How does one know which specific Gaurdian Angel we were assigned to?

How does one know which specific Gaurdian Angel we were assigned or should I say was assigned to us ?There seems to be conflicting info. Thank you for your most insightful "site", and a genuine use of the forum !!

Answer: Hi,

The proper way to find the answer to this question about our Guardian Angel is to do it directly, that is, without consulting any external source. Only through deep meditation, and after years of spiritual practice we can establish a deeper contact with our Guardian Angel. We should be able to get into that delicate state when there are no thoughts, where our emotions are calm and pure, and our mind fully awake. Then we can become aware of the blessed consciousness of our Guardian Angel. Every other external way of finding the answer to this question is just a speculation. But, this is not to say that there is no daily contact between us and our Guardian Angel. Indeed there is, even if we are not fully aware of it.

We are constantly being protected and nurtured by the spiritual light and energy of our Guardian Angel. Each of Them, out of Their free will, has chosen to serve one specific individual human being. Our Angel walks by our side, 24 hours a day, constantly, and tirelessly. Furthermore, they do this service throughout all of our earthly embodiments. Think about it as one of the great sacrifices possible. Would any of us, members of the human family, choose to serve some other life form (and always that same life form) for such a long time and without interruption? Their service is unrivaled, a form of captivity motivated by love and free will. We all, deep in our hearts or somewhere in the depths of our consciousness know of our Guardian Angel very well, as He/She is our dearest companion for millennia.

Often people assume that their specific Guardian Angel is Archangel Michael, or some of the other Archangels. Archangels are one stage higher in the spiritual hierarchy than Angels. Rather than serving individual human beings, the Mighty Archangels are in charge of whole nations or larger groups of people. They may interfere with a human being of greater importance, when that human needs to complete an important spiritual task, but in general They are not guardians of individual human beings. You can find out some more info on Guardian Angels and Archangels here.

I hope this answers at least some of your dilemmas.

With love and light,


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