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What Does Intuition Mean and How to Develop It

By l.m.

Every one of us has experienced certain types of situations where intuitive understanding prevails over the ordinary intellectual processes. For example, a person can get a tremendous inner sense that something is going to happen, even though there is no indication or rational explanation for such possible outcome. To the surprise of the people present, these hunches prove to be right and their inner sense to correspond to real events.

Intuition, by definition represents immediate cognition. It is a faculty of being aware or sensing directly, without the use of intellectual methods and rational ground. It has to do with our subconscious mind, which is all knowing and all powerful. Intuition is often accompanied by a strong feeling that something is about to happen.

Sometimes it comes through vision, and not so often as an auditory event. Other times it comes through a sort of inner feeling where the intuitive person just gets an overwhelming hunch which is unable to explain. Although often confused with clairvoyance and clairaudience, in our opinion, intuition is not quite equal to those psychic techniques. Therefore, intuition needs not be related to extra sensory perception - it is just an intuitive perception.

People who are intuitive listen to their inner voice. If you are not used to doing that, it's easy to dismiss this voice. So, intuitive people simply choose to listen to it, and follow their gut feelings. If you don't pay attention to it, you can easily miss it.

Of course, following just your intuition might not be enough. You have to have a good combination of intuition and reasoning. It would be foolish to discard rational thinking. In fact, you can have them both, and benefit from both. All it takes is finding the right balance between both of them, and you will have the best resources of your mind at your disposal, ready for action.

It's not hard to believe that all human beings are endowed with the gift of intuition. In some of them this gift is more easily accessible. Some are even able of performing intuitive readings. In others, it is more deeply buried within the human psychic. It is only through the process of spiritual growth and development that we can bring the ability of intuitive thinking on the level of conscious faculty.

Sure, in our contemporary society we can live without intuition. If you are satisfied with your emotional and mental state of functioning, there is no need for experimenting. But, this is exactly what comes back to us when we encounter difficulties in establishing proper communication with our friends and family, when we become incapable of sensing other people's needs and feelings. Intuitive feeling is of great help here. Moreover, quite often due to the lack of this skill we unwillingly hurt those we love, since we are unable to penetrate the more deeper layers of their mental and emotional states.

Intuition can be a gate to creativity. Many famous artists and scientists have been gifted with intuitive seeing and thinking. It can also be your own emotional healer, capable of discovering and healing the inner barriers of negative energy in your soul.

Now that we have seen how important intuition can be for your own health improvement as well as personal and social life, let us see what are the techniques for developing, or better say unveiling it.

There is no better method we can think of than meditation. Meditation is a technique used in many religious and spiritual traditions of the world. But it is more than that. It is a practical tool that can help you relax, feel energy, love, light and happiness within yourself. It can help you quite down the ever active mind, calm down the raging emotions and then, intuition will come naturally to you without looking or searching for it. There are so many different types of meditation, such as Zen, Buddhist Meditations, Transcendental meditation, Vipassana, and several new age types of meditation. Feel free to choose one type of meditation according to your style and needs.

If you already have the ability of intuitive sensing, you can improve it by following a several simple rules. Always have a positive mind-set and try to cultivate positive thoughts as well as emotions with regard to life and people in general. Positive thoughts help in recognizing the close-at-hand events. Learn how to loosen up and let go of all that is not important. Worries, concerns, fear, and expectations will prevent your ability to recognize the imminent future outcomes.

Intuition is not a feature that can be controlled. Some people expect to be able to force intuitive thought and want to get a reply from their subconscious mind right away. Intuition goes hand in had with spontaneity and with your already well established link to the Divine. Take a special attention when you first meet a person. The first contact with another human being is the most important intuitive event you can think of. You will usually get a full picture of that person, although maybe quite an irrational one. Her/His intuitive personality will be shown to you in a split second.

If you are already on the path of self development, you can expect your intuition to grow. It is an important skill, cherish it and appreciate it, and it will be your best friend and source of information that cannot be attained other way. You know, there are cases when intuition has saved many lives. Start the intuitive training now, and you will harvest its immense benefits in the future, that's for sure.

About the Author

l.m. is a member of the sunnyray editorial staff.


joyce ikpang says:

I realise that I am intuitive but often I have found myself not appreciated when I express my feelings to people and recently I can't even appreciate it anymore, so it's like I've lost touch. Please what should I do to restore it back? Thank you.

sunny says:

Sad but true. People rarely appreciate these things, so, it is best to keep your feelings and thoughts private, or share them only with like-minded individuals. If you have lost touch, don't give up. Just be persistent and patient (without forcing of any kind) and it will eventually come back. Intuition is a delicate skill that cannot be forced.

monk says:

Intuition is one of the gems of nature waiting to be discovered.

sunny says:

Thanks for the pearl of wisdom, monk.

carol says:

What do you think, does intuition come from God?

sunny says:

Hi carol. Thanks for the question. I think you may put it that way, if you like. Because the closer we get to God, the closer we get to intuition, too. The spiritual worlds that are present deep in us are definitely the worlds of intensified intuition and intuitive thinking.

intuitive says:

Great article. As for an interactive guide that can help consciously develop this important skill, check this website:!state_list_page There are 23 intuitive development exercises you can try for free. Thanks.

Cme says:

Hi I'm intuitive as well. I took a quiz got level 3/4 only thing that never appeals to me is the art section. Like now it's 11pm I know something good I'd going to happen tomorrow I have an idea just not sure it's kinda crazy to have such a strong feeling. I can usually tell if the phone is going to ring sometimes I might have an idea of who or what or if it's a good bad day. And most I have connections with people idk how to explain. I can always tell if people moods are bad good happy sad not the right tome questions comments thanks

sunny says:

Hi Cme. Intuition is a great gift, something to be cherished and further developed. Thanks for sharing with us your experiences .

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