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What It Means to Have Clear Vision

By Isabell Gaylord

Knowing what you want in a world where everyone else seems to know what you want might be challenging. Being part of a group means living to the expectations of that group norms, thus following something the whole group has agreed on. At the same time, you should always think of yourself, your life goals, what you want to become, and who you want to help. 

Having a clear vision of your future comes with benefits. You follow your dreams, so you enroll in a road to your happiness. You commit to your personal growth; you develop and improve your skills and knowledge and polish your perspective on the world. 

But what does it mean to have a clear vision of your future? 

You Know Your Life Dreams 

Everyone has dreams. Everyone imagines where he would be over 10 years and how everything will look like. While some of these things are in our power, some are influenced by external stimuli that might prevent you from working towards your imagined future self at the moment. 

clear vision

Having a clear vision means knowing your life dreams. And they are not some superficial wishes you may or may not accomplish, but the fieriest wish you want to become true. Some people might just want to lose weight, others to save animals from extinction, and others to find the cure to a specific disease. Everyone expects its future to be in a certain way, but a clear vision of your life dreams urges you to start working on fulfilling them. 

You Start Working on Your Life Dreams 

A clear vision comes with not only the information of which your life dreams are but also with that motivation that keeps you going towards your dreams. According to experts from a custom essay service, a clear vision of your future comes with a fresh start towards that future. More reviews on this topic can be found here

Many people dream of achieving something, but they do not simply know where to start. A clear vision enables you to get fresher perspectives on your goals, and also creatively find new solutions to issues you encounter. It helps you brainstorm on specific actions you can take and start putting them into practice. People who do not have a clear vision fail to follow their dream because all their plans are on paper and not in action or progress. 

You Have More Opportunities 

Knowing your life dreams and where you want to be in some time comes with benefits. It helps you seek and find opportunities that will help you and your dream grow. And all these because you already have made some steps towards achieving your dreams. Because you have a clear vision. 

Knowing exactly where to go helps you find and select the most important opportunities for your dream. The fact that some people do not have dreams, do not know which their dreams are or what to do to achieve them, might take them away from getting that clear vision. They will often enroll on a path that might be a wrong shortcut or a detour. They might take opportunities they think will be helpful for them, when in fact they keep them even further away from what they really want. 

If you have a clear vision, you have more opportunities that will help you achieve your goals and develop yourself. 

You Know What You Can and Cannot Do 

One of the most important markers for success is knowing your strengths and weaknesses. It would be in vain to keep a self-image of invincibility and strength. People have different strengths and weaknesses, and what may seem like weakness in someone, can be a strength in others. For example, stubbornness is a personality trait that can bring you success, as you constantly work towards achieving your dream. Or it may be a weakness, as it makes you insist and follow paths that are neither good nor right. 

Having a clear vision means not only knowing what you want to achieve but also what your strengths and weaknesses are. Simply being aware of them can help you control and work with them better, as coaching experts from a professional lab report writing help say. It means you know how to use your strengths and what to do to combat your weaknesses. 

You Delay Gratification 

Delayed gratification is something psychologists have long studied. It is the process a subject undergoes if he is in for later rewards and not immediate ones. Most people think that they can delay gratification, but not all of them can do this. 

A clear vision helps you do this easily because you are in the process of achieving your dream. Even though you take small successful steps towards the future you want, the great reward will be actually making your dream come real. 

This helps you discipline and manage your impulses that have short time consequences because the long-term ones are more rewarding. It means putting a stop to some activities that bring you pleasure in the short term, such as watching the TV or playing video games all weekend, to gain something that is way more pleasurable and rewarding later. 

The discipline of your impulses will happen over time and with effort, but nothing is costly when you have a clear vision of your dreams and life. It will help you achieve your long-term goals faster, while also working on yourself and making you a better person. 


Having a clear vision is not easy to acquire. For some is a long-time process, while for others it is a much easier one. However, having a clear vision means knowing what your dreams are. You know where you want to be and how and what to do to reach that destination.

A clear vision helps you evaluate yourself as a person, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and seek and find opportunities that will help you and your dream grow. It helps you delay gratification and work with motivation and perseverance towards the future you imagine. 

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