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Heavy Aura and Using Crystals

I was wondering if you don’t mind helping/guiding me.

I need your expect advise on the following matter.

My aura is extremely heavy and my energy channels in my body are blocked which I believe is causing me to be depressed and having no self confidence.

I have tried everything and now I just want to use the earth's natural resources.

Which gemstone or stone can I place into water for drinking and bathing in?

What I mean is that what stone/gemstone can I buy from shop with full confidence and place into water for drinking daily?

Without doing any form of chanting for empowering the stone/gemstone.

Basically I require the stone/gemstone to work automatically.


Answer: Dear Amar,

Thanks for your question. It is not just one method or one improvement that can help us get rid of depression and improve our self-esteem. Rather, it is a sum of many small improvements and a combination of all things that we do during the day. In particular, it is very important to devote some time to work consistently on our spiritual development and personal growth. As for the question about gemstones, you can find a detailed explanation on charging water with crystals and stone for drinking and bathing here.

Thanks again and God bless.


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