The metaphysical properties of Fire Opal are related to loyalty and trust. Because of the interplay of colors and light, Fire Opal is considered a stone of magical powers. This crystal helps improve sight, protects from contagious diseases, and eases the pain that originates from grief and sorrow.

Fire opal symbolizes magic, love, progress, hope, happiness and truth. This stone will increase your personal power and can protect you from harm and danger. A popular belief holds that it fades near poison.

The Physical properties of Fire Opal

fire opal stone

The composition of Fire Opal, much like in the case of other types of Opal, is amorphous silica mixed with a relatively large percentage of water. Therefore, its chemical formula is SiO2n(H2O). The color of this stone comes from traces of iron oxide. It can be yellow, orange or fire-red. The hardness of Fire opal is between 5.5. and 6.5

The tolerance of Fire Opal to heat, acid or alkaline environment is weak. It is also very unfavorable if this stone is forced to give over all its moisture, for example by exposing it to excessive light or heat, as it will become cloudy and will crack. Opal likes to be worn because it enables keeping the water content balanced via the contact with the skin or taking moisture from the air.

Origin and Occurrences

Mexico contains the largest and most important deposits of Fire Opal in the world. Comparatively smaller quantities of this stone are discovered in the USA, Honduras, Guatemala, Canada, Australia, Ethiopia and Turkey. Relatively recently, Fire Opals as large as a fist were discovered in some Brazil's Agate mines. This opens a completely different field of processing and application of this Opal variation.

Fire Opals are unique stones in the Opal world. They were respected during the times of ancient India as a symbol of the warmest love possible. Among the indigenous people of Central America, Fire Opal was considered as one of the stones filled with life and created in the heavenly waters. The Mayan and Aztec culture loved it and used it their mosaics and rituals. They referred to it as a stone of the Paradise bird. Their oral tradition about the properties of precious stones is sadly today forgotten. Fire Opal is the national gemstone of Mexico.

The Metaphysics of Fire Opal

This stone is perfect for active people with a positive outlook on life. The fire patterns of Fire Opal will fill one's soul with joy and a feeling of great beauty. The mere look at this stone reveals to us the energy and strength of Fire Opal's inner fire. Opals, in general, are considered stones that people choose instinctively in order to be able to work on certain aspects of their personality.

Fire Opal promotes free flow of emotions. It brings courage, endurance, strength and energy. Its warm, orange-red tones have an affirmative action on the psyche, and are conduits of warmth, peace and harmony.

Fire Opal is associated with the second chakra - Svadhisthana, which is the seat of our sexuality. This stone illuminates the positive side of sexuality and promotes sexual healing. This is done by cleansing the memories related to our negative past experiences in this regard, as well as by helping us realize our own potential misuses of this vital energy. Fire Opal also helps in getting a better view of our current relationships and it helps in their improvement.

On the physical plane, this stone helps resolve energy deficits. It e stimulates adrenaline production and stabilizes the cardiovascular system.

Fire Opal should be discharged frequently under running water. Prolonged sun exposure should be avoided.


Heike says:

I had a dream this morning... I was proposed to with a traditional diamond ring, but when I took it out of the box it had turned into an opal.. a fire opal nonetheless. Thanks to your site I know now it has even deeper meaning than a diamond.

sunny says:

Thanks for the nice comment, Heike.

Melody says:

I was just in Mexico and bought jewelry with Fire orange stones, said to be found in mines next to fire opals. I cannot seem to find mention of this anyplace. Can you help? I was told they were just recently discovered about a year ago.

sunny says:

Hi Melody
Could it be a variation of Fire opal? I know there are multicolored or even light orange Fire opals.

Angel says:

In my opinion, Fire Opals are some of the best gemstones out there. Now that that's covered, I have a question. What stone can help me have a better connection to spirits and other realms? Thanks!

sunny says:

My favorite crystals for establishing spiritual connection: Amethyst, Phenakite, Selenite.

Tracey says:

My mother is giving me fire opal earrings.can they be worn all the time? Also what in the summertime.will they break do to the heat?

sunny says:

Opals in general don't like extreme weather. They have water inside their crystal matrix, which makes them sensitive to temperature changes. So, you are right, extremely hot or cold weather could potentially harm your opal earrings. Better to keep them in a safe place and away from extreme heat or extreme cold.

madhuri pantsachiv says:

I like to wear opel can you tell me where i'll get fire opel I had bought black opel from Australia but did not get fire opel I live in India

sunny says:

As far as I know, the greatest supplier of fire opal is Mexico.

