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How Feng Shui Helps In Your Success And Prosperity By Samantha

feng shui prosperity

Also known as Chinese geomancy, Feng Shui is a traditional practice reigning from China. As the tradition goes, it is a method of divination that uses energy forces to bring harmony amongst individual objects in the surrounding environment of the subject. The term Feng Shui literally translates to “wind-water” in English. Therefore, these natural energy forces play a huge role when siting Feng Shui in real life... Read more

Ways to Boost Positivity into Your Home By Sarah

home feng shui

Your home is a sacred space. But in order to relax, unwind and feel at ease in your home, it’s important to make sure the space is inviting and cultivates positivity. This is especially true if you have just moved into a new home as it can take a while to get full comfortable in your new place... Read more

Tips to Create Good Feng Shui in Your Bathroom By Lori

bathroom feng shui

Fengshui in bathroom decor tips are some of the most overlooked when it comes to house remodeling yet they can significantly upgrade the look and feel of a bathroom. Feng shui is an ancient system of organizing a home to provide a harmonious flow of energy. The right feng shui can uplift the energy in a house, provide balance, and attract good fortune and well-being to its inhabitants... Read more

You Can Use Plants to Purify Air According to Science and Feng Shui By sunny breeze

plant for air purification

Whether or not you believe in Feng shui (ancient Chinese art of harmonizing your home with the surrounding environment), it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you can use plants to purify your home air. That’s for sure. Because of the presence of common VOCs (volatile organic compounds), other household chemicals, and pollutants, our indoor air can be much more polluted than the outside air... Read more

21 Basic Feng Shui Mirrors Tips Everyone Should Know About By sunny breeze

feng shui mirror tips

Mirrors are as essential to Feng Shui as one can imagine. And they seem to fit everywhere. Do you want to bounce off negative energy? No problem. Use mirrors. Do you want to direct good energy? No problem. Again use mirrors. Some business owners claim they can double the number of customers and increase sales multiple times just by using mirrors... Read more

30 Feng Shui Tips For Your Master Bedroom By sunny breeze

feng shui master bedroom

According to Feng Shui your bedroom is a place where the life energy is calmer, more relaxed, and quiet. It is an inactive part of your home, a place of rest, so you would have to make sure there are no distractions. Any distraction, either in form of negative energy, too much light, noise, wrong colors, or wrongly placed objects will prevent you from getting a good night's sleep and feeling restful in the morning... Read more

Bad and Good Feng Shui Plants By sunny breeze

feng shui plant

There is no point dwelling much on whether a feng shui plant is good or bad. They are neither good or bad per se. Here, we should rather be focusing on proper positioning of the plants in some particular feng shui bagua areas in your house of office. However, since feng shui is concerned with the flow of energy throughout your house, a lot of emphasis should be placed on the energy of the plant... Read more

The 8 Trigrams in Feng Shui Explained By nvg

8 trigrams

The 8 Trigrams are, in fact, ancient Chinese symbols whose origins lie in the I Ching - The Book of Changes. Each trigram is represented by 3 lines, the top line represents the influence of the Heaven, the middle represents the influence of the Humanity and the lowest line represents the influence of the Earth. Various combinations of these trigrams exist, and they can be interpreted having in mind the influential forces of the Heaven (Yang) and Earth (Yin)... Read more

The 9 Star Ki and the 5 Elements By sunny breeze

5 elements

This article is a brief introduction into the Nine star Ki system of Astrology based on the ancient knowledge of the Chinese and Japanese civilisations. We will briefly go through the most important definitions of the elements and forces in charge, so that you can get the necessary understanding of the basic principles. Then we will provide some insight into how to determine your personal Ki numbers and use the acquired knowledge in everyday life... Read more

Why Having Good Feng Shui Can Substantially Improve Your Fame and Reputation By sunny breeze


Whether you are aware or not, the energies that Feng shui talks about work all the time. That holds true for all areas of our life, and in particular, for our fame and reputation. So, having your home arranged according to the principles of good, positive Feng Shui is very powerful for advancing your popularity and reputation. Sometimes you can consciously put certain things or rearrange some items in your house to achieve the desired effect of good Feng shui... Read more

Where to Place Your Cactus to Ensure Good Feng Shui By sunny breeze

cactus plant

A couple of years ago I knew a married couple who were great cactus-lovers. When I went for a brief visit on some business matters, I noticed that they had cactus plants all over their living room. They were of different size and type and I couldn't help noticing how good they actually looked. The placement of the cactus plants was subtle and in harmony with the overall look of the room. But, the problem was, the guy was complaining of being nervous, itchy and irritable, and all that without any obvious reason. To make things worse, I noticed that his wife was also on the edge. Knowing about the basic Feng Shui principles, it was clear why their living room had become a place of conflict instead of a place of cooperation and harmony... Read more

Feng Shui Symbols and Their Meanings By sunny breeze

the dragon in feng shui

A good deal of today's feng shui is based on symbolism. Because of that, we are witnesses of overemphasized and excessive use of feng shui symbols in home decor, and to a lesser degree in commercial spaces. However, the original Feng Shui wasn't based on using symbols and figures, at least not in this prevalent way. In Feng shui, there are two types of symbols. The first type can be used to attract some sort of happiness in our life. We are going to present some of them in this post and explain them in detail. The second type is used to cure some sort of negative energy or disharmony... Read more

Main Doors and Their FengShui Significance By Jove Arthur

windows in feng shui

According to fengshui experts, the front door or main door of a residential home or a business establishment plays a big role in the flow of chi or energy.
The front door is also called the “mouth of chi” as it attracts the good energy for your house. This energy provides nourishment so the strength and balance of the front door dictates the quality of energy brought to the house and the people who live in it... Read more

Useful Feng Shui Tips For a Peaceful Environment By l.m.

windows in feng shui

Feng Shui is a Chinese system of energy flow and balance that combines the Divine and Natural laws in effort to create a peaceful living environment and to improve our lives in general. This is an ancient system which derives its name from the word Feng, which means wind, and Shui, which means water. The point is that in the past this practical system was implemented by following the natural flow of wind and water in the environment to find the optimal location of ideal energy. In Feng shui it is believed that the universal energy flows with the wind and scatters, but when water is encountered this energy is retained... Read more

Feng Shui For Your Office Desk By Jim D

feng shui statue

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of interior decorating using the principles of Ch'i, the life energy that binds us to our surroundings. An obstacle in the movement of Ch'i causes most of the failures in our lives. Success in our chosen profession is the ultimate goal of most individuals. This can be achieved more freely when the office desk is aligned in such a way that Ch'i flows unhindered... Read more

4 Simple Steps To Grow A Money Tree By Wayne Tammons

The Money Tree, also known as the Jade Plant, Friendship Tree, and Lucky Plant, is known for brining good luck to it's owners. Its scientific name is Crassala ovata, and Feng Shui experts commonly prescribe Money Trees to those wishing to change their fortunes for the better. Whether the Money Tree will bring you financial bliss or not, they make beautiful house plants with their thick, dark green succulent leaves and star shaped flowers. Read more