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Why you have to feng shui your kitchen to attract harmony and prosperity

By sunny breeze

Ideally, your kitchen is the place for preparing healthy meals that will sustain nourishment and energy for you and your entire family. But according to the principles of Feng shui, your kitchen can be so much more...

The ancient science of Feng shui teaches us that our kitchen is our source of abundance, harmony, prosperity and good fortune. Therefore, you should approach it with celebration of life and infinite abundance of energy in mind.

In addition, you absolutely have to Feng shui your kitchen. There are some aspects that you have to avoid and others that you have to implement. By aspects we mean a number of simple rules that, if followed, will strengthen the flow of beneficial energy and increase the well-being of your home and family.

In this article we will explore these rules and the different aspect of how to Feng shui your kitchen to maximize the beneficial energy influx.

In Feng shui, we deal with 5 basic elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Amongst them, the fire element brings the active force necessary for achieving abundance. And guess what ... your kitchen is represented by this element. That is to say that your financial situation and prosperity are reflected in your kitchen.

Health, wealth, prosperity, vitality, and happiness are all aspect of our life mirrored in the food we eat, so we should pay attention to the place where our food is cooked.

If you kitchen is in balance, clean, airy, and light, you will love to be there and prepare food. As you have turned it into a peaceful environment, your own energy field will be peaceful and in harmony too. If your kitchen radiates vibrant energy and warmth, this vital force will be transferred to the food you cook.

One cannot overestimate how important this is. People usually think that there is only the material (physical and chemical) side to the food they eat. However, if they could use clairvoyance or super-sensible vision to observe the prepared meal, they would see that the food they eat is imbued with all sorts of energies that have no physical presence, including those from the environment and from the cook.

So how can you quickly and easily improve the feng shui of your kitchen? Here is a short list:

  • Keep your kitchen clean and free from clutter, especially all the surfaces.
  • Keep all the cabinets and counter-tops neat and well organized.
  • Keep out of sight every single thing that is not used every day.
  • Remove any and all broken items from the kitchen.
  • Remove any photos of relatives, friends, or family members from the kitchen.
  • Hide the trash can below the sink or inside some of the kitchen elements.
  • Avoid having to many elements with pointed corners. Replace them with rounded corners.
  • Avoid using fluorescent lights.
  • Use bright, sunny and optimistic colors.
  • Use real fire to cook if you can, for example, wood ovens or gas cook-tops.

I hope you can see that, in most of the cases, only a small effort is needed from your side to improve the Feng shui in your kitchen and automatically improve the health and vitality of your home.

For your convenience I've list below additional, in-depth resources that will help you polish and enhance every facets of your kitchen, starting from choosing kitchen colors, via oven direction, to using mirrors and refrigerators.

Choosing the Best Feng Shui Colors For Your Kitchen

kitchen of cheerful colors

In the brief list above we have already indicated how important it is to choose the right color for your kitchen, because this color brings life, vitality and balance. Here are some online guidelines that really help in choosing the proper and absolutely best Feng shui color for your new kitchen.

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Kitchen Layout and Arrangement

spacious kitchen

We have seen that your kitchen symbolizes manifestation of wealth, prosperity, and well-being in your home. Therefore it absolutely has to be located at the most favorable position. Here are some tips for identifying the best sectors of your house for the location of the kitchen.

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Kitchen Feng Shui for Small Apartments

tight layout kitchen

Some apartments have very small kitchens. The question is how much this small space could be an obstacle to Feng shuiing your kitchens. This resource offers some advices for all of you who have tight layouts but love to cook and use their kitchen often.

Get them from here.

Kitchen Stove Height and Related Dilemmas

kitchen stove

Your kitchen stove is certainly one of the most important elements. The link below offers a number of helpful tips on the height of stove and sink, stove facing windows, sharing the same wall as the stove, how important the size of the kitchen is, and more.

Read the answers to these dilemmas here.

Understanding the Feng Shui of Oven Direction


Here is an answer to the question of proper Feng shuiing the oven mouth direction.

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How a Mirror Behind the Stove Affects the Feng Shui of the Kitchen


This is about having mirrors in the kitchen and specifically behind the kitchen stove. How and if they affect the positive Feng shui flow.

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How to Get the Right Kitchen Sink

kitchen sink video

This youtube video will show you how to get the right kitchen sink for your home, so that you can maximize the beneficial energy that flows through your kitchen.

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Feng Shuiing Your Kitchen Refrigerator

kitchen fridge

This is a controversial topic because when Feng Shui was first worked out, several thousands years ago, there were no refrigerators. The stove was the main focus of the kitchen. Today the fridge is just as important as the stove, and therefore we have to devise some Feng shui knowledge about it as well.

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Fengshui and Microwave Oven

microwave oven

In fact, a microwave oven is not really recommended as a part of your kitchen. If you absolutely have to have it there, here are some Fengshui tips on how to minimize its impact on the yin and yang energies in your kitchen.

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Simple Kitchen Cures and Tips for Good Feng Shui

kitchen sink

Here are some additional tips about Feng shuiing your kitchen for beneficial family life, good health and harmony.

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That's it. With these tips on good Feng shui for your kitchen, you can be sure to improve the harmony, prosperity and beneficial energy that enters your life. Do you have something to add from personal experience? Do you have something to share? If you like, you can share with us your thoughts in the comment section below.

About the Author

Sunny breeze is a member of sunnyray's editorial staff.


Marge says:

I was initially leery about Feng Shui until a friend swore things changed after reading Lillian Too's Living with Good Feng Shui book and applying it into her day-to-day life. Googled it and found a copy from Noon Books ( I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, applying it and waiting for positive results. I swear life seems to just "flow" now instead of just "chug along" if you know what I mean. Money comes in from unexpected sources and relationships seem to require no effort. Life just seems happier. I can't explain it, but it works. I guess at the end of the day that's what it all boils down to. Super thankful I stumbled upon this and gave it a chance.

keps says:

I'm a true believer in fengshui. One book that really helped me a lot is Veronica Fujii's book on Feng shui. It gave me a lot of tips how to get started with rearranging my home to achieve a positive flow of energy. With this book you will be able to bring harmony to your home and your entire life too.

Valerie says:

I have a question maybe you can answer. We had a neighbor who is now gone, who was clearly Chinese and had symbols on the door and little feng shui jade statues on the common steps outside. The neighbor is now gone, the apartment is empty and the jade statues had been blown into the bushes several times by the landscapers when they come. I have rescued them and replaced them several times.
My question is, I would like to adopt these statues and give them a new home in my place. I have great respect for eastern traditions and have followed eastern spirituality for nearly 30 years, and I had been drawn to this collection of small statues since we moved in. They make me smile whenever I see them. Is it prudent that I should be able to take them in and clean them up and give them a new home, or would that be something that is bad energy? They have clearly been left behind as the place is empty otherwise. Thanks for any insight you can give me!!!

sunnyray says:

Hi Valerie. Thanks for the comment. I feel the same about the eastern traditions. They contain a great wealth of wisdom to be discovered. If you insist on keeping the statues from your neighbor, I would suggest thoroughly cleansing them to get rid of the accumulated energy. Or even better, you could always purchase similar brand new jade statues.

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