Ritesh singh says:

Nice gem

DJ says:

I just returned from Mexico where I was looking at fire opals. I didn't buy, only because there was such a disparity in prices and I don't know enough to evaluate quality. I'm wondering if the perfectly clear orange stone is actually a fire opal? I've seen many pics of the stone that looks more opalescent, not clear. Can you tell me if there is that much variation and if there is more value in one over the other?

sunny says:

Yes, the clarity of fire opal can range from perfectly transparent to opaque. I'm not sure about the market value, but I personally would value more the transparent fire opal stones.

al says:

Can you find them in red orange and yellow?

sunny says:

Yes, they can range in color from yellow via orange to red.

cupcake says:

hey can u tell me how they are formed?

sunny says:

It is formed like any type of opal. A solution of silica and water is first created as water, on its way down, picks up silicon dioxide from sand. This solution fills various cracks and voids. After the water has partly evaporated, the silica deposit is left behind. Fire opal has as much as 20 percent of water in it, but usually much less than that. Unlike the other opals, it does show good transparency and can be faceted.

Bianca Potgieter says:

HI. How can I put this? I was depressed (alot) and then I read this book , which gave me hope that life is not as bad as it seems... So , I wanted to start over with a positive outlook on live. The point is - I love to learn about natural stones and opals , and I was wondering if you could please tell me which opal simbols happiness and no worries? Thank you

sunny says:

Hi Bianca
White Opal is believed to bring happiness. But, it is the kind of happiness that requires of us to take action to improve ourselves. This happiness comes from the realization that we as human beings have unlimited potential, that we are inherently perfect, and that we have the possibility to grow and rise to new, higher levels of perfection.

Grace says:

My mother made me a beautiful fire opal ring many years ago. I noticed that when I wear it on different fingers it has different applications. On my left ring finger it helps with magic and sexual energy. On my left forefinger it helps with spiritual energy from the Creator. On my right forefinger it gives hope.. Very interesting!

sunny says:

Thanks for sharing Grace. Really interesting and precisely what I believe people should be doing while using their crystals and gemstones — experiment and monitor their inner states and outer accomplishments.

jacky says:

Does fire opal increase luck and wealth

Christine says:

I have got a small, almost transparent opal that was said to be from Mexico, with a hint of blue instead of orange. Can it be a fire opal? If not what different energy does this opal carry? Thanks!

sunny says:

It could be. Hard to say without a photo, but Mexico is the homeland of fire opal.

Vash says:

My wife got my wedding ring in secret, how I got hers. She got me a fire opal in a sterling silver band. I've worn it for 3 weeks now and the stone has cracked. She's a superstitious sort, so do you believe it is a bad omen/warning or a positive? I for one know it's cause I've a dangerous job and she refused me to take it off so... But superstitiously what would be your guess?

sunny says:

Hi Vash
Here's what first came to my mind. Opals are stones prone to cracking and rather unstable. Fire opal is no exception. In essence, they tend to lose water, and therefore the instability. On the other hand, I don't believe in coincidences. Everything that happens to us has its meaning. However, we all have to decipher the events in our lives on our own, because they are so personal. I hope this helps at least a little bit. In any case, thanks for the comment, and many crystal blessings!

eunessa says:

I dreamt that I and my boyfriend were Atlanteans and he wore an opal on his forehead in a headress since he was a high priest. I questioned why was opal the stone of choice and was told opal is higher than any other.

sunny says:

So very interesting, eunessa. Thanks for sharing. In fact, I believe that many of us were incarnated during the time of the great Atlantean civilization, and why not, some of us also as high-priests and priestesses. Crystal blessings!

Patty says:

I bring crystals with me everyday. Today I brought my fire opal and my apache tears. They help me stay positive!

sunnyray says:

That's great Patty. Thanks for sharing and have a lot of fun with your crystals.

