emotionally. These negative places include offices, kitchens, bedrooms, dining rooms and front doors. The only beneficial place is to put your cactus in the "fame career and reputation" quadrant of your home. This area expresses who you are and what you want to be known for in the world. Putting your cactus there will signify protection of your reputation and career. The "fame career and reputation" quadrant is directly across from the entrance of the room, or your home as a whole.

Glen says:

Hi, thanks for the useful information. I work in an office cubicle and have to share office space. How can I improve the energy of my desk in such a situation?

sunnyray says:

Even though you cannot do much to improve the energy of the other cubicles, there are several points you should be able to do in order to bring good, balanced feng shui energy in yours. First, determine whether or not you are facing the office entrance. If not, you should at least have a mirror or a reflecting object so that you can see the reflection of the office door. Next, you could have some fengshui plants, some art and photos that remind you of positive, happy moments from the past. You could also reduce clutter in your cubicle and organize all your objects in a clear way.

Gloria says:

Nice article. If you want to improve your creativity and productivity, I would recommend freeing your office desk surface of any clutter. Clutter can be defined of things on your desk that are not organized or finished. A good advice can be dividing the desk into sections, each of which is dedicated to a certain area of your life. For example, prosperity area is the top left corner of your desk. To attract wealth and money put a valuable item in that part.

sunnyray says:

Thanks for sharing, Gloria. That's a great advice.

gina says:

Hi!. I agree that the most important part is facing the entrance to your cubicle. I couldn't change my position in the cube, so I had to place a middle sized framed mirror that reflected the entrance. After that, I felt much better, and things at work changed for the better. Seeing the entrance is a basic subconscious human need, so make sure you do that in your office.

Abi says:

When you say Southeast Side, am I facing my desk, which means it is actually on my righthand side close to me when seated?

sunnyray says:

Hi Abi and thanks for the comment. The above was a guest post by Jim, and I can see that the description about the fundamental feng shui quadrants is somewhat misleading. Here is link to a photo that better describes the main idea behind this article (irrespective of the four directions): office feng shu desk facing

Yash says:

Hi, I m having a cubical desk which is facing the south west of the compass direction. And the entrance door is in East of my desk.So if I divide my desk in to sections as the for energize the frame/reputation I have to take the compass direction of south (top left corner of the desk) or top middle section of the desk?

sunnyray says:

Hi Yash
I'm not an expert, so somebody please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it should be the top middle section of the desk.

Salome says:

Great advice. Thank you for sharing.

Gern says:

Nice article but your article doesn't say what color your desk should be. Here's what beng shui and beyond has to say: green desk color brings balance and concentration; brown color brings phsyical energy and strength; black colored desk brings introspection and moves energy downward; white desk is good for the mind but not so good for the body; bright colored desks make the mind and body restless. What do you think.Thanks.

mari says:


My office desk is facing (in line with the main door) and i have a wall at my back. I have read that having a wall at your back is good but not a good feng shui if your desk is in line on the main door. I can not re align or move my desk because of the limited space. What remedy is possible to counter the bad energy. Thank you

sunnyray says:

Hi mari, This is a good question. Do anything you can possibly do get yourself off the line of energy coming in through the door. For example, place something on your desk, a plant or lamp to hide you from the energy coming in from the door, while still allowing seeing people that enter your office.

Hiedee says:

Hello.. Our company reaaranged our seating where I am no placed in the middle of the room facing a wall, 176°S. At my right are walk in and out doors aligned with each other of another office then the pathway. To my left is wall then another door at NE side. Behind me are cabinets.

Sharon says:

Hi. I am seated with a big window panel behind my desk and a beam above my head. Currently company has installed a white coloured blind over the window panel but still see through. How can I improve the fengshui further? Thank you in advance.

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