Levels of Spiritual Consciousness

(Last updated Oct. 20, 2017)

Some say that there are seven levels of spiritual consciousness, but in reality there are many more, since along with all the other aspects of our microcosm, the consciousness is also developing or expanding.

Our development has lasted for millennia and continues into eternity. From unimaginable heights God sends His/Her blessing to us who still live in the valley of the shadow, deceit, suffering and death, pointing toward our rooted consciousness which nevertheless is a part of the Divine consciousness and inviting us to walk the path of spiritual awakening.

The Descend of the Divine consciousness

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The Divine consciousness descends step by step in our microcosm, approaching the most outer boundaries on the physical plane. Along the way, while crossing each of the seven planes and the corresponding seven bodies, the ray of Divine consciousness adopts the specific matter present there, gradually building up a separate conscious body and, in this way, reaching a level of perfection on every plane.

The bodies are less material and the consciousness more dominant as we approach the center -- the Divine Spirit, and vice versa. In the descent, the consciousness looses its strength and many of its attributes, until it finally reaches the maximal level of restraint in the physical world.

The Physical Consciousness

We are terrified to loose our connection with the physical plane, frightened from the prospect of being deprived of its passing joys, and yet we do not realize that the physical consciousness is amongst the most tedious expressions, and that living on the physical plane is only a distorted and pale reflection of the unimaginable glitter that can be found in the higher regions of the Divine Spirit.

The consciousness is always of the same basic quality, no matter what the body is through which it finds its expression. Our personality is limited by our human consciousness. It is manifested though the four lower bodies, all of which are impermanent and renewed in each new incarnation. Our personality is similarly impermanent; it is dissolved when the Divine consciousness is withdrawn from the physical, etheric, astral and mental planes.

Our Consciousness and the Seven Bodies

The consciousness which acts through our personality can be depicted as a single Sun Ray belonging to the Divine consciousness. On the lower planes, it looses all the memory about its origin due to the limitations and illusion present there. The entity of personality can persist a certain period of time after the death of the physical body, and then it withdraws into the more subtle words where it is being dissolved and extinguished. Few people able to see through the illusion walk on the path of Divinity and use their personality as a tool of the Higher Self.

When we change the qualities of any of the seven bodies, we cause changes in all of them. Therefore it is necessary to take into consideration the entirety of our constitution and the fact that our consciousness is always as it is, no matter the level it is expressing at, or through which body it is currently functioning. In order to be able to express our consciousness in it fullness, it is necessary to develop and improve all of our bodies.

Our Consciousness and Enlightenment

At the beginning, our concentration rests on the selected ideal, because in reality we can only focus on one thing at a time. When the subject and the object become one, that is the first level of enlightenment called transcendental consciousness.

The next level is associated with our entanglement in space and time. To disentangle from the concepts of space and time is the greatest ideal of this deeper level of enlightenment. When that happens, space and time cease to exist. Their place is taken by infinity, timelessness, and eternity.

Every cell in our body is a miniature being. It contains all our characteristics in its DNA. Our entire history as a human being is written in every cell of our body. Even though there are thousands of trillions of cells, we never feel this multitude as separate unites. The cohesive power of our consciousness unites everything into one integral whole.

We could even go one step down and say that every atom and every electron is a complete being by itself. Everything one can discover in this world is a self-sufficient completeness.

Nothing is just a part of something greater without also being a completeness by itself. So, there are levels of completeness. When we experience spiritual enlightenment, we go from one level of perfection to a greater level of perfection, from one intensity of bliss to another intensity of bliss.

The next level of enlightenment is characterized by being able to identify our consciousness with forces, not things. Oneness is manifested with the force that works through the various objects or things.

The primary substance of the universe is energy. This conscious all-embracing energy is in a state of constant fluid movement, like the water in an ocean.

At the level of energy, you can identify with the center of this fluid force, and if you choose to concentrate on an object, that object becomes a part of this fluid energy too. You feel the infinite force that is everywhere, and vice versa, the infinite force can feel your infinite self.

This is a very refined state of consciousness. It has nothing to do with our sensory mind. It is our Higher Mind, also called Buddhi, that works on two levels: on the lower lever it is able to contemplate our sensory perceptions, but on the higher level it is a sort of superhuman mind of alive, amazingly fast thoughts that have their origin in Jesus Christ, the Son of the Supreme Absolute.


rayslab says:

Hi Sunny,

How does one develop and improve all of our 7 bodies...Physical, Etheric, astral, mental, Manas, etc?

sunnyray says:

Hi Rayslab,
Thanks for the interesting question. All our bodies are in a process of constant perfection. Our physical body is arguably the oldest, and therefore more perfect when compared to, say, the astral or mental body. The main focus of the current phase of evolution of humanity as a whole is probably cleansing and improving the astral body. That is why we see the constant struggle to purify and improve the lower impulses of human nature, such as hatred, envy, jalosy, fear,... you name it. Improving the condtition of our eteric body, that is, improving our character is also very important. The higher bodies, such as Manas, Buddhi and Atma, will become more important in the later phases of evolution when the foucal point of human consciousness shifts towards the more Divine areas of existence.

Darshana Atma says:

What a magnificent source of reference for us to learn and grow. I will refer my clients here for you answer many of their questions. Namaste'

sunnyray says:

Thanks Darshana Atma. Namaste to you too.

b.lens says:

An interesting hierarchy of consciousness is given in the book "Power vs Force" by Sir David R. Hawkins. He is a renowned physician, psychiatrist, researcher, and spiritual teacher. Excluding the lower end of this hierarchy, we have courage, neutrality, willingness, acceptance, reason, love, joy, peace, and enlightenment. So in his classification, enlightenment, or blending with Divinity is the highest level achievable for us on earth. It is very rare and achieved only by the greatest individuals in human history (Buddha, Jesus).

Here is the link:


Thanks a lot for the great article.

Monique says:

I have been blessed with the ability to communicate with Spirits specifically my friends that have passed and my mother they came to me and they write messages in the sky for me there's so much I know now our personalities do remain. They show me visions, and i am now able to watch as they descend from above. I am able touch them feeling their energy. interested in what's been happening and what I know and what they told me I would be more than welcome do discuss this with you. PS I'm not crazy lol I can't believe what is happening to me

sunnyray says:

The reality is infinitely more complex than what our physical eyes and ears can see or hear. Thanks for sharing Monique.

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