How Can I Awake My Kundalini Power


How can I awake my kundalini power and how many years it will take...?

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This is an interesting question, and of course, this question stands in the background of many serious spiritual frameworks, methods and techniques. Let us say here that various Tantric schools and some yoga branches, like Kundalini yoga or Raja yoga, deal with the raising of kundalini energy in a most straightforward way. But the knowledge about this energy is not limited only to the Eastern systems - many religious, esoteric and magic schools of the West also deal with it, one way or the other.

So what is kundalini anyway?

Kundalini is the dormant energy situated in the base of the spine in the area of the first, root energy center. There are seven main energy centers, five of which are located along the spine and the remaining two in the head. These energy centers (also referred to as chakras) should be cleansed and balanced to a sufficient degree before one could even think about awaking one's kundalini power.

Why is awaking the kundalini power beneficial?

When kundalini reaches the seventh crown chakra, this event is known as enligthenment. Enligthenment is the ultimate spiritual experience - the ultimate aim and a "dream come true" of all spiritual seekers. There are different levels of enligthenment - some are small, others are bigger, but all of them are equally precious and important. Enligthenment, no matter how small, represents a direct realization of some aspects of the Truth.

Besides this ultimate experience, raising the kundalini power to the upper chakras brings a lot of additional benefits, which we could call "side effects", since they are usually not the main focus of our achievements. For example, awaking the kundalini energy may bring increased creativity, wisdom, liberation, increased usage of the brain potential, and even psychic and other kind of powers. It is important to note that powers of any kind should never be the main purpose of working with the kundalini energy.

How to Awake This Mystical Energy?

Our experience tells us that working directly on the chakras with the only intention of awaking the kundalini is not the way to go. We never encourage people to manipulate the kundalini energy directly. Rather, we know that the awakening of kundalini will come naturally and at the best possible moment if the person has devoted their efforts to ="Personal-spiritual-growth.htm">self-improvement, self-growth and personal development. This means improving the personality traits and purification of the lower impulses, personal flaws and negative emotions.

But please, make no mistake believing that this road is paved with flowers and dews only. It takes a lot of inner strength, efforts and determination to subdue and perfect one's lower nature. It is no accident that we stand here on our planet Earth in such poor conditions of body, mind and spirit.

Only when this cleansing task is completed to a significant degree, our chakras will become increasingly purified and the kundalini energy will start to flow upwards naturally, because kundalini is the true, limitless energy of our True Self. It is there, it needs no special treatment, no method, no special technique. It has been put to sleep, but it will be at our disposal once again - then and only then when we have purified our lower self.

How Long Does It Take to Awaken the Kundalini Energy?

It takes time. In principle, a lot of time, because time is needed to grow spiritually. It takes time to improve our lower nature. Sometimes it takes several incarnations, but nevertheless the force of evolution leads us all to improving ourselves. Some sooner, the other somewhat later, but we are all on this path of improvement. We should devote our efforts to spiritual development and then our kundalini power will be awakened naturally.

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shubham vyas says:

I want to be part of your forum. I’m carrying a lot of interest in spirituality and science, and I have many questions regarding it, which confuses me many times. So, by your means I think I can get solution of all those questions. I personally go through your website and I found it very supporting and helpful for me. Thanking you....

sunnyray says:

Hi Shubham

You are very welcome here. Please, feel free to explore our web pages, and if you have any question or dilemma, we are here for you. Unfortunately, our forum is currently not functional, but we are thinking of renewing it in the future.

Sigwynn says:

My situation is similar to that posted by Shubham Vyas (7-18-12) on your Q&A page.

I too am new to spiritual seeking, and exploration of my gifts for mankind. Your site is wonderful for information, and I've found many others I like as well. But what I find missing is a community of like minded people. Others with whom I can connect, and share, and explore.

Is there any type of community site you know of might be beneficial for novice seekers like us?


sunnyray says:

Thanks for the comment, Sigwynn. We are currently considering creating a community/forum section on this website. You are right, it is important to have someone to share your thoughts and ideas. An off-line community is better in that regard, but on-line portals are also important. So, stay tuned.

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