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How the new Zodiac has affected our lives

By Lauren

The Minneapolis Star Tribune scored a big hit with its latest front page story, inspiring a storm of Internet posts and countless hours of water cooler conversations. Unless you use a virtual assistant who never sets foot in your home office and never surf the Internet, you’ve probably already heard about the supposed change in the Zodiac. According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune story the current Zodiac chart, the one which tells each of us whether we are Virgo, Capricorn or Aquarius, is actually off by about a month.

That means everyone is reading the horoscope.

According to a recent poll that I had my Virtual Assistants do, fully 25 percent of Americans believe the Zodiac can affect a person’s mood and personality; what sign you are born under can predict your life, your future and your dealings with everyone and everything around you. Oddly enough, despite the reaction of millions of people across the country, this is not actually news. It’s old news. Really, really old news. Fact is, the Earth and its solar system are moving through the galaxy. This movement in space over thousands of years has caused the constellations to change their position. The stars which once predicted ones sign are no longer in the same place they were when the zodiac chart was created.

Unfortunately for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, but fortunately for those who trust their daily dealings to what they read in their horoscope, this is only true for people who follow the sidereal zodiac. That’s the one which is based on the position of the constellations. Most Westerners follow the tropical zodiac, which is based on the seasons. The Sun signs are just one of the tools Western astrologers use to make their daily predictions. They also consider the time, date and place where someone was born. But not so much the placement of the constellations.

Seasons have changed little since the dawn of time. There are still for them, in most of the world: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Unless there is a major cataclysm, not much chance of them changing places. And of there is a major cataclysm, not much chance folks will be wasting their time reading their daily horoscope. Despite the fact this news was nothing for anyone to worry about, in fact, folks who do follow the sidereal zodiac haven’t expressed any concern, people in the West practically freaked out.

News travels fast on the Internet and within a day of the story appearing in the Minneapolis Star Tribune Twitter was on fire with folks worrying about what their sign really was and how they were going to survive thinking they would now have to bear the burden of a new sign. On Facebook groups were started trying to force someone (who? I have no idea) to CHANGE BACK THE ZODIAC SIGN! So, folks panicked about something that wasn’t exactly true. Nothing new there. It is slightly disconcerting they panicked about something that isn’t exactly true being not exact. But hey, that does appear to be the world we live in.

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Lauren has worked as a Virtual Assistant for the past 5 years and is an avid reader on Zodiac signs and it's affect on people's lifestyles. If you'd like to know more about this, feel free to visit our website.


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