Kevin says:

I was given a small collection of raw fire opal. Various shades from deep fire red to clear that casts a hue of orange. Some semi circular others flat like. Nothing perfect about them, yet a unique beautiful in every piece. While not physically, I sot out fire opal deeply today. Not even knowing enough of crystals to rightly have such pulls on myself. Yet I could feel a weakness close to me that could have unbelievable healing from this stone. This evening has help shed light on family past and opened paths I can follow that can shed pain and sorrows I hold. When the elderly lady showed me these stones I thought they were to help myself. When she asked me to deliver them to my recently belated older brothers young son. Glad for being able to deliver such a gift, I hope he can detect their positive energy. I know when not even ment for me, they seemed to find me and start my self healing. If I were to tie up a vessel for a piece where should its placement be for a young growing boy with such a strong heart?

sunnyray says:

Thank you Kevin, for sharing your personal experience about these wondrous stones. Hard to tell about the placement without more detail. I would say, let your intuition guide you, the way it was guiding your till now.

Alice Clark says:

helloo.. i've just recieved fire opal neck band as a gift for myslf via others, going through some long term inner turmmoil, and currently greiving loss of love, n aware i need to trust myself much more n be loyal to my beliefs etc. I havnt worn a stone a long while n have always loved the opals. Was just reading through comments.. thinking of how stnes come to me hoping this one will help me harness courage n self worth. anyway lovely read. heres t future xxx

sunnyray says:

thanks Alice for the comment and nice words
I wish your stone to amplify all the strength and self-esteem of your true inner self.

Rachel says:

I found a red pebble in my dirt pile while digging a trench in my back yard in Washington state. I tested the specific gravity of it and it turned out to be a fire opal. At first I thought there must be a mistake, but after grinding it down and polishing it, there is no doubt it's a fire opal! I've been finding lots of sunstone here too and a huge chunk of something that looks like moonstone. I've Lived in WA most of my life and didn't even know what was under the ground until I started digging!

sunnyray says:

How exciting, Rachel. Thanks for sharing and we wish you a lot of luck with your next find!

Kirat says:

In Which finger should i wear fire opal. .?
My ascendent is libra and venus is sitting in 3rd house in conjunction with mars and Saturn, which is aspected by Jupiter from 9th house. It is a mutual aspect. I read somewhere that if Jupiter and venus makes relationship then one should wear it in index finger. In navamsha, both venus and Jupiter are in 9th house in Sagittarius sign. Kindly reply.

sunnyray says:

Hi Kirat
Hard to say about fire opal. The best advice I can give you is to consult a Vedic astrologer. Thanks for the comment.

Missbrave says:

I was given necklace with a Mexican fire opal stone by my father for a birthday. The same day I noticed somehow the stone has a slight crack that I can feel. Is it bad luck to wear ? Will I still be able to reap the positive benefits?

sunnyray says:

I don't think you have anything to worry about. A present given from the heart always brings positive benefits.

Angel says:

So, do stones have to be given by others to have a deeper meaning?? I like opal but I don't have one yet. Im looking for one.

sunnyray says:

It doesn't necessarily mean that they have to be given by others in order to have a deep meaning or energy. However, they may bring more love and inspire warm feelings if they are received as a gift. Which is always a beautiful wondrous thing.

Abdulmoeed says:

Hi Mexican fire opal is related to which planet ?

White Opal ls stone of venus...
But Australian fire opal is said to be stone of sun and venus jupiter . if sun and venus together only gemstone that suits its fire opal australian

But what about mexican fire opal ?

B.A.D says:

Hi, and yes my initials, ah heh heh, do indeed spell..ah "bad". Nice isn't it ... also yes "DAB" when reversed.

I had a peculiar stone once.
It was only shortly after turning the age of 11 that I received it.
I think from the lady next door.
Her and my mom were very close friends.
It was a flat half an inch thick oval opal stone that was 4.5 inches in length.

Its main backdrop, color, was a deep dark red; Through the flat surface of 'its' face; Ran a swirl of yellow, from the edge, into the lower half of its center.

It was a perfect stone; And when rinsed in waters they only deepened even more in magnitude.

It had emanating from within it a life force.
That's what I felt anyway.

It was a magnificent stone, even once it broke, and when it did it split into two perfect halves, only to my surprise it's power then only doubled.

I have never since seen anything like it, nothing comes close. It was wondrous to behold. I only wish I had taken pictures of it but I think it had something to do with, I knew if I did that, it'd lose potency.

Carol says:

I love fire opals and I'm a cancer and was wondering if any benefits for wearing on index finger? Thanks

sunnyray says:

Sure, why don't you give it a try and see how it feels.

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