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The High Priestess — Individual Tarot Card

By Pythia

Being the Major Arcana card with number 2 on it, the High Priestess resides on the 13th Path on the Tree of Life, connecting two Sephiroth on the Middle Pillar — the central Tiferet with the uppermost Keter. The corresponding planet of this card is the Moon. The Moon obviously suggests we are dealing here with a Yin card, that is, a Tarot card of female energy.

Within this Tarot Card, one of its most active aspects is “Concentration” attained through “Consecration”. As seen from a spiritual standpoint, The High Priestess connects the highest aspects of the Father with the most elevated principles of the Son. If we are looking for all those qualities and attributes that are most spiritual within the feminine side of our microcosm, we will be able to find them here. This Female side of each human being was called Anima by the famous Swiss psychotherapist Karl Gustav Jung. So, if we wanted to relate all that is most pure of our Anima qualities with one of the Major Arcana Cards, it would be this card. In the Ancient Egyptian Civilization, the personification of the Anima was called Isis, whereas in the Ancient Greece, Artemis.

Further characteristics of the High Priestess include:

  • Soul of the Light manifesting out of the Light.
  • Symbol of Consecrated Intuition.
  • Symbol of Spiritual Perception.
  • The Essence of the Universe before descending into the world of Forms and Shapes.
  • Bridge to Freedom.
High Priestess: Major Arcana nr. 2

Image info: High priestess from the Pamela-A Tarot

The last association (Bridge to Freedom) is easy to understand given that Keter is a point of ultimate freedom which has to be reached from our Soul located in the Tiferet on the Three of Life. Walking on this path over the abyss, is actually represented by the High-Priestess. She is guiding us, Her light is shining over the abyss. She is like Artemis, able to hunt with enchantment. She is a symbol of the second level of realization, with her secrets hidden in a Temple guarded by herself. The High Priestes Tarot card presented here is taken from the most famous deck – the Rider Waite Tarot deck.

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