Angels have profoundly delicate vibrations that make them transparent and invisible for most of the humanity. They come from the heart of God - the Source of all things and they populate the seventh Heavens. Earth is only a small part of their sphere of activity. Angels can be guides, protectors, assistants and healers. They are pure, spiritual beings who have never been incarnated in a physical body.

Guardian Angels and Guides, on the other hand, have once, a long time ago, lived as humans on Earth. The decision to be bound to one particular human being is a result of their free choice, and your Guardian Angel will stay with you throughout all your earthly incarnations, up to your Ascension. Guardian Angels are to us usually well known and dear individuals, who had once, during their life on Earth, attained high spiritual levels of existence.

Considering that people often take on the wrong path, Guardian Angels are quite occupied sending a ray of light to their proteges, so as to bring them back on the right track. After formulating a question and contacting your Guardian Angel with it on your mind, calm down in order to be able to hear what your Guardian Angel has to say. He/She will never tell you what to do, nor in any way will your Guardian Angel interfere with your intent, unless you have asked for help. But, He/She will always be near, in order to direct a light ray to you, so that you can more easily find the answer that you need.

Depression, sorrow, pain and all the other discordant feelings are common heritage of mankind. Angels are constantly trying to ease the suffering of their chosen ones, to redirect the negative energies and replace them with hope, faith and love. They send peace and calm to us. So let us help our Guardian Angel to keep us on the path of peace, purity, harmony and happiness.


A rock crystal, carefully chosen and treated, can help you make your communication with the Guardian Angel easy and momentarily. Purify your crystal, program it, familiarize yourself with it, respect it, and keep it always around. Ask your crystal to always maintain undisturbed contact between you and your Guardian Angel. At least once a week, relax yourself thoroughly and meditate without any purpose or direction in mind, just for the sake of the meditation and meditativeness. Try to be without thoughts, with heart full of love towards God. With the help of your crystal and your Guardian Angel, this love will be channeled, and the result will be beyond expectation.

Choosing Your Angel Stone

Besides rock crystal, there are the so-called Angel Stones. If you have a crystal that you like and feel great with, no need to search for another one. You know that your crystal works well with your auric field, and therefore, it will help you when you try to contact your Guardian Angel.

What if you don't have a suitable crystal? Then, it might be a good idea to choose one of the "Angel Stones". The list of Angel Stones is vast. It includes Amethyst, Angelite, Celestite, Moldavite, Prehnite, Petalite, Selenite, Tanzanite, Danburite, Herkimer Diamond, and many others. For a full list of angel stones and their properties check out this page.

Don't be discouraged if your attempt to make contact with the chosen stone fails. Try to find the right stone that works best for you. For example, I always use Amethyst when I invoke the help of the Angelic and Devas kingdoms. I've witnessed time and again that Amethyst works best for me and amplifies my desire to connect with the Angels and my own Higher Self.

Another point is having unrealistic expectations. Many beginners have really wild fantasies as to what exactly Angelic contact should look like. Most of the time, the help of the Angels will be manifested in a form of energy (love, warmth, increased inspiration and enthusiasm, beautiful feelings, awakened energy flow), and only rarely in a form of enlightened visions, voices, or other types of metaphysical experiences.

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